Heavy Duty Leather Belts Made in the USA

Most of us know what accessories mean for women. But what about men? How do they accessorize and complete their casual and formal dressing? Besides a perfectly ironed pair of pants and a chic formal shirt, a high-quality leather belt is all you need to complete your look. A good quality leather belt is, undoubtedly, an important accessory every man should own.

Wearing a leather belt accentuates your style and makes you look ravishing. A huge reason for buying leather belts instead of other types of belts is that leather is a reliable material. Purchasing a leather belt is a long-term investment as you can use it for a couple of years before it starts showing signs of wear and tear. If you are on an outlook for good quality leather belts made in the USA, then you have landed at the right place.

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The Huntsman - Full Grain Leather Black Belt - Made in USA
Tactical 365 Operation First Response Police & Security Black Leather Duty Garrison Belt Made in The USA
Made in the USA Genuine Calfskin Leather Belt Blank - 1 inch wide - Factory Direct - No Holes - Real Leather Creations
Journeyman Leather Belt | Made in USA | Mens Leather Belt
The Outrider Belt | Brown Full Grain Leather Belt for Men | Made in USA
The Bootlegger Leather Belt | Made in USA | Full Grain Leather | Mens Belt
Colonial Belt Company Men's Made in The USA Casual Leather Jean Belt
Men's Metal Free Leather Dress Belt Security Friendly Highliner Made in the USA by Thomas Bates
The Classic Leather Everyday Belt | Made in USA | Full Grain Leather


Leather Belts for Men Made in the USA

Though several brands are pioneers in making men’s heavy-duty black leather belts, the following list entails the most popular brands. Let us uncover some of them.

1. The Huntsman – Full Grain Leather Black Belt

If you cannot wear pants without a properly fitting belt every day to work, this Huntsmen full grain leather belt is for you. It is made of high-quality leather, which is diligently handcrafted by skilled workers in the USA. This brand of leather belts for men is very reliable. Every piece is worked upon with utmost skill and care; thus, ensuring a life-long lasting.

The full-grain leather used in making these belts make them suitable for wearing with jeans, slacks, khakis, and dress pants. Add a vogue finish to your formal dressing with one of the most reliable and stylish leather belts for men.

2. Tactical 365 Operation First Response Police & Security Black Leather Duty Garrison Belt

Tactical 365 is one of the finest leather brands producing a wide collection of men’s leather belts. It boasts being made in the USA with full-grain dyed leather. It comes with a variety of choices of buckles, such as gold or nickel-plated. You can easily find your size in this variety of leather belts.

Tactical 365 operation first response black leather belt has gained a reputation for being very reliable yet stylish. It is made with high-quality cowhide leather and is finished with tight smooth stitches, making it an incredibly popular choice, especially for security personnel.

3. Genuine Calfskin Leather Belt (Blank)

If you are not a follower but a trendsetter, then you can consider getting this one. This authentic USA-made leather belt boasts an incredibly different design that stands out amongst its competitors. It does not have any buckle; rather, it comes with no holes whatsoever. The belt has two horizontal high-quality and durable snap buttons. Just wrap the belt around your waist and snap the buttons when fitted, and voila!

This unique design makes it easier to put on and be ready on the go. Also, this belt is perfectly suitable for wearing with an add-on slide buckle. Therefore, with this genuine calfskin leather belt by Real Leather Creations, you get versatility and style together.

4. Journeyman Leather Belt

Accessorizing will cost you heaps if you do not shop wisely and go for low-quality leather belts that fall apart after a few wears. Invest in leather belts that are going to last you long. If you are looking for a leather belt that lasts you long and is suitable for any type of use, the Journeyman leather belt is the one for you.

Their belts are made from authentic leather by skilled craftsmen in the USA. Heavy-duty full-grain leather is used to create belts that add confidence to your style and gait. It adds significant poise to your manners. It is one and a half-inch thick and fits everyone comfortably. It breaks fit very easily and is an excellent choice for people who love to invest in something durable yet vogue.

5. The Outrider Belt

The next time you search for a perfect gift for someone special, do not miss out on the Outrider Belt by the Forge Store. Main Street Forge Store’s leather belt is an excellent combination of comfort, style, and durability. The full-grain leather used in manufacturing these amazing men’s accessory boasts high durability and an amazing fit.

Whether it is a formal business dinner or a casual friends’ meetup, this Outrider Belt comes to your rescue. It is bound to enhance your overall appearance. Each stitch in this full grain leather belt is done with utmost diligence by the hardworking people behind this creation.

6. The Bootlegger Leather Belt

This leather belt, made in the USA, is made by the famous brand, Main Street Forge – they have a wide collection and variety of leather belts for men. The genuine leather used in the manufacturing of this high-quality leather belt makes it exceptionally strong and durable. However, the sturdy leather does not comprise perfect fitting. The belt is best ordered in actual size instead of sizing up or down as it wraps around the waist comfortably and provides excellent support.

7. Colonial Belt Company Men’s Belt

This leather belt is perfect for everyday use. It is made of pure leather and can be easily hand-washed. It comes with a simple conventional buckle and can easily fit anyone. Moreover, it qualifies as a gift to people close to you. As it is made of genuine leather, it has a soft touch to it, and though it is super bendable, it does not break or scratch easily.

8. Metal-Free Leather Dress Belt Security Friendly Highliner

Are you tired of getting stopped at the security time and again because you forgot to pull out your belt buckle before going through the detector? If yes, then there is good news for you. Thomas Bates Store in the USA is the pioneer in making stylish security-friendly leather belts that do not let you stop at security.

Made with imported materials in Massachusetts, USA, this leather belt is a classic men’s accessory that is stylish and easy to put on. It is lightweight and will last you a lifetime as it is made of pure leather. It also qualifies as the best gift to one of your traveler friends.

9. The Classic Leather Everyday Belt

One of the best things about reputable brands is that their quality is reliable and durable. This classic leather men’s belt by Main Street Forge will transport you to the basics. In this fashion era of big shiny metallic buckles, this classic leather belt is your haven. It boasts a matte black color that suits almost every type of pants – be it a formal one or a casual one.

Every stitch speaks volumes about how craftily it is created. It breaks fit quite comfortably since the beginning and is well-known for lasting a long time. The tough leather used to make these simple yet classy leather belts makes them look more stylish.

Wrapping Up

Like any other piece of clothing you buy, leather belts also need to be bought with consideration. Besides fitting in your budget, these men’s accessories should also be considered for their fitting. Belts are supposed to hold your pants to the waist. A loose-fitted belt is futile to the core purpose and can ruin the whole outlook of your attire. Go through the most popular leather belts made in the USA for men enlisted in this article and get yourself styled up.