Top Reasons to Visit Maldives’ Beaches

There are many beautiful destinations in the world to visit. However, one of them that you cannot afford to miss are the Maldives’ Beaches. There are plenty of islands over there along with a beautiful view of nature with the different types of coral reefs. The powdery white sand makes Maldives’ beaches a perfect visiting point for discerning travelers. Numerous resorts are here which provide the guests’ facilities of accommodation, complete escapism, and guaranteed privacy. Besides, there are some other adventurous and thrilling activities which is why it has become an emerging spot for tourism.  

Reasons to Visit Maldives’ Beaches:

Here are some of the top reasons why you should put the Maldives on the list of countries to visit.

Perfect Beach scenery

One of the reasons to visit the Maldives’ resorts is its beach scenery. Here you can see a close picture of nature. Just imagine, laying on a lounge chair, looking at striking bluish water, and breathing a fresh cool breeze would definitely give you a closer feel of nature. The mesmerizing sound of waves gives you a soothing sensation. 

Moreover, sunlight and sugar-white sand also add charming beauty to the beaches like Hulhumale (beach). On these beaches, travelers spend the long day luxuriating and relaxing. A lot of couples visit the Maldives beaches for their honeymoon because it seems like the perfect destination to spend time with your loved one. 


Underwater Restaurants

Another thing that makes the Maldives’ beaches unique is the underwater restaurants.  These underwater restaurants are located at multiple resorts.  They have been sealed with strong transparent glass that reflects a view of different colorful species like fishes, dolphins, mini octopuses, coral reefs, and other interesting sea life as well. This astonishing outlook gives a feel of sitting in a different world and makes these restaurants a perfect destination for a romantic date. 

Moreover, the restaurants have world-renowned chefs and serve the menu of different cultures such as Garudhya, Boshi Mashuni, Saagu Bondibai, and famous seafood including Kitefin Shark and Areolate grouper which have an exceptional taste. Since you don’t usually find these restaurants in other countries, Maldives becomes the perfect spot for tourism.

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Candle-Night Dinner

If you want to have a fascinating dinner with your loved one, the Maldives’ beaches should be your hotspot. Here in the Maldives, multiple resorts like Soneva Fushi provide a private and romantic candle night dinner. Also, the dining experience of these restaurants is beyond comparison. Not only do they provide you with a beautiful environment but also welcome you with generosity and warm hospitality. In addition to this, one can also enjoy a charming barbeque and delicious seafood taking stunning views over the water with their partner.

Beach Night Party

The night party at the Maldives’ beaches is among the list of most sought things to do. This offers you to experience a wild and exciting night at the beach and collect beautiful memories. Moreover, the dance to famous songs by renowned DJs gives you a chance to forget all the chaos and stress. Also, the rhythmic sound of waves adds joy to the moment in which you want to relish forever. Surely, Maldives is the perfect spot if you want to chill out and relax in the best possible way. Dance till you last!


Glowing Beach

The Glowing Beach is located at The Mudhdhoo island, also known as The Vaadhoo island. The secret behind the glow of this beach is bioluminescence which is the process of emission of bluish-green light from Marine living micro-organisms like Algae and Cyanobacteria. This emission of light gives a magical view and looks as if the stars are coming down to the ocean. 

Additionally, when one walks along the shore, they leave behind the glowing footprints that are later washed by water waves – It is truly a worth-witnessing scene. Relaxing on white sand beach, enjoying candle night dinner, and a helicopter ride over the island – all of them make it worth seeing.


Adventurous Activities

Underwater hunting is one of the most adventurous activities at the Maldives’ beaches as it provides you a surprising and thrilling experience of sea life. You can go underwater hunting and diving at multiple resorts. Not only this but also watching sharp whales and innocent dolphins. Snorkeling and kitesurfing are also among some daring practices. 

Besides, one more exciting thing that you shouldn’t miss is wakeboarding. It involves holding onto a rope while you skate on the water with the help of a wakeboard. Floating over the water with a speed of 25 mph is truly as thrilling as it sounds.  In addition to this, you can also perform various other activities here like canoeing and kneeboarding, etc.


Parasailing through the air is one of the fascinating sports of the Maldives. It is offered at the different Maldives’ resorts like Kandholhu island, Mirchi islands resorts, and Bathala island resorts. While weather plays an important role in parasailing, you can do this almost all year round since the Maldives has favorable weather for parasailing quite often.

Nonetheless, the months between November to April are best to explore. It is a breath-taking experience as one flies high into the roaring winds and feels a gush of wind touching their face. It would become a great experience if one goes on a couple-parasailing-ride as compared to a normal one. 

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Explore Nature with Scuba Diving

If you are fond of deep diving and curious to find the secrets of nature then the Maldives’ beaches will be your perfect destination, as it offers you to explore the beauty of nature closely. Here you will be surprised to witness different eye-catching coral reefs which are home to more than thousands of water-world species. 

Moreover, scuba diving also provides you a chance to witness the vibrant environment of different sea life, like, fishes, sea turtles, planktons, reef sharks, and much more. If you are too scared, you can go with a scuba diver as well who will provide you maximum help and guidance. 


Different Water Sports

The tour seems incomplete if you did not experience the water sports on the Maldives’ beaches as these give you a joyful experience. There are about 15 different adventurous water sports like Volleyball, Kayaking, Banana Boat riding, Jet-Skiing, and others as well. Additionally, another great thing is that the resorts also have instructors who guide you according to your skill level. Keep in mind that safety should be your top priority so always wear a life jacket.

Experience the Submarine Tour

One of the best things that you cannot afford to miss on the Maldives’ visit is the submarine tour. You probably won’t get a chance to experience this elsewhere in the world. This tour of 45 minutes takes you along with 50 passengers in the water-world of the Indian Ocean. Going this deep in water probably looks unrealistic but in the Maldives, this is easily possible.

The submarine carries you around a hundred feet beneath the water where you witness the real beauty of marine life and tropical gardens.  Moreover, it also offers you to see a wide array of tropical fish, sharks, and a variety of coral reefs. 

Star-Gazing from Anantara Kihavah Villas

It will be a good idea to visit Anantara Kihavah villas at Maldives’ beach if you are a nature lover and want to see the night skies closely. The Anantara Kihavah Villas are the best spot to witness the magical view of stars mainly because they are at a point where the horizon seems too close and there is an infinite number of stars surrounding you. Also, here are some western adept astronomers who help guests to view and gaze at stars closely with the most powerful telescopes in the region.



Around the world, the Maldives is one of the best places for tourism which comprises more than 86 beautiful resorts for tourists. With beautiful scenery and different sports activities, the beaches also provide high-class facilities of accommodation and guaranteed security. Furthermore, there are many influencing things like pristine white sand, clear bluish water, and scuba diving through which you can observe nature from a much closer perspective.