How to Make a Beach Vacation Memorable

Have you ever anxiously waited for a trip, thinking that you will have the best time of your life? Were you ever super disappointed when you came back from the trip because it turned out to be crappy? If yes, you are not the first one. So many people spend thousands of dollars only to experience a lousy vacation.

It is an art to come up with a perfect vacation plan. A beach vacation is no different. You may have saved a good amount of money for this trip, but spending it wisely is a different story. It takes a lot more than money to experience a memorable beach trip.

Some arrangements need to be made in advance of planning a beach trip. Others are more flexible – they can be altered while enjoying the trip. This sounds like a lot of hassle, but you will thank us by the end of this article. 

Arrangements to Make In Advance

These are the things that should be on top of your priority list. Without these, your vacation will be ruined before it could start. Thorough planning for these arrangements can make or break your trip.

1. Choose the Right Location


You should choose a beach that fits your preference. If you prefer a quiet vacation with a minimum crowd, what’s the point of going to an overcrowded beach? Similarly, beaches are different because of the water currents. Look for beaches that get low tides if you are with toddlers or prefer calm waters.

2. Check Out the Rules 


Every beach has a different set of rules that they impose on the visitors. Some beaches do not allow pet animals; others won’t allow holding a barbeque party. Before making your plans, check whether your beach choice fits right for all your intended activities. This will save you from the embarrassment of getting stopped by the beach guards on the spot.

3. Beach House Versus Hotels


A proper place for staying might be the most important part of a vacation. Whether you have a big family or you’re planning to stay for several days, it is better to book yourself a beach house. It provides a larger space with full pantries in the kitchen and gives more feeling of a home away from home.

On the other hand, if you want a short but luxurious experience, beach resorts are just the right pick for you. They have their beach-related activities and swimming pools for the members. You may require transport to and from the beach, which makes it a little on the pricey side of the budget.

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Tips to Protect Yourself on the Beach

Beach can be a harsh place if you aren’t well prepared. The scorching sun and the irritating sand make it quite hard to stay tan and rash-free. But there are ways by which you can minimize the damage:

1. Sunscreens


No one wants to ruin their vacation with ugly sunburns and itch. But let’s face it – this is the most common factor behind a bad vacation. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to pack good-quality sunscreen. For extended periods out on the beach, you need to get a sunscreen with SPF 30 or above and a broad spectrum. If your facial skin is acne-prone, consider buying a different sunscreen for your face.

Experts suggest that you apply 1 ounce of sunscreen for half an hour before going out. Apply after every two hours or immediately after a swim. For best protection, try to keep under a shade between 10 am and 4 pm. 

2. Bring a Comfortable Seating Arrangement

Bring a Comfortable Seating Arrangement

You can’t afford to keep standing all day watching over your kids. Let them play and give your body rest. Although many beaches have their seating spots, it is much better to bring your own reclined chairs. They are foldable and can be a versatile beach companion. 

Moreover, don’t forget to get a beach umbrella for some shade. The better your seating arrangement is, the more you will enjoy your time at the beach.

3. Wear Proper Clothing

Wear Proper Clothing

It is essential to protect your whole self from the harsh aspects of the beach and not just the skin. It would be best if you considered wearing UV-resistant rash guards. They are comfortable to wear and quickly dry up too.

Invest in buying good quality UVA/UVB sunglasses because your eyes are sensitive, and glare from the water can harm them. Similarly, buy water shoes for the whole family. You don’t want to get an ugly cut on your feet due to broken seashells. They are also comfortable for a walk on the beach.

Fun Activities to Do at the Beach

Now that you are all geared up, your next plan should revolve around the activities you can enjoy with your family. These activities don’t need to be anything fancy – a lot of simple activities are the most fun ones.

1. Fly a Kite


Beaches are blessed with the most pleasant breeze, making them a perfect spot for kite flying. Kids love this play, and they can easily spend hours running around with their kites in their hands. You can also suggest your kids make their kites at home as a DIY project.

2. Mini Golf


You’ve got plenty of sand, and you most probably have your kid’s toy balls with you. So, make yourself a mini-golf course and challenge your friends and family at sandy golf. Not only will the kids enjoy it, but this is also an equally fun game for grown-ups.

3. Beach Volleyball


Beach volleyball is a very common yet fun game among young boys and girls. All you need is a net and two teams to play. Teams are often quickly made once people see that the game is about to start. It is a great way to interact with other people while making the most of your time at the beach.

4. A Good Old Picnic


What’s stopping you from spreading a beach blanket and lying on it with delicious snacks to munch on? As cliché as it may sound, this is one of the peak pleasures of a beach vacation. Pack some ready-to-eat snacks like sandwiches, crisps, fresh fruit, and juices, or you can get them from nearby stalls—nothing like a cool breeze under the hot sun and yummy food on a beach day.

5. Relax and Listen to Good Music


Without disturbing the other visitors, arrange some stereo devices and play soothing beach music. Enjoy reading a book on your beach chair or take a nap. It is a vacation, after all, you should relax as much as you can.

6. Go Surfing


This is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure is a very entertaining and fun activity. Take out your surfboards and hit the tides. You may make a new friend who shares the same enthusiasm as you. Surfing is also very good for health. However, make sure not to go out surfing immediately after eating.

7. Click Photos


Of course, you need to record all the fun moments of the trip so that you can cherish them later. Bring a good quality camera, or even a cellphone’s cameras would suffice to take scenic photos. Ensure that your gadgets don’t get wet and the batteries are fully charged. Consider saving up for a waterproof camera like GoPro for the best results.

Beach Trips Can Be Crazy

Beaches can be a fantastic way to get away from monotonous routines and bond over and rejoice in each other’s companionship as a family. Beach trips can be as memorable as you want – all you have to do is make sure your planning is perfect to the dot, and nothing is left ignored. 

You deserve an ideal vacation, so it better not lack anything fun!