How to Make a Beach Vacation Memorable

The beach is fantastic. It’s always soothing to stroll barefoot on a wet beach where your bare feet sink into the sand and take in the sights and sounds of the wet coastline, the sand, the shore, the beautiful and placid sea, the invigorating smell of the ocean, the tranquil waves, the cold air, and so on. Beaches are wonderful places to relax, swim, wade in the water, construct sandcastles, play volleyball, surf, hunt for lovely shells, stroll on the sand, and listen to the waves. Those are just some of the reasons why beach is relaxing.

Now, if you’re thinking of taking a holiday beach vacation, here are some suggestions to make your stay at the beach fun and unforgettable.

Planning Your Trip

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Consider your destination carefully if you want to enjoy and maximize your holiday. Decide on a location with a wide range of tourist amenities and services. In addition, as you’ll be visiting a beach, check to see if the location has certified lifeguards on duty. Book at beach resorts that are not overrun with tourists if you want to appreciate the tranquility.

Additionally, be sure to make copies of any online payments you made for things like lodging, food, meals, and other expenses. It’s crucial to have both paper copies and digital versions, including screenshots from your phone, especially if the other party’s system experiences technical difficulties.

Make photocopies of your IDs or passports as well, especially if you are traveling abroad, in order to have identification documentation to present in the event that you lose your bag or wallet. Other nations have tight policies, particularly with regard to tourists, and they frequently demand to see identification documents. Always be prepared.

Beach Essentials

a wooden deck with an open suitcase holding beach supplies facing the beach

There are other beach resorts that occasionally lack or have less amenities; be sure to confirm with your lodging what is permitted and what is not. Here is a list of things you should bring to the beach.


a woman putting sunscreen to her face while holding a sunscreen bottle, with a beach in the backdrop

To prevent unpleasant and severe sunburn, always carry at least 50 SPF sunscreen. Keep in mind that a sunburn differs from the “sunkissed” skin of your dreams.

Beach Towel

blue flip flops and blue towel on a sand

Bring a beach towel to the beach, not a bath towel. A beach towel is shorter than a regular bath towel. The beach towel can comfortably fit up to three children. That is the width of the beach towel. Following that, the beach towel is not very absorbent in sea water, but it has sand repellant properties that effectively remove the sand clinging to your body, and the sand does not stick to the fibers of the beach towel, unlike the bath towel, which must be shaken vigorously to remove the sand. 

Neoprene Wetsuit

divers don wetsuits while seated on a bench

Bring a neoprene wetsuit if you’re going surfing or doing any underwater sports that require you to spend a long time in the water! It not only protects your skin from abrasions caused by pebbles and sharp stones, but it also protects your skin from the scorching sun. Furthermore, the wetsuit is known to maintain your body temperature, keeping you warm even if you are submerged in water.


children having fun in the water while sporting colorful rashguards

Similar to a wetsuit in that it will shield you from the sun’s sweltering rays, a rashguard is thinner, occasionally made of nylon or spandex, and is flexible to allow you to move around freely. For more protection, it is preferable to use rash guards with long sleeves and long bottoms. Did you know that wearing a fully covered rash guard can help keep jellyfish stings at bay?

Ice Chest with Beverages

cooler with colorful drinks chilled inside it

A soda drink with lots of ice can help you stay cool while enjoying the beach in the hot weather.

Deck Chair

woman enjoying a bright day at the beach while lounging in a deck chair

The deck chair comes in very handy for individuals who wish to take it easy on the beach, go sightseeing, or sleep while sunbathing. For those who prefer not to continually brush off sand, particularly on their clothing, this is yet another choice.

Portable Grill or Stove

a brand-new barbeque is set up on a pebbly beach

Bring a portable grill if you wish to have a BBQ party, especially at night while enjoying wine and wonderful music. You can also carry a portable stove if you want to cook quickly. Just be careful to get permission or double-check with the facility beforehand to see if using these kinds of appliances is permitted. Sometimes, there are resorts that are strict on burners with open fire.

Beach Activities

There are many activities you may do at the beach in addition to having a picnic, swimming, tanning, sandcastle-building, surfing, scuba diving, or snorkeling.


woman practicing yoga by the seashore

Yoga is possible on the beach! Just bring your yoga mat and some music, and get to it. Finish with a relaxing period of meditation. To enjoy the peace and quiet of the location, be sure to practice yoga or meditate in the early morning hours before swimmers and other beachgoers swarm the shore.

Kite Flying

on a beach, a joyful family of four is flying a kite

For kite flying, the sea breeze is ideal. Definitely, children will enjoy doing this.

Get a Henna Tattoo

woman with an Indian-inspired henna tattoo on her left hand

There are beaches that offer henna tattoo services to visitors, particularly in tropical nations. The temporary hyena tattoo is your best option if you want to get inked but are worried about the discomfort that tattoo needles cause.

Get Your Hair Braided

a blonde girl with yellow swimsuit and braids

Also popular on tropical beaches are hair braiding sessions.

Increase the summery vibe by having various hair braiding patterns and hues that you want to match with your stylish attire, disposition, and of course the warm paradise you are in.

Beach Sports

group of people playing volleyball in the backdrop and a ball in the sand

  1. Beach Cricket
  2. Beach Volleyball
  3. Fishing
  4. Kayaking
  5. Frisbee
  6. Jetski
  7. Paddle Board
  8. Banana Boat
  9. Fly Board
  10. Surfing 

Beach Safety Tips

Even if he is a strong swimmer, a beginner should never go too deep into the shallow water. Beachgoers occasionally are unaware of the deep section of the beach, especially first-timers. When visiting certain beaches for the first time, take extra precautions. Sometimes, too many people make it impossible for lifeguards to watch over each individual, therefore it’s best to exercise caution.

Never let young children who lack experience wander into the ocean. They might board boats without the grownups seeing, get lost in the deep ocean, come very close to a jellyfish, or have any other unpleasant beach mishap.

Be cautious with jellyfish. They are extremely harmful and sometimes lethal. Find out how to treat jellyfish stings. It is best to bring a first aid kit with you whenever you go to the beach. 


Make sure to plan and prepare for your beach vacation well in order to make it pleasurable. And consider our tips above for a hassle-free trip!