Top Luxury Cosmetic Brands: Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden was a trailblazing businesswoman and cosmetics pioneer who revolutionized the beauty industry with her eponymous brand. Established in 1910, Elizabeth Arden has become synonymous with luxury and high-quality skincare and makeup products. From their iconic Eight Hour Cream to their bold lipsticks and vibrant eyeshadows, Elizabeth Arden’s wide range of products allows women everywhere to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Elizabeth Arden continues to be a leader in the beauty industry, inspiring and empowering women worldwide.

The Early Life of Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden was originally named Florence Nightingale Graham and was born in Ontario, Canada, in 1884. She was one of six siblings and grew up in a farming family that was not particularly wealthy. She began working as a nurse to contribute to her household income. 

Graham became interested in the treatment of burns and in using different lotions to heal the skin. In 1908, she moved to New York. She worked as an assistant to a beautician named Eleanor Adair, gaining valuable professional experience in the makeup industry. 

Elizabeth Arden in 1939

Elizabeth Arden: Graham in Her Beauty Salon Era

After two years, Graham made a significant investment of $1,000 to start her own beauty salon. She briefly partnered with Elizabeth Hubbard, another culturist, but their partnership was short-lived.

Graham went to Paris in 1912 to enhance her knowledge of beauty and facial massage techniques, which were very well-known in Paris at the time. While working abroad, Elizabeth Arden also created her own blushes and colored powders. She started producing and selling these products after returning to the United States.

Graham gave her beauty salon the name “Elizabeth Arden,” inspired by a nearby farm. By 1914, she had fully adopted the trade name as her own. At this time, makeup was viewed with disdain and considered inappropriate in much of the United States. However, Elizabeth Arden worked to change societal perceptions of beauty and cosmetics. The emergence of the film industry in the early 20th century also contributed to the success of the Elizabeth Arden brand, as filmmakers and marketers increasingly sought after actors with striking appearances.


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The Onset of Arden’s Spreading Success

By 1916, Elizabeth Arden’s company had reached a level of success comparable to that of its foreign competitors. In 1922, the brand was able to establish a strong presence in the Paris retail market. In the 1920s, Arden also started several additional enterprises in Australia and South America. In 1934, she founded the Maine Chance residential spa in Rome, Maine, the first vacation spa in the United States. It operated for 46 years until 1970.

Even during the worst years of the Great Depression in the 1930s, Graham’s brand consistently brought in more than $4 million in annual revenue. Her company was that successful. Her famous philosophy was, “To be beautiful is every woman’s right.” She went away in the year 1966 to the city of New York. Throughout her life, she chose not to reveal her age to convey that her attractiveness did not diminish with time. She was discovered to be 81 years old at the time of her passing, an age that no one could have guessed based on how she seemed.

A 1968 Magazine ad of Elizabeth Arden in Persian, Zan-e Rooz

Elizabeth Arden’s Several Acquisitions by Different Companies

Graham left behind a legacy that continues to have an impact even now. By the time she passed away, her well-known brand Elizabeth Arden had already expanded to at least one hundred locations across the globe. Elizabeth Arden has also been successful in creating over 300 different cosmetic products. Eli Lilly acquired Elizabeth Arden for a price estimated to be around $240 million today, five years after the company’s founder had passed away.

Over the course of its history, the brand has been owned by some different companies. In 

1986, Fabergé paid Eli Lilly a total of $657 million to acquire Elizabeth Arden. Due to the exceptionally high level of customer interest, the British-Dutch holding corporation Unilever was able to complete the acquisition of Fabergé and Arden in just two years. The New York-based corporation known as French Fragrances Inc. (FFI) paid a total of $225 million to acquire Elizabeth Arden in the year 2002.

FFI rebranded as “Elizabeth Arden” and moved to Pembroke Pines, Florida. This new venture proved highly successful, leading to the brand’s acquisition by the major U.S. cosmetics company Revlon for $870 million in June 2016. Elizabeth Arden is currently a subsidiary of Revlon.

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Arden’s Product Line Expansion and Support to Certain Causes

Elizabeth Arden’s founder, Graham, primarily focused the company’s efforts on skincare and anti-aging products. After her death, the brand has also released several fragrance lines. Currently, Red Door is the company’s signature scent, while Fifth Avenue, Mediterranean, and Untold are among its most popular perfumes.

In addition, Elizabeth Arden has run the Look Good Feel Better campaign for several years. This initiative aims to provide confidence and morale-boosting support to women with cancer through makeup products. It helps them address the appearance-related issues that can arise as a result of cancer treatment side effects.

Types of Beauty Products Offered by Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden offers a wide range of beauty products, including skincare, makeup, fragrances, and hair care. Some of the types of products provided by Elizabeth Arden include:

  1. Skincare: Elizabeth Arden offers a range of skincare products for different skin types and concerns, including anti-aging, acne-prone skin, and dry or sensitive skin. These products include cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers, and eye creams.
  2. Makeup: Elizabeth Arden offers a range of makeup products, including foundations, concealers, powders, blushes, bronzers, eye shadows, mascaras, and lipsticks.
  3. Fragrances: Elizabeth Arden offers a variety of fragrances for both men and women, including eau de parfum, eau de toilette, and cologne.
  4. Hair care: Elizabeth Arden offers a range of hair care products, including shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, and styling products.

In addition to these core product categories, Elizabeth Arden also offers a range of gift sets, travel-sized products, and professional-grade skincare products for use in salons and spas. Overall, Elizabeth Arden aims to provide high-quality beauty products that help individuals feel confident and beautiful.


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With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Elizabeth Arden has established itself as a trusted and respected brand in the beauty industry. Whether you are looking for products to enhance your natural beauty or address specific skin concerns, Elizabeth Arden has something for everyone. So why wait? Explore the wide range of beauty products Elizabeth Arden offers and find the perfect products for you today!