Top Luxury Cosmetic Brands: Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden is simply a legend in terms of makeup brands. Found in 1910, the brand has evolved and successfully developed as one of the best skincare and fragrance companies out there. For over a century, the brand has strived to create unique products based on factual knowledge and aims to perfect the aesthetics of skin, by making the use of both herbal and modern ingredients.

It was founded by the timeless titan of beauty, Elizabeth Arden, whose real name was Florence Nightingale Graham. Elizabeth Arden’s fabled reputation gives the brand an undeniable essence of respect, trust, and excellent quality. Its classic skincare lines like Prevageand Ceramide have managed to deliver products that give outstanding results for skin moisturization and target more mature skin cells to counter aging effects.

Since the early 20th century, Elizabeth Arden has been known for its unparallel designs of skincare products. Its products have managed to achieve some of the most noticeable results in skin texture and tone. Fordedicated skincare users, Elizabeth Arden is the perfect brand as it focuses on the long-term changes produced in the skin by refining the many layers of the skin, rather than concealing skin behind artificial products for temporary periods, which is what most brands do.

When we talk about Elizabeth Arden, we can’t ignore the genius behind the brand, Florence Graham. So, let us step back in time and take a look at the history of this world-famous brand.

A Look at the Past and Present

Elizabeth Arden was born as Florence Nightingale Graham, in 1884, in Ontario, Canada. Growing up with five siblings and a not-so-wealthy farming family, she took up a job as a nurse to support her home. She became interested in the treatments of burns, and the use of different lotions to heal the skin.

In 1908, Graham moved from Canada to New York and explored a career in makeup as an assistant to Eleanor Adair, a beautician who helped Florence gain much of her professional experience. In two years, she would make her first big investment of $1,000 to start a beauty salon. She collaborated with Elizabeth Hubbard, another culturist, but their partnership lasted for less than a year.

The year 1912 saw Graham travel to Paris to expand her knowledge on beauty and facial massage techniques, which the Parisians were famous for at the time. There, she also designed her own blushers and tinted powders, which she started manufacturing back in the US.

Graham named her salon “Elizabeth Arden,” where Arden was based on the name of a nearby farm. By 1914, she started to go by her trade name Elizabeth Arden, which was the same as the name of her brand. During the early 20th century, makeup was not appreciated in most of the country and thought to be provocative. Graham played a key role in changing the public’s opinion regarding beauty and cosmetics. The 1900s saw the rise of the film industry as never before, which led to the preference of eye-catching actors by filmmakers and marketers, and this helped Elizabeth Arden’s brand.

By 1916, Graham’s business was spreading fast, reaching up to international standards. She successfully opened an outlet of Elizabeth Arden in Paris, in 1922. In the 1920s, she also opened multiple other businesses in Australia and South America. In 1934, she established the residential spa, Maine Chance, in Rome, Maine. It was the first destination spa in America and lasted for 46 years till 1970.

Graham’s business was doing so great that even during the Great Depression of the 1930s, her brand made more than $4 million a year. Her famous philosophy was, “To be beautiful is the right of every woman.” She passed away in 1966 in New York City. During her life, she had refused to give away her age to create an impression of ageless beauty. She was found to be 81 at her time of death, an age no one could have estimated by her looks.

Graham’s legacy has proven influential to this day, and her famous brand Elizabeth Arden had at least a hundred outlets all over the world by the time of her death. The company had also managed to produce more than 300 individual cosmetic products. Five years after her death, Elizabeth Arden was purchased by Eli Lilly for an amount that estimates to about $240 million today.

Throughout the years, the brand passed between many hands. In 1986, Fabergé bought Elizabeth Arden from Eli Lilly for $657 million. The demand was so high that in just two years, Unilever, a British-Dutch holding company, purchased and took the ownership of both Fabergé and Arden. In 2002, the French Fragrances Inc(FFI), a New York company, bought Elizabeth Arden for $225 million.

FFI changed their label to “Elizabeth Arden,” and shifted to Pembroke Pines, Florida. Their new business proved a huge success, due to which the great US cosmetics company Revlon decided to buy the brand for $870 million, in June 2016. As of now, Elizabeth Arden is an official subsidiary of Revlon.

Graham, the founder of Elizabeth Arden, focused most of the company’s products on skincare and anti-aging. Since her death, the focus of the brand has expanded to include several fragrance lines as well. Presently, Red Door is the signature fragrance of the company, while Fifth Avenue, Mediterranean and Untold are some of their most significant perfume products.

Finally, the company has also been running a campaign called Look Good Feel Better for several years. Its main aim is to provide confidence and morale-boosting to women suffering from cancer through makeup products. It helps them manage the appearance defects caused by the various side-effects of cancer.

Where to Buy
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Elizabeth Arden White Tea Deodorant, 1.5 Oz
Elizabeth Arden
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, 1.7-Ounce Box
Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum
Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex, Face Moisturizer


Elizabeth Arden Products

Below are some of the best-sellers of Elizabeth Arden

1. Red Door Eau de Parfum Spray Naturel

The romantic sophistication of Red Door is all you need to go with your looks. This signature fragrance of Elizabeth Arden is composed of a number of natural elements, including orchids and red roses. It also contains a blend of some of the most exotic flowers of honey and spice. Besides that, it also has the essence of lily of the valley, wild violets and a distinguishing scent of freesia.

2. White Tea Deodorant

White Tea Deodorant is based on the simple feeling and charm that fills you when you take the first sip of tea. A musky floral, it preludes with sparkling, sensual Sea Breeze Accord and Italian Mandarin. Its Zen-like heart of White Tea Extract, Turkish Mate Absolute Paraguay and Rose Absolute embody femininity while Madras Wood, a Trio of Tranquility Musks and Ambrette Seed Absolute lead to an exquisitely irresistible finale. Elizabeth Arden White Tea Deodorant prides itself as the sole companion of a woman who wants to lose herself in the moment.

3. Elizabeth Arden (Lip Balm)

It is extremely effective in moisturizing dry lips, as well as in playing a vital role in making the lips soft and smooth. It is also very soothing for lips, capable of alleviating any cracks present on the surface of the lips. With SPF15, it drastically reduces the effects of exposure to UV rays, which can be drastic otherwise.

4. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Created by the founder of Elizabeth Arden, Miss Arden herself, almost ninety years ago in 1930, it is the first-ever product to be named after the company. This cult-status product received the 2016 Beauty Awards for Classic Product of the Year. It is true that it is perfect in the classic skin treatments, including soothing sunburns, relieving chapped lips and healing calluses that have gone rough. However, it is also the secret ingredient using which makeup artists keep the legs and arms shining and the eyelids and lips glossy. It is also used to keep your eyebrows in shape and your cuticles neatly manicured. Another one of its application is to relax any part of your body by proper massaging. For example, the soles and heels of the feet often feel hard and dry. Gently massage the eight-hour cream on the rough parts and cover your skin with cotton clothes to provide better moisturization to the skin.

5. Anti-aging Advanced Ceramide Capsules

This “youth restoring” serum is composed of intensified ceramide that preserves the moisture barrier of your skin. Our natural ceramides, present on the outer skin layer, decline with age,and this results in the dry and uneven texture of the skin. The purpose of the advanced ceramide capsules is to restore those lost ceramides. To date, it is the only product using ceramide that has been verified by dermatology to decrease skin laxity, make it radiant and make it seem ten years younger.

Several powerful herbs are combined to give advanced ceramide capsules their characteristic properties. These include lipids from coconut oil, a single retinol derivative, and the extract of alfalfa. Combined, these botanicals are responsible for replenishing the naturally-occurring lipids in the skin and promoting the skin’s original repair system to substantially reduce the symptoms of ageing. It is formulated mostly with vitamin E and is biodegradable.

6. Elizabeth Arden Face Moisturizer

Elizabeth Arden Face Moisturizer is perfect for two things: flawlessly beautifying your facial tone and providing all kinds of protection to keep it refreshed and refined. It consists of the ideal Elizabeth Arden skin moisturizing solution. It is extremely effective in preventing any moisture loss from the surface of your throat and face, as well as providing a cool, soothing sensation.