Tips for Wearing the Color Purple

Purple could be a color worth considering if you are tired of all the alternatives in your wardrobe and would like to add some novel yet wise selections to it. Many people opt for the unusual purple color since it makes a strong and attractive fashion statement.

While purple can be divisive, with people either hating it or adoring it, there are so many various shades that you’re bound to find one you like. You might choose from the palest lavender to the deepest plum or the brightest violet.

To get you started, here are some great tips for wearing purple.

What Colors Make up Purple

The lovely color is a combination of blue and red – chilly and warm, masculine and feminine. Purple comes in various hues, ranging from lavender to ultraviolet, eggplant, indigo to plum, and deep royal purple. There is truly a shade for everyone!

If your skin has yellow overtones, go for a more yellow-based, warmer purple; if your skin is pinker, go for a dark plum or a deep, cooler purple.

What Colors Look Good With Purple?


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Purple is classified as a secondary color since it combines the primary colors blue and red. As a general rule, all colors that complement blue and red also complement purple. However, it is also vital to find the proper purple when putting together outfits because what looks well with light lavender purple does not always apply to eggplant dark purple.

Purple and Beige

Beige is a great color to showcase purple clothing and make a purple skirt or shirt the focal point of your ensemble.

Purple and Black

You can seldom go wrong with black. In the gothic scene, the pairing with brilliant purple is quite popular. Light lavender and black are currently popular streetwear colors.

Purple and Blue

You can’t go wrong with blue. You can always pair purple with blue denim jeans.

Purple and Green

You should avoid using green and bright purple together. However, emerald green and dark purple can give your clothing a royal aura. Pastel greens, such as mint, pair well with lavender to evoke feelings of spring.

Purple and Grey

If the contrast between purple and black is too strong for you, go with grey instead. This combo will bring out the best in your purple clothing.

Purple and Orange

This combo may not work for certain people, yet numerous fashion bloggers and celebrities demonstrate the opposite. Always wear modern clothes to avoid looking like psychedelic wallpaper from the 1970s.

Purple and Pink

These colors compliment each other nicely. When you use pastel or bright hues, the color combination looks feminine.

Purple and Purple

Because purple is a distinctive color in most people’s wardrobes, an all-purple monochrome ensemble is surely eye-catching. However, combined, darker and lighter purple tones can produce a fashionable effect.

Purple and Red

This color scheme has grown in popularity in recent years. Shoes and other apparel should be beige or black.

Purple and White

Purple, together with white, takes center stage in your ensemble.

Purple and Yellow

Because yellow is complementary to purple, it creates the most contrast. Nonetheless, if you keep your shoes and accessories in muted colors, this look might work.

Accessorizing and Styling a Purple Dress

the back view of a woman in a purple dress holding a hat walking in a lavender field

Because the hue suits the romantic event without being too overpowering, light purple dresses are a common pick for bridesmaids and other wedding guests. You can also add interest to the dress by selecting beautiful elements such as a V-cut back, off-the-shoulder sleeves, or waist cut-outs.

And what color shoes should you wear with a purple dress? If you wear a vibrant purple dress, you may tone it down with accessories and shoes in muted colors such as brown, black, silver-grey, nude, and gold. Lavender purple summer casual dresses look great with basket bags, gold jewelry, and espadrilles.

And for make-up, stick to dusty pink lipstick and neutral eyeshadows that provide radiance to the face! Crimson nail polish and red lipstick can be worn with a dark purple dress for a night out or to provide a bolder impression.

Wearing Purple Tops

If you want to include purple in your wardrobe, start with a simple blouse in this color. Purple blouses, t-shirts, and sweaters look great with black, blue, or grey pants and jeans. Lavender, in particular, adds a feminine touch to casual crop tops.

Dressed in Purple Skirts and Pants

Purple skirts and pants are more difficult to pair (but not impossible) than blue jeans or black staples. When selecting a shirt, stick to plain white, beige, grey, or black patterns or printed tops with purple.

If the purples are similar, You can match a shirt with a purple floral pattern with a purple skirt. Pastel colors such as blush, mint, and pastel yellow work beautifully with lavender purple.

Accessorizing in Purple


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We often overlook how we may use color in our accessories and jewelry. If you’re not sure about wearing purple, you should note that purple shoes look great with denim. Purple purses are also a great way to incorporate color into your outfit. Jewelry can also be a nice suggestion, and while purple jewelry is unusual, it is certainly intriguing.

When Should You Wear Purple?

Purple is a hue that you may wear all year. Traditionally, we’ve worn lighter, softer purples in the summer and spring and deep, powerful purples in the fall, but that distinction has been abandoned. This season, we see all colors of purple combined, from pastel purple to deep, chilly purple to pink-infused orchid purple.

Purple is a bold choice for formal occasions when you want to stand out. It’s also a commanding alternative to black at work. Purple is a vibrant color that may be worn casually as athletic wear or with your favorite denim. The only time you shouldn’t wear purple is at a Thai funeral. It is considered a mourning color and is designated for the deceased’s spouse!

Purple is another one of those colors that might be difficult to style. However, you may opt wearing the color royal blue or orange. People are often searching for purple outfit inspirations because it is such a gorgeous color. You may wear purple in various ways, and you are not limited to clothing.