Tips for Wearing the Color Orange

Many people believe orange to be a difficult color to wear, and it isn’t the first color that comes to mind when we open our wardrobe. Surprisingly, if you follow a few simple tips for wearing orange, it can be a highly flattering hue for most skin tones since it quickly gives your complexion a natural glow. But there’s a certain amount of style power at work here!

Ensure that you know how to wear the hue before you go sashaying out in something flashy and neon! You should always dress up orange in moderation with pleasing colors and check the shade to ensure it’s good for you. Do you want to know how to wear orange? Continue reading this article, and you’ll be right on the money!

Suit It Up With Yellow

Matching orange with a lemony yellow is a great summertime combination. It’s a mix that works for any occasion, whether you’re going to the movies, the mall, or the beach.

Do you want outfit suggestions? Maybe a pair of denim capris with a coral tinted blazer and bisque scarf or a pair of denim capris with a melon-colored blouse and amber-colored accessories could work. Alternatively, try on an apricot-colored dress with a lemon-colored bag or a white summer dress with orange wedges and a yellow bag.

Wear a Denim Jacket

Wear a denim jacket over it to bring out the orange tint. Pull it atop an orange dress or wear it with an orange top and jeans.

The best part about this look is that it makes any clothing look cool, even if you’re wearing a frilly dress. Finish the look with a pair of lace-up boots, and you’ve got yourself a stylish ensemble for a weekend brunch or a day out.

Create a Monochromatic Look


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Wearing the same color from head to toe lengthens the silhouette. It’s also an excellent approach to making a powerful message. It can, however, be a positive and fresh experience when worn tone on tone (in more mild softer tones).

Don’t Mix Black and Orange

If you’re not getting ready for a Halloween party, avoid making a fashion faux pas by wearing orange and black together.

The only way to make the combination work is to wear clothing with a design that somehow ties the complete outfit together. You could, for example, wear an ebony scarf with orange and green blossoms. Or perhaps a pair of black sneakers with an orange and white design.

Choose a Sheath Dress

Try on a new sheath dress, such as a dark orange or brilliant orange one. It’s stylish and will set you out from the crowd right away. If you don’t have such a dress, layer an orange coat over a light-colored dress to achieve the same stunning effect.

Put on a pair of clear strappy shoes and a dark brown or bronze bag to finish the look.

Play It Safe

a woman wearing an orange dress and a grey coat leaning on a railing near a train

Neutral tones, such as cream, white, and beige, or navy, black, or grey, will always be the safest choices. If you’re unsure about the color, keep an item close to your face. It’s a keeper if it brightens the face and makes the eyes jump. Put it back if it makes you look washed out or pale.

What color should you wear close to your face:

  • If you’re a little pale, subdued colors like peach or coral are a good choice.
  • Choose vivid orange tones if you have a dark or olive complexion.
  • Although neon orange is trendy right now, it should only be a highlight. Use a bag, belt, or shoes when worn away from the face.

Don’t Overdo the Orange

Don’t go overboard with the orange; it’s only appropriate for a pumpkin and old ladies. Stylishly wear your oranges.

It’s fine to wear an orange dress, but if you’re wearing multiple pieces of apparel, make sure the colors match. The white, yellow, and grey colors would look great with the tangerine tone. Create your styles using your imagination.

Choose a Print or a Pattern

Still apprehensive about wearing orange? Instead, use the color in a pattern or print. There are several lovely patterned and printed pieces available. Tops in vibrant neon colors, bold prints, solid colors, or prominent details like ruffles and a flattering cut will draw the eye upward, straying from your lower body.

If you have a large bust, the opposite is true. Draw the eye downward, away from your breast, by wearing a bright color on the bottom.

White Is a Good Match

Kylie Jenner wearing an orange coat with a white top

This combination is by far the most stylish way to wear orange. Combine your orange and white items to create a cohesive look. It’s a fantastic summer outfit that will undoubtedly draw a lot of attention from the boys.

For instance, if you have an orange dress, wear it with white heels or shoes (or even vice-versa). Choose blue bracelets or earrings for the accessories. If you own navy blue accessories, they will complement the vestment beautifully. If you don’t have any, consider matching metallic or gold-colored accessories.

Color Contrast

Even though orange is a tough hue to wear, it may look great when paired with other bold and vivid colors — but only if you have the guts to do so. Remember to utilize the same tones for all colors, such as blue-based oranges and blue-based tones or yellow-based oranges and yellow-based hues. You may also check out these tips for wearing the color purple and royal blue.

Embellish With Accessories

Accessories are a terrific way to incorporate orange into your wardrobe and are the key to completing any look. Also, remember to ease into a new color by wearing a few small items like a bag, scarf, shoes, or statement jewelry. You can progressively graduate to more as your confidence grows.

When beige or brown feels too safe, orange accessories step in. Orange looks stunning when paired with a golden tan. If you’re hesitant to try it, start with orange nail paint.

Keep these simple tips in mind if you want to make a major fashion statement with orange. However, take your time to figure out which shades of orange look best on you, according to your skin tone. And once you’ve settled on your outfit, go ahead and make new trends to prove that orange is the new black!