Tips for Wearing Mesh Coverups to the Beach

While most women go to the beach to flaunt their swimsuits and bikinis, others might be seen with mesh coverups. Coverups are a stylish way of making your swimsuit and bikini more attention-grabbing since onlookers become curious about what you wear behind the coverups. But most of the coverups beach-goers use are stylish in themselves that they make the whole person fantastic to look at even without showing the swimsuit under. The question is: what are mesh coverups and what are some tips you can use before choosing the perfect coverup? 

What are mesh coverups?

Beautiful woman at the beach in a stripped pinky bikini wearing a cover-up with mesh transparencies swimwear dress and a straw hat by the sea photography

Mesh coverups are the coverups characterized by a woven, knit, or knotted fabric of open texture with evenly spaced holes. They form a weblike pattern that makes a swimsuit under it show a little. A mesh is considered a type of crafting style used in see-through clothing. Other fabrics used in see-through clothing aside from mesh include lace, and sheer fabric (transparent fabrics). Specifically, fabrics made from cotton, rayon, or viscose and lightweight kaftans are used in swimsuit coverups. 

Types of mesh coverups

Sleeveless Mesh Dress: A type of mesh dress coverup with a tank-like strap. They are a good option if you want your arms to be free from clothing. 

Long sleeve mesh Dress: Another type of mesh dress coverup that has long sleeves. Mesh coverup with long sleeves looks elegant and adds extra coverage to the arms. 

Shirt-style mesh Top: Mesh tops are like shirts but with a weblike pattern that shows the swimsuit or bikini visible. Shirt-style mesh can either be with sleeves or with spaghetti straps. Mesh tops can reach up to 2 inches below the bikini bottom. Wearers can decide whether to wear mesh shorts, but the top will still look good without the mesh shorts. 

Mesh Shorts: Mesh shorts are just like boyshorts bottoms except that their fabric and design are different. Mesh shorts can be paired with mesh tops, but they can also stand gracefully on their own without mesh tops and just the bikini as the top and the short as its bottom. 

Why choose a mesh coverup

A mesh coverup is a good option for those who would like to be daring, but a little modest at the same time. They are also soft and lightweight, so they make the user feel comfortable and easy. They are also greatly available in shops and online websites where women can just as easily purchase. 

Tips for wearing mesh coverups 

  1. Fabric. Mesh coverups are supposed to be light fabrics. So, choose something that is a breathable fabric such as cotton, silk, or rayon. However, get extra careful when wearing a mesh coverup as their weblike pattern may get stuck on things and might cause the fabric to ruin.
  1. Easy on and off feature. Coverups should be fit garments with minimal buttons, buckles, or zippers. Therefore, a mesh coverup is a good option, since they do not have such annoying features that may only make it difficult to take off. A tip when wearing a mesh coverup is you can wear them while doing watersport activities or beach games and just take them off when you want to stay chill in the sand. 
  1. Washable. If you have an active day on the beach or even just sit in the sand all day, there is always a tendency for the sand or any dirt to get into your coverups. Opt for mesh coverups that are machine-washable garments that easily dry off. 
  1. Color and design. When choosing a mesh coverup, match it with your swimsuit to look more stylish. Experiment and try to wear the coverup first before deciding on the final coverup you will wear on the beach. 
  1. Style, length, and width. Since there are different styles of mesh coverups, decide whether you are going to wear a mesh coverup in dress form, short form, or only shorts.

Other types of beach coverups

Beautiful trendy Big set of swimsuits cover ups of different color hanging on white background front view

Tunic beach coverups

A coverup that almost looks like an oversized shirt. A Tunic beach coverup is a loose-fitting garment that ends slightly above the knees and is usually short-sleeved. They are made up of light fabrics such as chiffon, cotton, polyester, silk, or rayon. Most tunics have to plunge V-necks that show off the swimsuit beneath. They are also flowy and are usually not tied with a belt, while some have a drawstring waist. Tunic beach coverups come in a variety of colors, prints, and patterns. Celebrities who were seen wearing tunics are Nicole Ritchie, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan. 

Caftan beach coverups 

Caftan beach coverups are a variant of a tunic characterized by an ankle-length long or short-sleeve flowy garment. They come in different colors, prints, and patterns. 

Sarong beach coverups

Sarong coverup is considered the most versatile of the different coverups. It is because a sarong can be used as a skirt halter dress, strapless dress, one shoulder dress. Sarong covers up all the sensitive areas in one shot which most women tend to be anxious about, such as the hips, belly, and thighs. 

Sun Dresses

Attractive Young Blonde Woman in Black Beach Cover-up

Sundresses also called dress beach coverups, are dresses that come in strapless, short, ankle-length cool, fresh, and easy to pull on and off over the bikini. Sun dresses can be maxi, short, strapless, spaghetti strap, or halter in a variety of fabrics, shapes, and fits. Compared to typical dresses, sun dresses are more revealing since they are supposed to show the bathing suit underneath. 

Long Cardigan Beach Coverups

Long cardigan beach coverups are either long or short. It features an open front and is made up of lighter fabrics than traditional cardigan sweaters. The sleeves are long or short, depending on the wearer’s preference.  

Beach Kimonos 

Kimonos are usually made of sheer fabric that is open and flowing. They have cardigan versions while others are pullovers.

Why Wear Coverups

Protection From the Sun

Although the most reason for beach-goers in going to the beach is to experience the sun-kissed glow coming from the sun, too much sun exposure is not a good thing. Using coverups somehow helps beach-goers to be less exposed to the sun, especially since some fabrics are made with ultraviolet protection.

Body Coverage

While most of your time will be spent swimming or getting wet, coverups are a good option if you suddenly want to stay a minute away from the water. They are easy to wear when you might need to get to a lobby, to the bar (if the beach has one), or might need to talk to someone you knew or have met from the beach; and you are not comfortable going places around while wearing a swimsuit or a bikini.   

Snug Alternative for a Towel

Beach coverups are not only essential as something to cover the skin or the swimsuit and bikini behind. They are also helpful in soaking the extra moisture off after coming in contact with water from your watersport activity or beach games.  

Makes the Wearer More Comfortable

While other women are comfortable showing skin, others are a little uneasy about it. So, coverups are good support for women who would like to move on the beach without getting anxious about their skin. 

Final Thoughts

Coverups are a big help in beach outings as they make wearers more confident and worry-free in their bikinis or swimsuits. While there are different coverups mentioned in this article, one particular coverup that is characterized by a good style and fabric is the mesh coverup. It makes a beautiful and stylish coverup suitable for every woman’s needs.