Tips for choosing a swimsuit or a bikini

Wearing a swimsuit or a bikini is a popular sight during the summer. Summer is the best time of the year when women try to have a picture-perfect look they can flaunt on their social media while enjoying the beach or the pool. Aside from deciding which site to visit, one of the most common issues that women face is deciding which swimsuit or bikini to wear. But no worries, as this article will give you some tips on choosing a swimsuit or bikini. 

Swimsuit or Bikini?

Different size women in bikinis dancing together

A swimsuit and a bikini belong to a large category of swimwear. A swimsuit has generally two types: the one-piece which refers to a type of swimwear consisting of a single piece of material; and the two-piece which refers to a swimwear with a separate top and bottom. Often, a one-piece is generally what comes to mind when mentioning a swimsuit. Some references say that a bikini is a sub-variety of a two-piece swimsuit while others pertain to it as separate type of swimwear. 

Whether it is sub category or a separate type, both a swimsuit and a bikini are designed for use in the water. Other types of swimwear for women include a bathing suit, tankini, and rash guard to name a few.  

A one-piece swimsuit is modest in style and can be a good choice if you are not comfortable wearing a bikini. Swimsuits offer more skin coverage which is good if you want to show less skin and get extra ultraviolet protection. It is a better option if you will have some activities while on the pool such as competitive swimming, or on the beach such as diving, bodysurfing, or stand-up paddle boarding. Snug-fitting cross-back streamlined suits are designed for minimal fuss and drag in the water. 

One-piece swimsuits has other options especially if you want to cover some body parts you are insecure about. Go for a high-back one-piece if you want to hide back fat; if you want to flaunt your back, then you can go for a low-back one-piece. If you want to cover your hips and thighs, then you can try a swim dress. While a one-piece can be a modest choice, there are still daring styles if you ever want one. Deep V-necks, low backs, one strap, no straps, or side cutouts are examples of such styles.  

For those who wanted to try something more daring, a bikini would be the best option since they only cover the breasts and private area. Bikinis are great for showing off the body but offer little ultraviolet protection and require much more sunscreen. They are a good choice if you do not have plans on doing some large activities in the beach or pool. Although, some active brand designs performance two-piece suits to stay in place during watersports. One great advantage of wearing a bikini is its convenience for bathroom breaks. 

Bikinis include classic triangle top, bra or bralette-style top. You can choose a bikini set or get a coordinating top and bottom: a string bikini top with a bikini skirt bottom, a high-waisted bottom with a strapless top, or a full-coverage top with a low-rider boy short. 

Look for a swimsuit or bikini that has customizable features

The goal is to make sure that if you bought a swimsuit or a bikini earlier than summer or the beach outing that you and your friends plan, the purchase could still be adjusted according to your body size. Since you do not know if you will gain weight or get slimmer before hitting the beach, it would be very helpful to choose a swimsuit or bikini that has adjustable features. One feature is an adjustable shoulder strap, which allows them to be adjusted to prevent them from falling or digging into your shoulders. It would also be great if the purchase had removable cups that could be replaced if they ever got old or out of shape. 

1. Consider enhancing

If you have found the perfect swimsuit or bikini that matches your personality, check for areas that might have threads holding lightly or threads coming loose. This is to make sure that they won’t fall off or tear once you wear them. If you want to style your bikinis and swimsuit, you can add jewels or beads, just make sure that cling tightly and won’t fall off later on. 

2. Ultraviolet Protection Factor

Although you might have sunblock and sunscreen lotion with you to protect you from the sun, swimsuits with UPF would be much more beneficial since it gauges a fabric’s effectiveness against ultraviolet rays. 

3 Look for designs with details to enhance or diminish 

If you have smaller breasts and would like to enhance the look of your breasts, try looking for a swimsuit or bikini with ruffles, bold colors, and prints with padding to highlight your breasts. An off-shoulder would also be a perfect choice to draw attention to your chest part. 

If you do not want to enhance your chest, then you can choose the opposite. Pick a simpler top with no padding or accents, such as a simple triangle top in a muted color. 

If you are concerned with the imperfections of your hips, choose a full-coverage bottom to distract people from looking at your hips. A high-waisted bottom heightens the tiniest part of your waist and slims your stomach. If you are heftier on the bottom, you can wear a sarong to cover it.

4. Go light or dark

Colorful bikinis or swimsuits are eye-catching. Most women choose light colors to draw attention and enhance a body part. Black-colored swimwear is less noticeable and can look aesthetic. A combination of a black bottom with a bright red top, for example, minimizes the backside and enhances the appearance of your bust. Wear a light bottom and a light top if you want your backside to stand out more than your chest. The color choice is completely up to you. Your color choice must also be suitable for your skin tone. 

5. Choose the one you are most comfortable with

Cheerful plus size women enjoying the beach

Whether your choice is a swimsuit or a bikini, either of the two should make you feel comfortable. Try to move around to ensure that your swimwear moves with you. The best choice should not come off, bunch up, or expose you as you move in it. Check yourself from behind to make sure your bottom does not sag. Opt for the swimwear that fits you well.

6. Price Vs. Use

The durability of the material should be high quality. Do not just try to purchase something cheap but of low quality, as it will only cause you trouble. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find both low-cost and high-quality materials. 


The best way to enjoy the summer and the beach is to make sure that you are comfortable with what you wear, where you are, and who you are with. Go for a swimsuit or bikini that will perfectly speak about your personality.