Tips for Staying Fashionable While Traveling

Traveling is arduous enough without having to worry about appearing attractive while doing it, what with the trouble of traveling, jet lag, and lugging your luggage around. On the other hand, looking stylish on the road does not require much effort.

Most of us go on vacation to relax, unwind, and get away from our daily lives for a bit. When you travel, you want to feel your best, and for many of us, that includes appearing our best for the duration of our journey. Here are some tips for making your trip as stylish and fashionable as possible.

“Know” Where You’re Going


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We don’t mean “know” in the sense of having a map and a hotel reservation. In terms of packing basics, we mean “know.” Because every place you visit is different, your bag will always be packed with one-of-a-kind products to fulfill the requirements of your voyage! Here are a few elements you should be aware of:

Learn the Weather

First and foremost, what season are you visiting? Which hemisphere are you visiting? Warm coats, leggings, sweaters, and boots will be required if you visit Prague in January (their winter). However, you’ll need sundresses, swimsuits, and sandals if you are going down under to Australia in January (their summer).

Decide on the season/climate you’ll be in! Checking the weather forecast before leaving for a trip will help you understand what you’re in for and how to prepare. 

The lousiest thing you can do is pack for all weather conditions because you don’t know what to expect. After all, you’ll end up with twice as many clothes as you need and still have to tote them around!! We can very nearly forecast the weather with contemporary technology, so check that weather app like it’s your job.

Learn the Terrain and Geography

Are you going somewhere with a lot of rocky terrains? Or a place where there are a lot of mosquitos or bugs to avoid? If you’re going to a place with steep hills to climb, like Machu Picchu, you should probably leave your stilettos at home.

Bring some breathable cover-ups if you’re going through dense forest with the fear of bugs and leeches! Consider what the topography of the location has in store for you, and then plan accordingly!

Learn the Cultural Dress and What Is Appropriate

It is critical to be informed of a city’s or country’s cultural standards. You want to be sensitive to the needs and values of others as a traveler and ambassador for your native nation. If you’re visiting a country with many religions (like India), you’ll want to conduct some study to figure out what kind of attire is appropriate in each location.

Make sure you follow the city’s cultural customs. Even if other tourists don’t follow the clothing code, that doesn’t mean you should do the same. Being a traveler is more than just viewing the sights; it also entails engaging with the world and learning about their habits and culture!

Put on a Local’s Outfit

a woman wearing a local dress while walking through a tourist site holding an umbrella

Dressing like the natives, whether in kimonos in Kyoto or saris in South India, can help you feel more like your a part of the culture rather than just a tourist. You don’t have to dress exactly as the locals do, and you should do your research on what’s culturally acceptable, but tiny tweaks to your everyday style can make a big difference.

You can know a lot about a town by looking at how its local community dresses, and if you buy local items from a handmade market, you’ll frequently be rewarding the individuals who made them directly. Buying from well-known quick fashion stores is often far less ethical.

Comfort Should Come First

Traveling should be a pleasurable and educational experience, but it’s difficult to appreciate your surroundings if you’re in discomfort due to ill-fitting clothing. As previously stated, you should research your trip ahead of time to learn about the local customs and temperature. While it is crucial to ensure that the costumes you bring with you are appropriate in both respects, it is also critical that you remain comfortable.

Even if you plan to travel by public transportation for most of your journey, we strongly advise you to bring comfortable yet attractive walking shoes. Walking around the areas you visit is the best method to get a true sense of the place you’re seeing. Ensure that you explore any locations you intend to go through; there are parts of several cities you should avoid if you are unfamiliar with the area.

Be Frugal

On the road, visit some local secondhand stores to up your travel game. Second (or third, even fourth) hand clothes are fantastic for various reasons:

  • it fills the void left by throwaway fashion
  • you’re often donating to a good cause
  • fashion is round

Many clothes that were once fashionable for prior generations have been fashionable again, so you never know when you’ll find anything stylish. Thrift stores worldwide are far less expensive than buying new; therefore, you’ll be able to afford those shoes and samosas as well!

Pack Your Clothes in Three Complementary Colors


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Choose pieces in three complementary hues when packing so you may mix and match them to create several outfits for different days or even different situations. Choose your colors based on your destination.

Any black, navy, white, and charcoal mix is an excellent pick if you’re going to Paris or another urban area. Off-white (or white), khaki, and bright tones like yellow or orange are always appropriate for a beach trip or outdoor expedition.

White linen is particularly appealing since it is cool in hot weather, can be worn during the day, and is appropriate for evening wear. A striped button-down, a pair of jeans, a blazer, a pair of decent pants, and a comfy T-shirt are usually good selections when it comes to the actual articles of clothing to take.

You should aim to wear each garment two or three times on your trip. Any less would be a waste of space.

Bring a Special Piece

While the clothes you carry with you must be both functional and fashionable, it is also worthwhile to include something special to help you feel good about yourself. Make time for a special night out with your partner or spouse if you’re traveling with them, and bring a particular dress for the occasion.

Alternatively, bring some extra cash with you and treat yourself to something nice while you’re there. Going to a local restaurant eating authentic local cuisine while dressed in something beautiful and formal sourced locally may be quite an experience.

Start With the Fundamentals and Build Your Look From There

a woman walking down the street pulling her luggage along

When traveling, you don’t want to bring your entire wardrobe with you. It would be a logistical headache for most of us, as pleasant as it would be.

You might want to buy new clothes when you get to your destination, depending on where you’re going. If you’re traveling to Africa or Asia, for example, where the weather is much hotter than you’re used to, you might want to follow local fashion while you’re there.

However, when it comes to packing, identify certain crucial pieces, the items that will serve as the base for the rest of your outfit, and pack them first. Once you’ve got these essentials in place, you may pack whatever else you’ll need to finish your look.

Swap Clothes With Other Tourists

This tip requires a bit of luck and impeccable timing, but some people have gotten some fantastic items from the bottom of a hostel’s discarded clothing bag. After all, one woman’s garbage is another’s gold!

Hostels are a terrific way to pick up some new stuff, whether fellow travelers are getting rid of their long gowns because they’re going on a climb in the Himalayas or wanting to get rid of their walking boots because they’re going to Bondi Beach. Many of the best backpacking routes pass through countries with varying climates, and travelers traveling in opposite directions frequently need to lessen their loads to prepare for a new destination. 

Keep your eyes peeled for hostels, as they are a crossroads for travelers on certain routes. You might be in for a win!

Accessorize Correctly


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A few crucial pieces may completely transform an outfit. Always have a few pieces of costume jewelry on hand, such as a set of large earrings and a spectacular cocktail ring. 

You can also stash your makeup in a stylish pouch that can be used as an evening purse. If you don’t like wearing jewelry, consider investing in a couple of vibrant socks with unique patterns to bring a pop of color to otherwise neutral outfits.

As You Travel, Pick Up Local Accessories

Spend time searching through local markets, bazaars, and street-side vendors to find the jewelry of your dreams when traveling if you have a magpie’s eye. Purchasing local accessories while traveling blends souvenir shopping with self-decorating, and accessories can really elevate an ensemble.

Don’t prefer to splurge a lot of money on jewelry? Don’t worry; you don’t want to buy anything too valuable if it gets misplaced.

Athletic Apparel Is Trendy

Good news for travelers: athletic clothing is now officially fashionable in locations other than the gym! The boundary between what belongs in the gym and what belongs on the catwalk has become increasingly blurred. This is great news for us as travelers since it means that style can also be comfortable, and we can go directly from yoga to the local tapas bar.

Running shoes, shape-fitting leggings, and sports bras have all been certified by the fashion police, which is terrific for travelers who want to pack light but look attractive. Before leaving, acquire the essentials to avoid making a fashion faux pas.

Bring One Dressy, Versatile Outfit With You

a woman in a dress passing through a field of flowers

If you have a formal evening or function scheduled during your trip, leave the cumbersome dresses and full suits and jackets at home.

Wear a slip dress with high-heeled sandals and a set of statement earrings. Ideally, you may repurpose all of these items for another outfit or evening, or they can be packed without adding bulk to your carry-on.

While You’re There, Spruce Up Your Look

If you are visiting a site you have never visited before, you may be in for a few surprises. It’s possible that after you arrive, you’ll find that the clothes you brought with you aren’t as appropriate for the destination as you expected.

Even if you arrange everything flawlessly, unexpected circumstances will occasionally derail your plans. But it’s not all doom and gloom. You might be able to discover a fashionable solution to the problem in your local market.

Even if you’ve packed your clothes properly, keep an eye out for any accessories you won’t be able to find at home. This is an excellent method to combine diverse fashion types and pay attention to local fashion while preserving your style.

Stack on the Layers


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You’ll be astonished at how many various clothing combinations you can create by layering your clothes. To keep your style looking new, layer t-shirts under strappy dresses, toss on sarongs and scarves, and add leggings to evening clothes. Other passengers might even refer to you as the modern-day Mary Poppins!

Purchase a Bumbag

Now you’re talking about practicality and style! Bumbags are currently enjoying their moment in the spotlight and for all the right reasons. Unlike some other fashion trends, bumbags aren’t just a gimmick; they’re also really useful when you’re looking for cash to pay for a taxi.

As you’re probably aware, when it comes to keeping your belongings safe while traveling, it’s better to keep things as near to you as possible. Bumbags are the ideal companion, and the variety of designs, colors, and patterns seems limitless!

It doesn’t have to be tough to be fashionable when traveling. Like with anything else related to your trip, the challenge is to make sure you plan ahead of time. Pack everything you’ll need to appear your best, then add some enhancements and accessories to your clothing.