Ideas for Going Down Under to Australia

Australia is among the world’s most urbanized and developed countries. It’s a location worth visiting because of its stunning beaches, diverse fauna, lush national parks, and bustling cities.

When visiting Australia, there are many incredible experiences that it can be difficult to know where to begin. There’s something for each one, whether you want to meet furry locals on an iconic animal encounter, are looking for excitement (think following crocs in the Northern Territory), or want to learn about their history and culture with a First Nations trip. And whatever of these unforgettable experiences you choose, you cannot go wrong.

This article will bring you an overview of the must-see attractions and destinations you must see while traveling to the Land Down Under.

Go Island Hopping in the Whitsundays

The Whitsunday Islands in Queensland have some of the finest sailings in the world, thanks to ideal winds, breathtaking scenery, calm seas, and 74 islands to explore (with 69 uninhabited). Whether you want to chart your path and hire a yacht with some buddies or relax on a private trip and let someone else do the navigation, seeing the splendor of this tropical oasis from the water is among the best Aussie experiences on offer.

Travel Across Australia on a Luxury Train

This 2979-kilometer (1851-mile) journey from Darwin to Adelaide (or vice versa) is known as one of the world’s largest rail journeys. You’ll witness some of Australia’s most magnificent and diverse landscapes as you travel through the lush greens of the Top End, over Red Centre’s red desert sands, and across the harsh mountains of the Flinders Ranges. You’ll also stop along the way for excursions of Alice and Katherine Springs, where you’ll learn about Australia’s rich Aboriginal heritage.

Explore the Kimberley

A cruise ship is one of the greatest methods to explore the Kimberley (one of the world’s remaining true wilderness zones). Two billion years of wild history are on display along Western Australia’s isolated Kimberley coast, and some excellent cruising experiences provide different ways to see it all. You’ll be able to get personal and up close with lush waterfalls, rocky shores, ochre-colored gorges, secluded beaches, and intricate river systems, all while enjoying luxurious sleeping quarters and gourmet meals.

See the Turtles Hatch in Queensland

Seeing a little turtle emerge from an egg and run into the sea has to be among the most incredible events you can put to your bucket list. This magnificent phenomenon may be seen from a few different locations.

The Mon Repos Turtle Centre, near Bundaberg, has the most nesting loggerhead turtles on the country’s east coast. Visit between mid-January and early February, when the hatchlings leave their nests. The islands of Heron, Lady Elliot, and Lady Musgrave are also popular tourist destinations in Queensland.

Pay a Visit to the Locals in Cradle Mountain

the Cradle Mountain as seen from the north, across Dove Lake

We’re talking about the furry kind of locals here. The Tasmanian devil is the Earth’s largest surviving marsupial carnivore, but it is extremely shy and difficult to see in the wild. Devils@Cradle, a Tasmanian conservation sanctuary located at the entryway to the World Heritage-listed Cradle Mountain National Park, is the best place to meet these endangered species. When you visit, you’ll be able to meet other threatened wildlife such as eastern and spotted-tail quolls, and you’ll be able to take both day and night tours.

Learn About the First Nations’ History in the Red Centre

The spiritual heart of Australia, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, is located in the Red Centre and is steeped in Aboriginal tradition. The native Anangu people, who have dwelt there for over 22,000 years, revere Yulara (Uluru) and the 36 domes that comprise Kata Tjuta.

Take an Aboriginal guided tour to discover more about the traditional way of life, and don’t miss Tali Wiru – a breathtaking experience of dining beneath the stars overlooking Uluru, replete with Dreamtime stories and a menu of native ingredients – if you’re visiting between April and mid-October.

Sunbathe With Some Kangaroos at Lucky Bay

It doesn’t get more Australian than resting on a white sandy beach alongside a kangaroo. Residents roos have been seen sunbathing on a few Australian beaches, the most renowned of which is Lucky Bay in the Cape Le Grand National Park of Western Australia. This blue lake and stretch of white sand in Esperance is more than just an idyllic spot to sprawl your beach towel and enjoy some rays with a roo or two (but don’t forget your camera).

Drive Along the Great Ocean Road

Hire a car in Melbourne and prepare for a road journey loaded with breathtaking scenery (after all, this is among the world’s most gorgeous coastline drives). Visit the iconic surf sites of Bells Beach and Torquay Beach, the laidback village of Lorne, the kangaroos on the Anglesea Golf Course, and the magnificent rock formations of the 12 Apostles.

Wander through Otway National Park’s beautiful forests and waterfalls, or view whales from old Warrnambool. You could traverse it all in three hours nonstop, but we recommend at least two days to see everything.

Dive or Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is among the world’s most diversified ocean environments, with an astonishing array of marine life and healthy coral reefs. Where better to put on a wetsuit for a day of diving or snorkeling?

Prepare to see giant clams, graceful stingrays, gorgeous sea turtles, an astounding variety of tropical fish, reef sharks, and, of course, spectacular coral formations. If you go on an overnight tour, you can even do some nocturnal diving.

Swim With Diverse Marine Life

From whale sharks to sea lions and turtles, swimming with Australia’s aquatic life is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Swimming in Queensland with humpback whales (Australia is among the only a few countries where you can swim with these magnificent creatures), splashing around with the ever-cute sea lions in South Australia, coming mask-to-fin with a whale shark on Western Australia’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef, and snorkeling with turtles in New South Wales and Queensland are a few key experiences to get you started (you must do all with a tour operator).

Investigate Melbourne’s Laneways

Bank Place, one of Melbourne’s laneways looking north toward Little Collins Street and Normanby Chambers

The many vibrant laneways of Melbourne’s inner-city provide dozens of little hole-in-the-wall eateries and cafés serving fantastic coffee and food, hidden small pubs, and funky one-of-a-kind fashion businesses. So, whether you’re seeking a night out with city views from a rooftop bar, a caffeine fix and some window shopping in the morning, or the cool underground atmosphere of a speakeasy-style saloon, a stroll around the laneways will have you deciding from the best the city has to offer.

Go to Lord Howe Island

As one of 400 guests on the World Heritage-listed Lord Howe Island at any given moment, you’re guaranteed a fair bit of paradise when you come. This quiet island, less than two hours by air from Sydney and Brisbane, is one of the world’s greenest destinations.

Seventy-five percent of the island’s original natural vegetation remains unspoiled and unbroken, allowing amazing geology, natural coral, and a diverse assortment of plants, birds, and marine life to thrive in this utopia. It’s a pace away from modern life and a fairly amazing region of Australia waiting to be discovered.

Go to the Tiwi Islands

This is one Australian experience not to be missed. The Tiwi Islands, located north of Darwin, are a unique area of Australia. Melville and Bathurst are the two main islands, with nine smaller, deserted islands in between.

Almost 90% of the population is of Aboriginal descent, and there is a thriving Aboriginal art tradition that you can see on a variety of tours displaying weavings, textiles, and paintings. The islands are well-known for being a fishing hotspot (think massive Barramundi), with multi-day cruises available for anglers.

Visit Rottnest Island to See the Quokkas


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Rottnest Island’s famous quokkas are a significant drawcard for this paradise island off the coast of Western Australia. These friendly residents are interested, so you won’t have trouble spotting them; in fact, they’re quite likely to approach you and say hi. Have your camera handy, but please be aware that you cannot feed or touch the animals.

Hot Air Balloon Over Australia’s Capital

Canberra is well-known for being among the best places to balloon, with its lush surroundings, calm weather, and breathtaking views of Lake Burley Griffin. When you factor in the city’s unique sculptures and monuments, architecture, and Parliament House, you’re in for a visual treat. Plus, you get to indulge in a champagne breakfast at the Park Hyatt Hotel afterward, and you have the rest of your day to enjoy the beauties you witnessed from above.

Ascend the Harbour Bridge

You cannot visit Sydney without seeing one of its most recognizable sites. Of course, you can view the Harbour Bridge from various perspectives, but climbing it elevates the experience to a whole new height. Climb the whole bridge from south to north and back again for spectacular views of Sydney Opera House’s iconic sails and Sydney Harbour (we highly recommend getting a guided tour of the Opera House when you’re back on solid ground).

Crocodile Chasing in the Northern Territory

a crocodile submerged in water and surrounded by vines

A journey to the Northern Territory isn’t complete unless you witness the Earth’s largest reptiles, and the saltwater crocs found in this region of Australia must be seen to be believed. You can get personal with some of the Territory’s largest crocodiles in the experienced and safe hands of the Top End Safari Camp team and Matt Wright.

You’ll take an airboat ride across the floodplains, where you’ll encounter more than a few wild crocs. From November to April, overnight and day tours are available during the rainy season.

Waterhole Hop in the Northern Territory

The Northern Territory’s desert scenery is peppered with waterfalls, gorges, thermal springs, lagoons, and canyons that are ideal for a refreshing plunge on a hot summer day. Whether you choose to float around a thermal spring in Katherine, swim beneath one of the Top End’s breathtaking waterfalls, or rest by the calm pools deep into old gorges, the experience will be unlike any other.

Go to the Three Sisters

Around a two-hour drive from Sydney in New South Wales, the Blue Mountains are well known for the Three Sisters, an iconic natural sight. According to Aboriginal Dreamtime traditions, this peculiar rock formation symbolizes three sisters (Wimlah, Meehni, and Gunnedoo) who were turned to stone. Echo Point Lookout, which is also the beginning point for many fantastic treks that will provide you with many vantage views of the sisters as you navigate your way through the bushland, is one of the best viewing places.

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Encounters

Kangaroo Island, found off the coast of South Australia, is a nature lover’s paradise. It is one of Australia’s best spots to witness natural native creatures such as koalas, sea lions, kangaroos, and seals. Walking amid the Australian sea lion colony at Seal Bay is a must-do event.

The best seasons to travel are in the spring and winter, when the sea lions prefer to sleep out in the dunes away from the ocean breeze. To learn about these endangered animals, you may either stroll around on your own or take a guided tour.

Australia has a lot of diversity. Magnificent beaches, urban centers, beautiful rainforests, and wonderful wine regions are among the top places to visit in the region. Because there are so many various things to do in this lovely country, the variety of scenery also makes travel in Australia pleasurable for all types of travelers. Depending on your travel preferences and perfect vacation dream, there are a hundred and one ways to spend your vacation in Down Under.

You’ll have a great time in Australia! As you journey there, you will witness breathtaking sunsets, swim in crystal clear waterways, trek through lush green jungles, and sunbathe on the most stunning beaches.

You’ll hear fascinating stories, meet remarkable people, and embark on incredible adventures. You might even decide to leap out of an airplane, learn to surf, dive, or fall in love with sailing.

You’ll experience everything Australia has to offer and be sad to say goodbye and catch your flight back home, but at least you can answer inquiries about the greatest things to do in the Land Down Under.  It such a wonderful place, many consider moving to Australia once they have visited. 

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