Tips for Picking a Hip Mobile Phone Case

Our phones are everything to us in this digital age. This means that you should do everything within your power to ensure that your cellular lifeline is not compromised. 

Spills, falls, and drops are just a few of the disasters that might wreak havoc on your pricey phone. If you’ve ever lost your grasp on your gadget and helplessly watched as it crashed to the ground, you know how crucial it is to keep it safe.

When you don’t have a protective phone case, this isn’t an easy task. So, it’s critical to choose a case that meets your particular requirements while remaining within your budget.

This guide will help you pick from the different types and styles of mobile phone cases that fit your busy lifestyle well, from sleek, lightweight cases to robust cases with the best protection and functionality.

If you’re searching for the best on-trend phone protection, follow these tips.

Do Your Homework

Read case reviews to learn more about the cases you’re interested in. Even if you can’t find a review for your particular phone model, other reviews from the same maker will give you an idea of how good it is. People can also be found discussing cases and sharing pictures of them in various online communities.

It’s also crucial to double-check that the case has accurate cut-outs. When cases are hurried out the door, the button covers may be stiff, a port may be missing, or camera flash reflections may be an issue. If wireless charging or the ability to dock your smartphone while wearing the case is vital to you, verify with the manufacturer before purchasing.

Examine the Cost

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro with cases

You’ll rarely discover the greatest pricing for a case on the device manufacturer’s website, the case manufacturer’s website, or a carrier’s website. The RRP (Recommended Retail Price) is constantly reduced. When you’ve found the case you desire, compare prices and shop around.

Although Amazon and eBay are frequently the cheapest options, it pays to shop around. It would also help if you were wary of knock-offs, especially on eBay.

It’s worth noting that certain case manufacturers will provide a lifetime guarantee if you purchase directly from them, so that could be a compelling reason to spend full retail.


The phone case should protect your phone and be simple to use. Consider your preferred technique of case opening. Should it be flipped up or folded open like a book?

It’s also important to consider the material it’s composed of. Many people prefer the look and feel of leather, which can be made of soft textured rubber or hard plastic.

Consider how frequently you intend to use your device. If you spend lots of time on your phone playing games, including online bingo games, you’ll want it to be comfy in your hand during those extended gaming sessions.

Check the Ratings and Read the Reviews

Make sure you read the reviews and check the ratings before making a purchase. This is especially crucial when ordering from third-party shops with the best pricing but not always the finest quality.

It’s also an excellent idea to check and read reviews on the case you’re considering to know what other buyers have to say about its durability and quality. Keep an eye out for what critics have to say about not only the durability but also the accessibility. Is it simple to get to all of the ports and outside controls?

Find the Features You Want

a phone with a flip case

When you’re out shopping, consider what extra features you might need from a case. You won’t be able to hold your cell phone up for selfies with a slim case featuring your favorite design.

Kickstands that pop from the back of some cases allow you to place your phone down at a slant to make streaming from your phone easier, but make sure they’re secure because they can be bothersome if they pop out unexpectedly. Make a list of things you consider vital and use it as a checklist as you purchase.

Determine the Level of Protection Required

different phone cases displayed in a shop

Another thing to ponder about is how much protection your gadget requires. Consider your way of life. If you expend a lot of time outdoors, participate in adventure sports and hiking, or work in a physically demanding profession, you should consider investing in a durable cover to protect your phone.

A waterproof case and a sturdy screen protector are also options. If you travel by automobile and have more sedate interests, a less durable case would suffice.

You may also require more room in the case for credit cards and papers. Some users prefer sock-style cases that slip over the phone and give minimal protection while allowing for simple access.

Battery Cases

Poor battery life has always been at the top of the list regarding mobile technology complaints. You could always acquire a battery case for your smartphone. These usually feature a built-in battery that can keep your smartphone charged for a few hours longer.

However, battery cases are always big and hefty. If they’re small, it’s because the battery inside isn’t particularly large; therefore, they won’t provide you with a significant improvement in battery life. It would be best to peek at the mAh rating, but keep in mind that it doesn’t always narrate the entire story, so look for a real-world test.

Many battery casings aren’t built to provide much in the form of protection, so you’ll have to double-check with the manufacturer on that. The ability to charge your smartphone should always be available. Ideally, your phone will deplete the case first, allowing you to remove it after the battery is drained.

Some ingenious designs combine a lightweight casing or bumper with a battery that you can remove. You should also expect to be allowed to see the battery level at a glance, along with charging and pass-through data features for your headphone jack.

Once you’ve evaluated all of your options, selecting the ideal phone case is an easy task. The exciting part is picking your favorite design after you’ve determined the budget and features you require. You can relax and enjoy your phone to the fullest without worrying about unintentional damage once it is safely kept inside its protective cover.

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