Tips for Avoiding Crowds at the Beach

Summer has arrived, which means it’s time to put on your flip-flops and hit the beach to let the sea breeze blow your hair and forget all the stress in the world. This past year has been quite a rocky experience for everyone, as the pandemic took over the globe and left us all isolated and alone at our homes. This was the reason why the rate of anxiety and depressive disorders went considerably high during the lockdown.

Although the lockdown in many parts of the world is slightly relieved, the problem has not been terminated yet. When you leave your house to enjoy yourself with your friends and family, make sure you are being safe and following all the regulated SOPs.   Be sure to check out this helpful graph from on the most popular vacation destinations in the United States:

Most Popular Places to Vacation in America

How to Avoid an Overcrowded Beach?

Coming to the beach travels this year, many people are confused about whether to hit the beach or not due to the ongoing situation. Well, a beach is an open place that is safer for you and your family than other indoor places, but it can also be crammed with people, which you would want to avoid. 

But don’t worry about it because now we’ve finally got our hands on some amazing tips. These will help you avoid the crowd at the beach and make your day much more memorable.

1. Go See the Sunrise


The early morning beach is the most peaceful place you can ever visit. It is the best place and time to meditate, dance, jog, or spend some quality time with yourself, or if you prefer a company, that’s fine too. The number of early risers who hit the beach near sunrise is much less, which is why it is an ideal time for you to book your appointment with the beach.

Watching the sun emerge out of the sea will also help you feel amazing and positive enough to deal with anything the next few days throw at you. 

2. No Beach During Rush Hours


Traveling during rush hour can be quite hectic and can turn your fun day into a nightmare. Whether it is your ride to the beach or your time there, both can be highly influenced by the packed crowd. To avoid all the hustle, simply avoid the rush hours. 

3. Pick a Time Other than School Holidays


Many families wait for their kids’ summer vacations so they can take them to the beach, which is why the beaches are fully stuffed with people during vacations or other holiday seasons. If you are looking for a quieter and more peaceful beach, you must delay your plans until the vacation ends. 

This will not be an option for those of you who have little ones waiting eagerly for their holidays to hit the beach. But you can also avoid the rush by visiting the beach with your kids and family early in the morning.

4. Avoid Popular Spots


There’s always a popular spot at the beach where everybody gathers to take pictures for their Instagram and other social media handles. These places can be a restaurant, a sculpture, or anything else. They can be pretty crowded with both locals and tourists. So, it is better to avoid such spots and find yourself a place which is quieter and less crowded. 

5. Say No to Major Events


Beaches can be one of the favorite spots for some major events and celebrations, attracting a huge audience. Many concerts, parties, and festivals are celebrated at the beach for its exquisite location, leading to a heavy crowd gathering at the beach disrupting the peace you want. Therefore, it is advised to check for a special event or carnival before hitting the beach because crowded beaches are the worst. 

6. Pick the Weekdays


The top attractions at the beach will always be flooded with people on the weekends. However, the remaining days of the week can be less crowded and more fun for you. If you have a free weekday in your schedule, avail that day to hit the beach so that you can make your time at the beach safer and more enjoyable.

7. Be Ready to Drive Some Extra Miles


Most beaches in the middle of the city with hotels and houses around them are usually flooded with people as they are easily accessible and do not require a long drive. But there are other beaches as well, the ones that are miles away from hotels or residential areas. They can provide you the silence and peace that you wish for. 

8. If You Are a Tourist, Seek a Local’s Help


Traveling to a new country or city all by yourself can be a bit difficult and confusing. Many tourists who travel without a guide often find themselves in a situation where it is hard to find a perfect place to visit at an ideal time. 

If you are a tourist and want to visit the beach in its quietest and most amazing hours, you can ask a local for help. They know the beach better than you and can help you figure out the place and time of visit. 

9. Beaches are Quieter in Winters 


People avoid hitting the beach in cold weather, which is why you will not find a large crowd dipping their feet in the cold waves of water. But while some people hate the cold sea breezes hitting their bodies during December and January, others take advantage of the quiet and peaceful beach to enjoy themselves. 

10. Tag Along with Divers


Divers that dive from shore usually consider beaches that are less crowded with swimmers. If you want to avoid an overcrowded beach, search for beaches that attract the diving community so that you can have a few moments of peace and calmness. 

11. Cancel Your Stay at a Mega Beach Resort


These places usually attract locals and tourists to give them a taste of the beach. Most people staying in the resort are there for the beach. This will make the beaches crowded and take away all the fun from your day if you are looking for a quiet time. 

To have a better and more pleasant experience, look for smaller resorts or places with intimate and quiet beaches. 

12. Do Your Research 


Before going to the beach, it is always important to plan your visit properly so that you can make the most out of it and have great memories for the future. The most essential step of planning is to do complete research about the beach. It is good to know as much as you can about the beach you are visiting, as it can help you plan a fun and desirable trip. 

Being informed about the rush hours or the crowded spots would work in your favor if you want a quiet and serene beach experience.

Enjoy Your Beach Day

The expansive and magnificent view of the sea soothes our minds and souls in ways that cannot be expressed. The waves run towards you, touch your feet, and take away all your problems with it. Most people go to the beach for a day of peace and relaxation, but it all gets disrupted if it’s tightly packed with people and their noises. 

Well, now we have shared some incredible and easily applicable tips with you that will help make your beach experiences much more relaxing and worth remembering. So, which of these tips are you most excited to apply?