Soaps to Help Calm Acne Breakouts

Acne breakouts are one of the most common dilemmas of a lot of people when we talk about skincare. Many are looking for ways on how to remove pimples and treat acne breakouts. However, the idea that pimples are the inevitable result of poor hygiene is only a myth because even people who are very hygienic and practices good skincare routines still experience acne breakouts every once in a while. Based on dermatologists, acne breakouts can happen due to the combination of genetics, hormones, stress, diet, and bacteria.

People would try just about anything to remove acne and achieve a clear and radiant complexion. However, this sometimes includes products and practices that might not be great for the skin, such as harsh exfoliants, scrubs, and as well as popping pimples. But if you really want to find a solution to calm your acne breakouts, then finding the right soap or facial wash is the best way. 

What to Look for in a Facial Soap?

When choosing a facial soap or wash, select those that are targeting people with oily or sensitive skin. Aside from that, pick a gentle cleanser that will not clog your pores further. One of the labels you should look for is “non-comedogenic”, which means, non-pore-clogging. It is perfect for those with oily and acne-prone skin, and it is less likely to cause breakouts. 

If have non-inflammatory acne on your face such as blackheads and small whiteheads, try to find ingredients like glycolic acids, salicylic acid, and sulfur on soaps and facial wash because they are keratolytic, and they can help dissolve the clog inside pimples. Aside from that, they can also exfoliate your skin to decrease acne. 

Some of the other useful ingredients for acne that facial soaps may contain are benzoyl peroxide, aloe, retinoids, tea tree oil, and chamomile. These ingredients can help in killing bacteria, reduce oiliness, and unclog pores. You can also opt for soaps with hydrating and calming components, such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and green tea. 

If you live in a place with a hot, humid climate, using zinc soap can also help you with treating acne. However, there are some zinc soaps that have pore-clogging ingredients, like cocoa butter. That’s why you need to read the label before buying one. 

What to Avoid?

When buying soaps and wash for acne, avoid those with ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS, because they can dry out your skin seriously, leading to more breakouts. Also, never wash your face with hand soaps, harsh bar soaps, and scrubs that can physically exfoliate the skin. 

It’s also never a good idea to overdo face washing, or using soaps and cleansers every time you wash your face. There are people who simply rinse their faces with water and no cleanser who do not suffer from acne breakouts. If that will work for you, then it’s fine. 

The Best Soaps for Acne Breakouts

Where to Buy
Keika Naturals Charcoal Soap Bar for Face Acne
Fabulure Soap with Sea Salt for Acne-Prone Skin
Tea Tree Oil Acne Soap
Joeseof Skin Care Sulfur Soap for Acne
Derma Harmony Sulfur & Salicylic Acid Soap


If you are looking for soaps that will aid in calming your acne breakouts, then here are some of the best ones we can recommend:

1. Keika Naturals Charcoal Soap Bar for Face Acne

This soap has activated charcoal that can protect skin from toxins, remove impurities, oils, and hides acne with its deep cleansing properties. Aside from that, this soap can also be used to help with eczema and psoriasis. It is a homemade soap that is all-natural and 100% vegan. It is chemical-free and is made using only the highest-quality ingredients to help you achieve clear skin. It is also fragrance-free, making it great for those who have sensitive skin. 

2. Fabulure Soap with Sea Salt for Acne-Prone Skin

This soap is a great exfoliant for the face and as well as the whole body. It can cleanse, detoxify, and give your skin a healthy glow. It is made with goat milk that can help in relieving acne. It is also mild enough for everyday use. It also contains sea salt, making your skin smooth and soft. This soap is also suitable for all skin types.

3. Tea Tree Oil Acne Soap

This is a natural soap that is ideal for acne-prone skin, and as well as for those who have atopic dermatitis. This is an all-natural soap that is made of tea tree oil. It can leave your face cleansed, hydrated, and moisturized. Tea tree oil is an effective ingredient that can fight acne and blemishes. It can also reduce the appearance of blackheads and dark spots. It is an effective treatment of acne as it removes dirt and absorbs excess oil. It is suitable for all skin types, including dry, oily, aging, and sensitive skin. 

4. Joeseof Skin Care Sulfur Soap for Acne

This is a pharmaceutical-grade sulfur soap that is made, especially for treating acne. Aside from that, it can also be used for seborrheic dermatitis, clogged pores, pimples, zits, and blackheads. It is safe to use because it is formulated and developed by dermatologists. It is made of natural volcanic sulfur and salicylic acid, making it one of the best options for treating acne and other skin disorders. 

5. Derma Harmony Sulfur & Salicylic Acid Soap

This soap is formulated especially for those with acne-prone skin. It is an excellent cleansing bar for people with skin problems. You can use it daily to treat your pimples and remove dark spots on the skin caused by acne breakout. It is best used for acne, pimples, clogged pores, blackheads, rosacea, and even fungus. 

Where to Buy
Marie’s Original Acne Bar Soap for Face and Body
Replenix Benzoyl Peroxide Wash
Suona Turmeric Soap for Acne and Dark Spots
Dr. Song Benzoyl Peroxide Wash
Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne and Redness Facial Cleanser


6. Marie’s Original Acne Bar Soap for Face and Body

This is a trip-acting medicinal soap that is made to help breakouts and calm acne flare-ups. It is made of pure botanical-based ingredients, including a natural form of salicylic acid, to help treat acne without drying the skin. It also contains bentonite clay to detoxify the skin and clear clogged pores. It is a handcrafted soap in which ingredients are sourced responsibly from sustainable growers. It can also keep your skin hydrated and moisturized to prevent aging and future breakouts. 

7. Replenix Benzoyl Peroxide Wash

This facial wash can effectively cleanse and treat acne-prone skin without drying and irritating your face. It can kill acne-causing bacteria and prevent future breakouts and blemishes from forming. Both teens and adults can use this facial wash safely. It is pH balanced for optimum results, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic, as well. 

8. Suona Turmeric Soap for Acne and Dark Spots

This one is a skin lightening soap that can help skin become brighter and evener. It means that it can also fade acne scars and dark spots after a breakout. It contains natural anti-bacterial properties of turmeric, parsley, and coconut oil. It can help in reducing the redness, acne inflammation, and as well as dark spots. It is also great for uneven skin pigmentation. This soap will not dry out your skin because it has moisturizing exfoliator that gently removes dead and damaged skin. It is perfect for all skin types. 

9. Dr. Song Benzoyl Peroxide Wash

This soap can be used as a facial wash and as a body wash at the same time, especially if you are also having acne breakouts on your body. It is made with non-irritating formula and medical-grade micro-benzoyl peroxide that penetrates deep in the skin. You can use this as a facial acne treatment, back acne treatment, and body acne treatment. Both teens and adults can use it, as well. 

10. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne and Redness Facial Cleanser

This soap can help in fighting breakouts, and it can visibly reduce redness caused by acne, as well. It contains salicylic acid, which is a scientifically-proven medicine to prevent breakouts. Aside from that, it also has MicroClear technology, which can boost the delivery of salicylic acid. This soap is formulated with naturally derived aloe and chamomile, which can help calm irritation to reduce redness. It can make your skin look clearer and feel healthier. This is made specifically for acne-prone skin, and it is dermatologist recommended, too. 

These are some of the best soaps we can recommend to help calm acne breakouts. We hope the information we shared here will help you in finding the perfect soap that will suit your skin and treat your acne breakouts.