Luxury Cosmetics Brand: Kanebo Sensai

Japanese brands are some of the leading cosmetics brands in the world in terms of quality. What is it about them that can make even the most economical women claim that “price is not an issue”? To get the answer, you need to look no further than the respected Japanese venerated Kanebo.  Kanebo is one of the oldest and most successful skincare brands in the history of Japan. It is the owner of several prestigious and chief cosmetics brands of the 21st century, which include, but are not limited to, Freeplus, Kate, Lunasol and Suisai.

However, perhaps its greatest achievement came with the release of Sensai, in 1983, shortly after Kanebo planted its first roots in Europe. On an international level, Sensai is the flagship for the Japanese company. The meaning of the term “Sensai” is “fine and delicate.” This seems to be a suitable choice for the title of a brand that has never failed to amaze its users due to its refined and graceful texture.

Every Sensai product is formulated using the famous Koishimaru silk, the distinguished Japanese ingredient that was the secret behind the original success of Kanebo in Japan, in the 20th century. This makes Sensai a perfect combination of Japanese herbal philosophy and state of the art skincare technology to give long-lasting and effective results.

Why Kanebo Sensai?

The silk preferred by Sensai – Koishimaru silk – was once seen as an exceptional fiber fitting only the proud and royal families. However, with the advancement in the cosmetics industry, it was found the silk has excellent skincare and moisturizing properties. The story goes that the silk workers interacting with Koishimaru silk were noted for their soft skin. Further research showed that the protein found in the silk was responsible for the softening of hands. Inspired by that, Kanebo decided to use the same ingredient in their skincare products.

In the early 2000s, scientific analysis of the silk showed that as it is processed into skincare products, it produces amino acids that are tiny enough to enter into the skin. These amino acids drastically increase the production of hyaluronic acid in your body – one of the major supplements in cosmetics products used to enhance the skin’s internal and external properties.

KaneboSensai uses this miraculous ingredient and modern craftsmanship to create light and refined skin that radiates luminosity. It uses several other exquisite elements as well, such as the Kakyoku essence and Shilan Extract, which allow for the formation of smooth and soft skin layers.

KaneboSensai is also known for releasing age-specific lines. Sensai Silk, for instance, provides skincare for young skin, suitable for teenagers and people in the late 20s. Sensai Cellular Performance is meant for skin that has begun to show signs of aging, that is, for people in their 40s and 50s. Sensai Premier was specifically designed for people suffering from premature skin aging or for older adults.


After its launch in the ‘80s, the company saw a relatively high rate of success. It quickly expanded out of Japan to other corners of the world, where it saw an equally awe-inspired audience. Currently, it has more than 4 430 outlets throughout the world. Most of these are situated in European countries – 34 European countries, to be precise. However, it is also popular in at least 8 Middle East countries, and two of South Africa’s. Nowadays, most of the marketing of the corporation is being done in Germany and Italy.

To talk about its history, Kanebo originated in Tokyo, as a cotton trading company. By 1889, they had started their own operations of spinning cotton into thread and fabric. In 1893, the company chose its name to be Kanegafuchi Spinning Company. Their initial logo revealed a temple bell along with the name Kanegafuchi.

Near the start of the 20th century, Kanebo had launched several new operations, such as the weaving of cotton fabrics in 1905, which was started after the construction of the Hyogo plant. From there on, the company took a new approach and focused on manufacturing silk products. They started with the production of silk thread (1908) and expanded towards making of silk fabric (1913) and raw-silk reeling (1921).

During the 1920s and 1930s, they started initiating international trade. In 1931, the Kanebo Service Company was dedicated to retail stores throughout the country. After the interruptions of World War II, they started fresh in 1949, opening businesses within South America with a new motto, “Speed, Service, Saving.”

After decades of sustained growth, the company introduced KaneboSensai in 1983 and saw a huge success. In 2000, the company opened the first Sensai outlet in New York. In 2012, the company decided on transforming Sensai into a separate global brand, given its renowned status.  The brand has now spread through both Europe and Asia and released its first fragrance in 2015, “The Silk.”

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Below are some products by KaneboSensai that you will surely find to your liking.

1. Cleansing Oil

Sensai’s Cleansing Oil is a silky formula, perfect for purifying the skin. It thoroughly clears off any impurities and grease that maybe be present on the skin. It is also capable of cleansing your face of tough makeup layers. Gently rub it on the skin by massaging your face in circular movements. Apply it during the evenings, and rinse carefully with water before going to bed.

2. Cellular Performance Mask

Sensai’s Cellular Performance Mask gives one soft and smooth skin texture. It is incredibly soothing to the face and does not require over-applying for its effects to manifest. Besides giving a glossy tone to your skin, it also provides the necessary nourishment and moisturization you need. You can apply it in the early mornings and wipe it off after a few hours or, for a more intense treatment, you can apply it in the evenings and leave the mask on overnight.

3. Cellular Performance Cream Foundation

Consisting of 80% essence ingredients, Sensai’s Cellular Performance Foundation is helpful for a multitude of skin flaws. It offers an effective anti-aging solution that can eliminate wrinkles and fine lines with continual usage. It results in an even and natural-looking skin tone. Any dull areas or dark areas of the skin can be ideally camouflaged. Apply it in equal amounts to the whole face, with your hairline and the neck bordering the mask.

4. Luminous Sheer Foundation

This uniquely designed foundation is made up of an ultra-light formula that is specifically designed to give your skin a fresh, radiant, and luminous look. It provides a Sun Protection Factor of 15 and feels conveniently light. The light-enhancing powder present in the solution gives the face a smooth and bright complexion. Shake it well before use, and apply it gently and evenly using a foundation brush or your fingertips.

5. Black Mask Mascara 

Black Mask contains Sensai’s original Mascara 38°C formulation, making it easy to put on and remove whenever the need comes. Its texture makes it soothingly gentle on the lashes. Its 38°C formulation means that it can only be removed with water at 38°C or 100°F. This also makes it resistant to teardrops or rain particles. The mascara plumps each of the lashes individually, making sure that none are left uncovered. To apply, start from the base and steadily work through to the ends.

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6. Bronzing Gel 

Sensai’s Bronzing Gel is designed to make sure that the skin stays hydrated, and so comes with a light-weight composition, consisting of 70% water. It contains a high Sun Protection Factor, shielding the face from most of the harmful UV radiation. It gives your skin a sun-kissed glow. It is recommended to apply this gel after applying your usual primer.

7. Purifying Creamy Soap

Sensai’s Creamy Soap is made up of four key ingredients; the Brown Sugar Extract, Koishimaru Silk, Kanzo Powder, and Quillai Extract. All of these combine to help create an excellent anti-inflammatory solution, treating the skin’s deeper layers. With its amazingly velvety and smooth texture, it can cleanse cream or powder. A small amount of the creamy soap can mix well with water and allow you to spread the lather over the whole face. Besides cleansing impurities, it also provides nourishment to the skin, cleans up any clogged pores, and can be washed off without leaving any tightness in the skin.

8. Cellular Performance Total Lip Treatment 

Sensai’s Total Lip Treatment is a luxurious solution designed to give your lips a clean and glossy look. It gives the lips a soft and smooth texture, as well as provides instant hydration, thus allowing them to absorb more nutrients from the air. Any sorts of wrinkles and vertical lines are effectively removed, with the effect lasting for several hours and giving you a new, long-lasting look when used consistently.

9. Lip Liner Pencil

 Sensai’ Red Lip Liner Pencil is the perfect follow-up to any kind of lip treatment you like to use. Sleek and easy-to-use, this pencil provides your lips with a smooth touch that is perfectly disguisable with your base layers. Its well-shaped tip allows for clear-cut and precise contours that can easily create your desirable lip outline and prevent any unwanted spreading. The product also comes with cartridge refills.