Luxury Cosmetics Brand: IT Cosmetics

In recent years, IT Cosmetics has become that cult brand which seems to be the topic of every discussion. The brand, which has been active for a mere decade, had its root in a small department in California when Jamie Kern Lima decided to design her own cosmetics to help others overcome rosacea and correct sparse eyebrows.

The top-quality production status the company has gained over the years partly owes to the fact that the development staff is substantially composed of beauty and medical experts. These include both plastic surgeons and dermatologists, by the combined effort of whom IT Cosmetics has adapted an original attitude towards makeup. The team believes that the key to developing a perfect and successful cosmetic is shaping your makeup based on your skincare formula, not the other way around.

After its launch in 2008, the brand has seen an accelerating rise in popularity – gaining the loyalty of people in their 70s to makeup celebrities like Monika Blunder. The company is headquartered in New Jersey, and since its launch has expanded into several countries worldwide. It did so well that in 2016 it attracted the attention of the famous French conglomerate L’Oreal, which acquired IT Cosmetics in August of the same year.

Jamie Kern Lima – Founder of IT Cosmetics

Before living her life as a beauty artist and the CEO of IT Cosmetics, Jamie spent most of her career as a TV journalist. In 1999, she appeared on the American drama series Baywatch and won the title of Miss Washington USA. She also took part in the Miss America pageant that was held in Branson the next year but couldn’t claim the title for the second time.

In 2000, Jamie did a stint for the TV game show Big Brother and was the last female houseguest of the season. She explains that her journey for an original product started when she realized that there were no cosmetics to deal with her particular skin condition. For years, Jamie had been suffering from rosacea, a genetic condition that causes the redness and blotchiness on your skin.

She had tried almost every skincare brand available to her and was continuously disappointed. Jamie recalls that once during a live TV broadcast, she accidentally wiped off her eyebrows and discovered that her red skin was embarrassingly visible even through her so-called “full coverage” foundation.

Jamie came to realize that finding the right type of makeup for your skin is quite easy when you have great skin, but the real challenge is doing so when you have skin problems. Having gone through it herself, she well-understood how much people with skin issues would appreciate it if they could get a chance to beautify their tones successfully.

Innovative Technology Cosmetics

A year before the official establishment of IT Cosmetics, Jamie had planned out everything she needed to do. She was greatly assisted by her husband, Paulo Lima, whom she met at Columbia Business School during a statistics class in 2004, and who she also considers the co-founder of IT Cosmetics. Jamie and her husband reportedly noted down their future business plan during their trip to South Africa for their honeymoon.

The brand was a huge success within a year of its launch. The Redbook Magazine praised its elegance by giving the Most Valuable Product award for its Leg Sculpting Kit in 2008. First established in the US, it was expanded into Canada in 2009. In the same year, IT Cosmetics had opened more than 200 boutiques in America, keeping in view the enormous sales it made during its first two years.

Part of the reason that IT Cosmetics became so well-known in such a short period was that instead of opting for the classical business strategy and bringing in pop models, Jamie presented her brand on QVC, the great American TV network and home shopping channel. She demonstrated the quality of her cosmetics on faces both young and old, including that of a 72-year old woman.

Why IT Cosmetic Is Great

However, the greatest beauty model of the show was Jamie herself. The IT founder removed her foundation on live TV to reveal her rosacea beneath, proving how effective the cosmetic was in covering the face. This simple revelation was enough to prompt the company’s products to be sold out in a matter of hours.

IT Cosmetics also gathered many celebrity stars, including most of the cast of the popular TV show Dancing with the Stars. The company plans to introduce a revolutionary attitude in the formulation of beauty products and the buying habits of beauty fanatics by obscuring the distinction between makeup and skincare products.

In 2016, the French multinational company L’Oreal paid $1.2 billion for IT Cosmetics in cash, marking its most significant acquisition in nearly a decade. Jamie made roughly $410 million from the sale, and continued her profession as the first female CEO in L’Oreal’s history, making her one of the most successful businesswomen ever

Where to Buy
It Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC Cream with SPF 50 Plus (Medium) - 1.08 Ounces
It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream Moisturizer 2 Ounces
Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer (0.11 LO OZ, Medium)
IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara, Super Black, .30 fl oz
It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil Universal Taupe .0056 oz.
It Cosmetics Confidence in A Neck Cream 2.6 fl. oz.
It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Poreless Finish Airbrush Pressed Powder 0.31 oz



Take a look at some of the best products by IT Cosmetics.

1. Your Skin but Better CC Cream

IT Cosmetics’ award-winning and best-selling Your Skin but Better CC Cream was developed under the guidance of plastic surgeons and dermatologists alike, and works as a fantastic multi-purpose skincare product. The cream provides full coverage and can be used as a foundation to even out your skin tones before applying other cosmetics. This beauty cream also includes anti-aging formula, taking off most of your wrinkles and fine lines.

Its SPF of 50+ acts as a physical sunscreen and makes sure you stay protected from harmful UV radiation. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamins, and much more, its unique formula hydrates your skin and keeps it moisturized. Get a flawless, radiant look as the cream diffuses the appearance of imperfections like acne scarring, redness, pores, and dark circles under your eyes, and gives your skin a supple, smooth complexion.

2. Confidence in a Cream Hydrating Moisturizer

Discover the true power of skincare with IT Cosmetics’ Confidence in a Cream Hydrating Moisturizer. The product delivers seven anti-aging skincare benefits in a single, compact solution. The formula provides 24 hours of constant and nourishing moisturization, making sure that your skin stays hydrated and preserved. Its anti-aging benefits include visibly diminishing fine lines, minimizing pores, and infusing the skin with a natural glow.

The formula is tested for all skin types and is meant to target dry skins. Its anti-aging collagens and ceramides strengthen the skin barrier and tighten loose skin. Your skin gets an instant young and healthy-looking texture that becomes a part of your personality with long-term use. Infuse your skin with rich nutrients and get a plump look that is even and smooth.

3. Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Concealer

Enjoy an award-winning experience by IT Cosmetics’ Bye ByeUnder Eye Concealer. The formula is infused with Expression ProofTMTechnology, equipping it with a ton of benefits. It delivers a highly-pigmented and long-lasting coverage that won’t be ruined by creases or cracks. Filled with anti-aging peptides, vitamins, and antioxidants, the concealer instantly fixes skin issues like dark circles, bags, hyperpigmentation, and age spots.

The product is available in 48 natural-looking shades. The formula is waterproof and gives you an even complexion. To use, apply Bye ByeUnder Eye around the eyes, nose, and lips.

4. Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara

As the name implies, get superhero eyelashes with this game-changing mascara that’s been clinically proven to increase the volume and length of your lashes while also making them superelastic in just one coat. Its Elastic StretchTM Technology gives your lashes a broader and longer look, wrapping each lash in a lengthening, volume-boosting, ultra-conditioning black power for the most robust and defined results.

The formula is enriched with powerful volumizing collagens, lash-lifting polymers, biotins, and proteins. Combined with the Lash-Changing Power Brush, you can rest assured that the individual lash gets coated from base to tip. Its anti-clumping properties create a fuller lash line and take your lashes to a new height.

5. Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil

One of IT Cosmetics’ earliest skincare products, Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil allows you to have the ideal brows everyone dreams of. The shade is a universal choice, working for all hair colors. The game-changing eyebrow pencil has an oval tip that is suitable for both thick and thin eyebrows and perfectly mimics the look of real hair.

The formula adheres to the skin and provides long-lasting results while the Taupe Universal shade transforms to every hair color based on pressure. For lighter eyebrows like blonde and silver, apply soft strokes, and for darker ones like black and brown, press harder. Lightly swipe through with the spoolie brush for a natural, polished finish.

6. Confidence in a Neck Cream

 IT Cosmetics’ groundbreaking moisturizer Confidence in a Neck Cream is uniquely designed to transform the appearance of your neck, décolleté, and chest. The cream consists of an incredibly quick-absorbing formula that is guaranteed to diminish the look of horizontal neck lines and provide firmness, elasticity, and smoothness to the skin.

The Tri-Structural Complex, shea butter, and fucoidan seaweed extract, in addition to the elastin and collagen, immediately revitalize the tone of your skin and reward a tightening effect with regular use.

7. Bye Bye Pores Poreless Finish Airbrush Powder

Bye Bye Pores by IT Cosmetics allows you to erase any and all imperfections in a convenient manner. Infused with Optical BlurringTM Technology, the formula makes use of real silk to conceal your pores flawlessly. Its hydrolyzed collagen smoothens away wrinkles and gives your skin a youthful, healthy look.

The powder is made up of skin-loving ingredients that provide a shine-free, airbrushed finish. Use a brush to apply a small amount of powder over makeup or on bare skin.