How to Make Sure Your Derma Rolling Works

The derma roller is a device covered with ultra-fine micro-needles that penetrate your skin to allow air into the skin’s pores. Derma rolling therapy helps to stimulate the production of collagen and heals the skin. The way these tiny needles work may seem painful since thousands of needles will be put on the tiny holes of your skin.  However, the process could guarantee you a healthy new skin cell. 

Derma Rolling is another option you can try if you would like to improve your skin’s appearance without spending thousands of dollars for skincare treatments. Aside from the vegetables that you can add to your smoothies to achieve glowing skin, derma rolling is also one of your best options. Also, because of the simplicity and ease of use, derma rolling has been a popular skin treatment. In fact, a lot of users have already claimed that derma rolling is helpful in regenerating new skin cells to make the skin look young and fresh. 

How to know if they work?

According to dermatologists, derma rolling therapy can help reduce acne scars, wrinkles, sagging skin, skin marks, and other signs of aging. As well as that, home derma rolling has been effective in treating other skin conditions like stretch marks and cellulite. A lot of users who have tried the derma rolling therapy stated that the process is indeed effective. They were able to see a visible result in just a few weeks, and the result is promising.

Although with these needles on your skin, you may feel uncomfortable, the outcome is somewhat fulfilling. Patients who have experienced the therapy stated that the process had reduced the appearance of their scars due to acne or other facial injuries. Additionally, wrinkles were reduced. Pores were unclogged, too, which can result in the much more effortless penetration of skincare products. 

To further know the positive effects of derma rolling, here are some of the things you should observe to your skin: 

More supple and elastic skin

One of the things you might notice after derma rolling treatment is that your skin looks and feels supple and elastic. This outcome is due to the stimulation of collagen production that helps the skin to heal itself. Most users have also observed that they lost the saggy spots and bags after the treatment. 

Fading of scars

Without enough collagen, the scars on the skin will be much more visible. With the aid of derma rolling, more collagen was produced, resulting in the healing of scars. These collagens work as fillers that fill the pits left by acne or pimple scars. However, for this result to be more visible, more than one or several treatments are required. 

Fading of stretchmarks

Another thing that collagen can do is that it fades stretch marks on the skin. As was mentioned, derma rollers have the ability to stimulate collagen. These collagens can be produced inside the stretch marks as they begin to fade around five to six weeks. 

Reduction of wrinkles

Another wonder that collagen can do is that it increases the elasticity of the skin and fills in line. 

Other Things to Remember

To make the therapy more effective, it is also essential to keep the roller clean and disinfected before and after every use. It is essential to clean your rollers since they can transmit bacteria into your body if not cleaned properly.  Below are the things you need to remember always:

Don’t Over Do:

It is important to note that if you are to roll the derma roller over your skin, you must not do it for more than two minutes. It is much better to do just a little at a time over a few months. 

Use Your Own Roller:

In order to prevent infection, it is also important to use your own roller and don’t ever share them. You also need to clean your face first before using the derma roller. 

Roll the right way:

To equally run the roller on all sides of the skin, you should make sure that the movement of the roller is in an alternating direction. It is preferable if you go top to bottom and then left to right. 


In cleaning your roller, one must use about 70% of alcohol. The trick is to clean it first with soapy water before cleaning it with alcohol.