How Do Derma Rollers Work?

Not all people can afford to treat acne and breakouts with monthly trips to the dermatologist’s office and facials. Aside from washing your face and applying moisturizer every day, there must be something to supplement professional services with treatments that you can do at home, right? That is where derma rolling gets into the picture. This handheld machine may seem a little bit intimidating because of the rolling miniature needles that you have put up, down, and across your face. These derma rollers can help even out your skin tone and fight acne scarring. But how does that actually work? 

What is Derma Rolling, and How Does it Work?

Also called micro-needling, derma rolling is a cosmetic procedure that involves thousands of tiny needles being inserted into the surface of your skin. These needles are attached to a rolling or stamping device. 

Derma rolling works by making tiny microscopic wounds that can induce elastin and collagen production. Collagen is considered to be the most abundant protein in our body, and it holds together connective tissues such as tendons, muscles, skin, bones, and cartilage. Aside from that, collagen also helps us look gorgeous and young. 

Even if Derma Rolling may seem like a terrifying procedure, dermatologists say that it is a minimally invasive procedure and it has little to no downtime. But, keep in mind that the recovery process largely depends on the lengths of the used needles.

What are the Benefits of Derma Rolling?

Now that you know how derma rolling works, you might wonder how inserting hundreds of tiny needles into your face can be relaxing, and why would anyone recommend it? Well, it may sound a bit crazy, but derma rolling has several benefits such as reducing stretch marks and wrinkles, increasing the skin’s thickness, promoting facial rejuvenation, and reducing skin discoloration and acne scarring.

Should You Use a Derma Roller If You Have an Acne-Prone Skin?

It is safe to use a derma roller if you have acne-prone skin, but keep in mind that you should not use it during an active breakout. This is because it can increase the risk of putting bacteria into deeper skin layers. Besides that, if you are taking some acne control medications such as retinoids, it is best to take extra precautions in using a derma roller because it can give you skin irritations. 

How Often Should You Use a Derma Roller?

If you’re using smaller needles, you can derma roll for 1 to 2 times a week. If you’re using needles with 0.5 mm depth, you can derma roll every 2-4 weeks. For needles with depths of 1.0 and higher, you should derma roll once a month. 

You will start to notice visible results of derma rolling after 2-8 weeks of consistent treatments. Keep in mind that you’re making new tissues, so you must be patient and consistent when it comes to derma rolling. 

How Long Do Derma Rolling Results Last?

After consistent treatments, your body will still produce collage for the next few months. But, the “glow” of your skin will eventually fade 3-4 weeks after the treatment, which is why we suggest that you pair derma rolling with excellent skincare products to boost and preserve the results that you achieved in derma rolling. 

Guidelines For Using a Derma Roller at Home

1. Derma roll no more than twice per week.

2. Use derma rollers with needles that are no longer than.25 mm.

3. Thoroughly clean and sanitize your derma roller before and after you use it. 

4. Make sure that you apply sunscreen when you’re going out. 

5. Derma rolling is best paired with a proper skincare regimen.

6. Be patient.

7. If you’re in doubt when using a derma roller, it is best if you consult a doctor first. 

8. If you notice any unwanted skin reaction, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.