How Does Drinking Water Helps Skin Health

We often hear the advice “drink plenty of water every day as it has many benefits to one’s overall health”.  Staying hydrated is essential to overall processes of the body especially in digestion and circulation. Besides that, drinking water also benefits skin health. 

The human skin is known as the largest organ in the body. As an organ, it requires a lot of hydration. So if your skin lacks water, it cannot function well. Without water, you are most likely to have dry and tight-looking skin. Drinking enough water is essential for your skin as it helps flush out toxins from the inside, making you have more glowing, healthier-looking skin. 


Read on to know more about the benefits of drinking water to your overall skin health

1. It makes your skin look brighter. 

Hydrating and drinking plenty amount of water helps flushes out the unwanted toxins inside your body. It helps you avoid skin issues such as psoriasis or eczema. Researches show that drinking enough water improves blood flow. In return, your skin will have a brighter tone and better complexion. 

2. Water helps with the skin sagging.

When you undergo extreme weight loss, there is a possibility that your skin will sag. The misconception about water and skin sagging is that people usually undergo water fasting to tighten their skin, avoiding sagging during weight loss. However, this is an unhealthy and wrong method. Drinking enough water helps with tightening your skin. If you consume plenty of water every day, your skin will slowly tighten and develop a healthier glow. 

3. It promotes slower skin aging and prevents unwanted wrinkles. 

When a person is hydrated, his skin can maintain its elasticity. Drinking enough water helps retain the moisture of your skin, resulting in youthful-looking skin. You are most likely to develop fewer wrinkles, avoid unwanted scars, and prevent fine lines from appearing. As you age, it is more difficult to retain water in your body. So it is advisable to put more water into your body to help with your skin and overall health. 


4. Water also helps reduce the puffiness of your skin.

You may notice that your face gets puffy when you wake up after a good night’s sleep. It is because your body retains its water to protect you from being dehydrated. Putting back the water inside your system will help reduce your swelling and the puffiness of your face, smoothing out your face after waking up. 

5. It helps maintain your skin’s pH balance.

It is common knowledge to skincare enthusiasts that having a good skin pH balance helps keep a better and healthier-looking skin. It is why it is crucial to wash your face thoroughly after cleansing to even out and correct your skin’s pH value. It is the same as consuming enough water; it helps in maintaining your skin’s pH balance. So drinking a lot of water assures you to have healthy and glowy skin free from blemishes. 

6. Water also aids with faster healing.

For people who experience painful sunburns, water is the answer to your problem. Drinking plenty of water proves to heal sunburns faster. Partnering healing creams and the proper amount of water will surely help speed up your skin’s healing process, giving you better and improved skin in no time. 


7. Water flushes out the harmful toxins inside the body.

Drinking enough water helps expel all the harmful toxins inside the body that could damage your skin and overall health. A lot of people go for a juice detox to remove all the toxins inside the body. However, your normal water can also do the same thing. If you are consuming more water, you can flush out all the harmful and damaging toxins in your body, resulting in healthier and brighter skin. 

8. It helps in unclogging your pores.

Putting in enough water in your system helps in clearing and reducing the size of your pores. The more water you consume, the more balanced the amount of oil and water on your skin. Drinking plenty of water flushes out the certain toxins that clog your pores. It will help in reducing the size of your pores and preventing unwanted acne breakouts and blemishes from showing up on your skin. 

9. Drinking plenty of water moisturizes your skin.

Consuming enough amount of water and regularly washing your face help retain your skin’s moisture. Water helps clear out the inside and the outside of your skin, resulting in more moist and healthier skin free from dryness and flaking. 

10. It also reduces your skin’s itchiness.

Dehydration generally makes your skin crack and be flakier. Having dry skin can usually cause an uncomfortable and itchy feeling. Staying hydrated can reduce skin dryness that causes itchiness. So it is essential to drink a proper amount of water to avoid the unbearable itch on your face and prevent further skin damage due to constant scratching.