Guide to Visiting South Beach, Miami

South Beach is the first thing most people think of when they hear the word Miami. This place is known for its kitschy Art Deco architecture, turquoise Atlantic shoreline, their Latin swagger plus their lively nightlife. Miami seems to be in the middle of a decade-long cultural renaissance. In fact, when you’re there, you will see the neighborhood such as the Design District, Wynwood, Little Haiti, Downtown, and Little Havana have inoculated the city with their energy, homegrown restaurants along with their hipster bars. South Beach has proved that Miami is more like two cities because you will be able to have a family-friendly vacation when the sun is shining and a super-chic metropolis when the night comes. That is why in this article, we are going to give you a guide when visiting South Beach, Miami, so that you will be able to make the most out of your trip. But before heading to the beach, make sure you understand how to choose the best swimsuit. 

When are the best months to visit?

If you really want to make the most of your Miami trip, then the best time that you should visit South Beach, Miami, is between March and May. Because this is where the sun shines and the temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s during the day. Aside from the perfect weather, when you visit Miami during spring, you will be able to sidestep the peak winter rates. This is because this side Florida enjoys a subtropical climate, meaning the weather is usually warm all year-round. Still, it can also be a bit rainy. This is why we suggest that you bring an umbrella when you visit during summer or fall. The worst-case scenario is that you could experience torrential rainstorms because the Atlantic hurricane season is from June to November. Take note that hotel rates and flight fares can decrease during summer because of the temperature and precipitation increase.

How to Save Money in Miami Beach

  • Weekdays are cheaper – Miami Beach doesn’t have many business travelers. Which is why the hotel rates tend to dip a bit lower during the weekdays.
  • Get the early bird special – This means that you should arrive at your bar or club of choice before they begin to charge or raise a cover. Remember to check the bar’s website before you go. Because of cover charges bar hopping in South Beach, Miami can be quite expensive, that is why if bar hopping is your main agenda, you should allot more budget into it.
  • Enjoy the outdoors – Many outdoor activities in South Beach, Miami, are entirely free to see. Which is why you can enjoy the great outdoors and stroll through the Lincoln Road Mall, or Ocean Drive. And you can sit and watch cruise ships roll in from the Pier and South Point Park.
  • Consider Fort Lauderdale – Take note that low-cost carriers such as Allegiant, Spirit, and Southwest do not make stops at Miami International Airport. However, they service the nearby Fort Lauderdale or the Hollywood International Airport. That is why if you want to save on airfare, we suggest that you consider flying into Fort Lauderdale, then rent a car or take a shuttle for about 30 miles to reach Miami Beach.

Things to do in South Beach, Miami

There are a lot of things to do in South Beach, but finding things to do that are actually fun can be quite challenging. Just like any other tourist-heavy area, South Beach, Miami’s neighborhood has its share of underwhelming attractions. Sure, South Beach has its share of the best bars and restaurants in Miami, but it also has some of the worst, too. That is why here are some activities that you can do in South Beach, Miami.

  • Visit Espanola Way – This is an area on South Beach which is packed with Spanish colonial architecture along with open-air European streets. You can take a walk and just enjoy people-watching, drinking coffee, or maybe just sitting for lunch or a glass of wine. Espanola Way is absolutely beautiful during the day, plus it would make a great place if you want to stroll under the warm Miami sunshine. Espanola Way is also a perfect place where you can sit and have dinner with friends or partners.
  • Visit Lincoln Road Mall – If you’re a bit of a shopaholic and you want to hit several favorite stores all in one shot, then Lincoln Road Mall is the place to go. You will be able to find stores like H&M, Zara, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, Aldo, and Lacoste. The streets outside Lincoln Road Mall are lined with restaurants as well, which makes this spot a perfect stop if you want to have lunch, dinner, or maybe even a drink.
  • Spend the day at the beach while having a frozen cocktail – This spot in South Beach, Miami, is the place to be when you’re drenched in sweat from strolling or playing at the beach, and you want to chill out with something tasty, and maybe even alcoholic. When you’re craving for something like what we mentioned, you only have to remember one name, and that is Wet Willie’s. Here at Wet Willie’s, you can take a break from the South Beach heat by indulging in a large cup of Mango, Sex on the Beach, and Call-a-can. You can make sure that Wet Willie’s lets you mix all the flavors you want, no matter how weird, or pretty it may look. Wet Willie’s will give you a wall to choose from. After you’re done with one cup, you’ll be buzzed and energized enough to go back and get more sun on the beach.
  • Dance at Story nightclub – If you are a house and electronic music fan, then Story is the club for you. This spot is located just towards South Pointe, and this place is popular because you have to dress your best in order to get in. We suggest that you put out your sexiest dress along with your highest heels. If you actually get in, make sure that you get yourself ready for a night of dancing, drinks, and confetti falling from the ceiling. Not to mention that this luxe club hosts some of the world’s greatest DJs, and every night is always a blast. If you want to listen to EDM over hip-hip and you want to dance all night, then Story nightclub is the place to be in Miami.
  • Do some yoga on the beach – In South Beach, Miami, there is a group that meets up throughout the week to do some yoga on the beach right before the sun goes down. If you’re lucky enough to spot them and you really need to have those muscles stretch, and you’re in the mood to do some yoga to wrap up your day, then this is the best spot. Because there is nothing like getting to relax, heal, and breathe right on the beach and hear the sound of the water touching the sand. That is much nicer than any yoga studio. Imagine that you can breathe in the salt and sea while engaging in a beautiful yoga practice while you watch the sky burst into pastel rainbows during sunset.
  • Try stand-up paddleboarding – South Beach, Miami is a great place for different kinds of water sports such as banana boat riding, jet skiing, kayaking, and even stand up paddleboarding. This beach haven has high waves, which makes it a perfect spot for learning SUP. Several places around the beach offer classes for beginners as well as group classes for those who want to go out and get an excellent and fun workout with friends.
  • Just chill – Enjoy some down time and relax.


South Beach, Miami, is mostly a safe city for tourists and visitors. But, just like any other major tourist destinations, one of its most prominent concern is pickpocketing. These incidents mainly happen during the chaotic nighttime and along busy streets. We suggest that you walk in groups at night. And if you are alone, avoid any unfamiliar territory. If you have a car, remember to keep valuables hidden so that you can avoid being a target for theft.

When it comes to swimming at the beach, we suggest that you stay near a lifeguard station if you are all by yourself. Remember to always watch for the flags. This is a safety system that beaches follow all across the state. Green means the water is calm, and yellow signals mean you can expect moderate surf conditions, but riptides may be present. And lastly, it means that there can be the presence of marine animals such as jellyfish. Remember that you are not allowed to enter the water when a red flag is raised. Also, remember to bring a beach bag with you so that you can safely put all your belongings in their without a hassle.