Best Bags and Totes for the Beach and Pool

To carry items like a beach towel, a GoPro camera, a bottle of water, or other necessities for your swimming escapade, beach or pool bags are a tremendous assistance.

There are many various sorts and styles of bags available, so it’s vital to select the ideal one for you. Despite being in style for a while, they are currently experiencing tremendous growth in popularity due to their eco-friendliness, affordability, and trendy appeal.

We’ll explore some of the most well-liked bag categories below, along with what makes them wonderful.

Beach and Pool Bags

Beautiful beach with bag in La Digue, Seychelles.

Tote Bag

Commercial canvas shopping tote bag with seashells and starfish on a light wood background are displayed on a black blank template.

Tote bags are excellent for daily use. They often have parallel handles and unzipped. Given that they have been unzipped, you can readily access its contents. They have a trendy appearance that can be dressed up or down, and they typically range in size from medium to large and can hold almost all of your necessities.

Satchel Bag

Lady's leather handbag in close-up, isolated on a dark background.

A messenger bag and a satchel bag are comparable. A satchel bag is typically narrower in width but typically shorter in length than a messenger bag. Satchels come in a variety of sizes, but most are medium to big in size, have a flat bottom, and have two short handles on top.

Bucket Bag

Stylish bucket bag in pink color against a soft pink background.

A drawstring-closed tall bag with a roughly circular part is called a bucket bag. The bucket bag features an open top and a round, oval bottom. You put all your belongings inside just like you would a bucket.

Cinch Bag

Isolated drawstring pack on a white background.

A drawstring bag is a style of bag with a drawstring closure at the top, which is a cord or ribbon that is pulled tight to secure the contents of the bag. The drawstring pack is sufficiently small to hold your travel necessities, such as a scarf, your water bottle, your sunscreen, brush, or any other immediate travel necessities, because it doesn’t have a complicated and numerous compartments. You might also use this to carry your toiletries or an overnight bag.

Duffel Bag

Young Hispanic fitness instructor heading to the beach with a duffel bag

Duffel bags are the best for putting all of your possessions in when going on a weekend trip. They are substantial and have a lot of compartments for everything you need. Duffel bags are weather resistant and waterproof for travels that involve boats or other types of wet activities, as well as for journeys that entail adventure or that take place in regions with changeable weather.

Wicker Bag

A stunning boho model strolls down the sand while carrying a wicker bag and hat.

A variety of plant stalks and branches, including bamboo, and rattan, are used to make wicker, while some varieties also contain synthetic materials like plastic and resin.

Although they are fashionable all year long, wicker bags are wonderful for the summer and hot weather.

Barrel Bag

Bag series for fashionable girls, vector, barrel bag

Fashionable barrel bags are cylindrical in shape and feature long straps that may be worn across the shoulders; some also have short handles that make them look more like handbags. The cylindrical bag can also be used as a stylish beach bag, even though barrel bags are often used at formal occasions. You can access your essentials with ease thanks to the bag’s long zippered closure. Some barrel bags don’t often have compartments; you can just stuff your belongings inside and you’re good to go.

The Important Factors to Take into Account While Purchasing a Beach Bag


Bags can be produced from a wide variety of materials. The same goes for leather, cotton, paper, starch-complexed polymers, polyester, nylon, denim, polypropylene, linen, canvas, silk, brocade, wool, and blends of cotton, jute, and polypropylene. Select bags with a waterproof exterior. 

To keep out sand, it ought to be made of tightly woven cloth. And it should be brightly colored and have a recognizable design so you can identify it from the water to monitor your position and drift or easily discover it when you’re getting out of the water. 

To withstand wear and beach corrosion, stainless steel must be used for the hooks, rings, buckles, zippers, and rivets.


Functionality is determined by factors including size, how the pockets are organized, the handle’s length and style, the fastenings’ security, and more. 

Preferable bags are those that can be carried easily, serve a practical purpose, and appear stylish all at once.

To get towels, beverages, and other beach necessities out, it must have a big opening and stand up with plenty of space.


Another key factor is the bag’s weight. It’s important to select bags without hefty hardware or buckles or with light weight as you are selecting a bag to accommodate all of your beach needs.


You should now have a better understanding of what you are looking for given what you now know about beach or pool bags. Whatever your choice, you can find a bag that meets your demands.