Going to the beach this summer? Follow these pieces of advice

One sure way to have fun is to spend time at the beach. It is a perfect way to get rid of stress and bond with your loved ones. Also, you get to enjoy the therapeutic effects of nature. Nature is beautiful, and sitting by the water and digging deep into the sand with your feet means you are connecting with nature. However, to make the most out of your trip, here are pieces of advice you should follow;

Go with a sunscreen

Either you are going to the beach or not, always ensure you apply sunscreen on your skin before you go out. Exposing yourself to the rays of the sun causes skin damage in the form of hyperpigmentation, skin sensitivity and other forms too. A sunscreen safeguards your skin from these harmful effects of the sun. So before and while on the beach, slather on some sunscreen. A life advice is to always wear sunscreen and sunglasses anywhere you go in summer.

Take along hydration packs

You will definitely feel thirsty while on the beach, but you cannot drink saltwater. Although there are vendors who sell hydration packs and snacks by the beach, it is advisable you go with yours especially if you want to save money. Go with as many as enough for your group, if you are going with others.

Go with a good phone or professional camera

Forgetting to take pictures on the beach is an unpardonable sin! That was on the lighter side, but if you love pictures, go for it. Photos are great keepsakes that remind us of beautiful moments. Get a high-quality phone and take pictures with it or use a professional camera. Ensure your pictures are full of depth.

Do not forget your sarong

A sarong is a piece of lightweight clothing that you can use at the beach. You can use it to add style to your bikini or cover up yourself if you feel too exposed. It is advisable you get it before going to the beach as it may be sold for double or triple the normal price at the beach. Hence, you should not forget your sarong

Look out for your safety

You want to have as much fun as possible, but this does not give you license to jeopardize your life or the life of others around you. Always look out for your safety and that of those with you. Do not go to the beach when the water current is not friendly. Besides, watch out for rip currents. Do not go deep into the water, especially if you cannot swim. Always stick to what the lifeguards tell you. Another way to look out for your safety is to get travel insurance. Nowadays, having  travel insurance may be good for any problem in your trip.

Uphold health standards

This year served everyone a whole lot to deal with. Even though the pandemic has subsided, it is still around. As such, you must be careful of relating with others. Ensure you always have your face mask on, especially when you are outdoors. Also, keep to the rules of social distancing and stay away from unnecessary touching. If an emergency happens at the beach, report immediately to the area’s authorities who will better deal with it. Never sacrifice your health for fun.

Go with games

You do not have to be in the water all through. You can refresh yourself by playing games such as chess, Scrabble, etc. As such, it is advisable you bring games along while packing. You can even connect with other people on the beach through games.


Either you go alone or go with friends to the beach, try to socialize with other people. Since you are about having fun at the beach, connecting with others is instrumental to its realization. Walk to friendly faces, introduce yourself and be genuinely interested in them. The more the merrier. However, ensure that while socializing, you are within the rules of the area and your rights are not violated. Besides, be quick to report any suspicious activity to other people and the authorities.