10 Essential Items to Pack for Your Summer Getaway

For people who want to escape the cold of fall or winter, summer at the beach is just a plane ride away, no matter what time of the year since summer is the eternal season in a lot of countries.

But for a truly relaxing and fun escape to a tropical paradise, it’s crucial to be prepared. 

Quite often, the hot conditions can be a challenge or shock to some people. For instance, those with fair skin are more prone to sunburn. Meanwhile, others find that their hair gets seriously dry and brittle when they swim in salty seawater. 

So, suppose you are looking forward to holidaying soon in the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, or the Pacific, you need to arm yourself with summer getaway essentials other than beachwear. 

Here are ten of them:

1. Vitamin B complex

Health experts highly recommend taking a supply of vitamin B complex when you’re heading to the beach for the summer. Why? 

It turns out that the vitamin B complex in your system can make you less attractive to a variety of beach biters such as mites and mosquitoes. Thus, if you tend to get many insect bites whenever you hang out at the beach, load up on vitamin B complex.

2. Heavy-duty sunscreen

If going to the beach for you means being under the hot sun for hours, then you certainly require a tube or bottle of heavy-duty sunscreen to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. According to celebrity dermatologists, you need to make sure that the sunscreen is at least SPF30 and PA+++. 

Likewise, opt for sweat or water-resistant sunscreen to ensure it continues to work as you indulge in beach water activities and are exposed to face-melting weather. 

Check out body and face care products online for top-recommended high-performing sunscreens. Or, consult the concierge service of famous beauty counters.

3. Leave-on hair conditioner

Staying under the sun for too long and swimming in the ocean can be quite damaging to the hair. It can make light hair look brassy and feel like shredded wheat. 

To prevent this, a rich, moisturizing conditioner you can bring with you to the pool or beach is a must. Again, visit a luxury beauty counter to see special conditioner formulas perfect for hot weather and salty water that even come in convenient spray bottles for quick application.

4. Cologne

Light and refreshing scents are a means of survival in hot and humid climates. 

When you’re done having some fun in the sun, and you’re unwinding somewhere with family and friends, you naturally want to smell attractive and fresh instead of beachy. Therefore, invest in a small bottle of cologne or perfume to freshen you up without being overpowering.

5. Lip balm with SPF

Lips can get incredibly dry when you’re spending a lot of time outdoors. Keep them soft, moisturized, and protected with a lip balm or tint that has SPF. Most high-end brands offer lip products; even lipsticks with beads to scrub off flaky skin from the lips.

6. Moisturizer

Sunscreen is not enough to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. You need to slather your skin with moisturizer as well. Opt for a thick formula with the best ingredients, such as aloe vera, cucumber, and tea tree to protect your skin against sunburn and other types of sun-triggered irritations.

7. Facial mist

A facial mist is an excellent product to have when you want to restore moisture to your skin and feel refreshed. Leading cosmetics brands offer a variety of facial mists loaded with skin boosters and protectors. All you need to do is choose one from among the different mists that can best address your skin requirements.

8. Stylish cover-up

A cover-up is always good to have when you’re going on a summer escape — one is enough, especially if it’s a neutral color. 

It’s best to choose a versatile design, so it can easily go from day to night. A billowy kimono, sarong, or a babydoll dress made of light fabric are smart options that can serve you a myriad of ways as cover ups or styling pieces.

9. Insect repellent

Although vitamin B complex effectively prevents sand mite and mosquito bites, you will still need a bona fide insect repellent to ward off other biters and crawlers. 

A lot of pesky insects are quite active in hot and humid weather, so keep them away by applying insect repellent on your exposed skin, especially when you go on hiking trips or late-day strolls.

10. Wide-brimmed hat

A wide-brimmed hat will not only provide you with protection from the sun, but it will also keep your hair in place when it’s windy. Style-wise, there’s nothing like a wide-brimmed hat to complete a sassy and classy resort ensemble. Opt for a hat with a ribbon or string that you can tie or fasten under your chin.

There you have them, ten essentials that will take care of most typical beach holiday woes. 

What do you think of this list? Are there other items that you want to add? Now, if you’re already above 40, don’t worry. Here are some of the best swimwear trends that will make you stand out on the beach. 

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Author Bio

Nick Vinckier is Head of Growth at Chalhoub Group, the largest luxury retailer in the Middle East. In his current role, he focuses on taking Faces.com from 0 to 1, transforming the beauty retailer into the fastest growing online beauty platform of the GCC.