Elegant Mahogany Jewelry Boxes

Your jewelry collection is precious, and it’s just fitting for them to be taken care of and stored in a nice container. Your clothes may be stored properly in your wardrobe, and you can also do that for your jewelry by putting them in jewelry boxes that look a lot like miniature furniture!


Organize your collection with these elegant mahogany jewelry boxes:


Where to Buy
Reed and Barton Sophia 3-Drawer Jewelry Chest
Mele Women's Rita Cherry Finish Jewelry Box
Hives and Honey Patricia Etched Glass Mahogany Jewelry Chest
Mele & Co. Simone Wooden Jewelry Box, Mahogany Finish
Reed & Barton Duchess II Jewelry Box, Mahogany
Saris and Things Matte Mahogany Veneer Jewelry Box
Mele & Co. Davina Locking Wooden Jewelry Box in Mahogany Finish
Mele & Co. Ellington Wooden Jewelry Box in Mahogany Finish
Petrus Verona Jewelry Box
Mele & Co. Hampden Men's Glass Top Wooden Dresser


1. Reed and Barton Sophia 3-Drawer Jewelry Chest

This jewelry box has a stunning mahogany finish that looks like a small, well-made and elegant chest. It comes with three draws and a beautiful, cream velvet lining. It also comes with cute, brushed nickel finished knobs. The top can be opened, and it has hooks for necklaces, plus the drawers are complete with compartments for every kind of accessory.

2. Mele Women’s Rita Cherry Finish Jewelry Box

Looking like a classic dresser, this mahogany jewelry box has a beautiful, shiny cherry finish. What will fascinate you about this jewelry box is it comes with dual necklace closets at both sides, which houses 5 hooks each, and a catch panel that keeps your chains orderly. Its three drawers are divided in different orientations, so you can place different-sized accessories inside. The top compartment can be opened, and it has a mirror on the inside part. The top is also locking for a secured storage.

3. Hives and Honey Patricia Etched Glass Mahogany Jewelry Chest

This is the jewelry box that looks like your grandma’s antique armoire. It has an elegant, antiqued mahogany finish and a rounded design with brass drawer pulls and etched floral designs. It comes with six spacious, divided drawers and a top hinged lid that contains 10 ring rolls and 4 divided compartments. What you’ll love most about it is its two etched glass doors at the sides that holds necklace hooks. The glass doors make the jewelries stored in it easily visible. The drawers and top compartment are all fully-lined with anti-tarnish felt that provides extra protection for your precious metals.

4. Mele & Co. Simone Wooden Jewelry Box, Mahogany Finish

While the other jewelry boxes listed above are classic and antique in style, this jewelry box has a modern vibe. Its curved profile, convex shaping and oval cut-outs makes adds a fresh take on traditional jewelry box design. It has necklace doors on both sides, each housing three hooks with catch panels for the chains and pendants. It has three open area drawers that allow you to organize your accessories as you please. The top section houses a compact ring roll section and two compartments, plus the top lid contains an oval mirror.

5. Reed & Barton Duchess II Jewelry Box, Mahogany

If you’re looking for a low-height jewelry box, you might love this one. This jewelry box is actually made of wood veneer over MDF and has a mahogany satin finish. It only has one drawer and a top compartment. The top part comes with ring rolls at both sides, three compartments and necklace hooks at the lid, with pouches at the bottom for catching chains and pendants. The lower drawer is partitioned into 24 small trays. It’s a good jewelry box if you own a lot of rings and earrings. One thing special about this box is you can get a brass nameplate where you can engrave names or words to personalize it.

6. Saris and Things Matte Mahogany Veneer Jewelry Box

Featuring an elongated octagonal shape and a matte mahogany finish, this jewelry box looks elegant and luxurious. It has three drawers – each with different partitioning, and a top section that contains ring rolls, 12 small compartments, plus eight necklace hooks with pouches on the lid. The top lid also comes with a functioning lock plus a tasseled key, so your precious jewelries are protected.

7. Mele & Co. Davina Locking Wooden Jewelry Box in Mahogany Finish

This fully-locking jewelry box is a pretty sleek and graceful addition to your dresser. It features an open design with an automatic tray and full interior mirror. The main compartment comes with four equally divided sections, and the automatic tray offers extra storage for smaller jewelry like rings and earrings. The lower drawer is an open drawer with no compartments for flexible storage possibilities. Since it locks, it comes with a beautiful, silver tone lock with a tasseled key.

8. Mele & Co. Ellington Wooden Jewelry Box in Mahogany Finish

Looking like a standard, modern dresser, this jewelry box comes with four open area drawers that allow freedom in arranging jewelry. The top section comes with five compartments and four ring rolls. The lid comes with a mirror, and the sides feature 8 necklace hooks all in all. All portions are hand-lined with ivory sueded fabric. There’s a faux lock as an artful detail.

9. Petrus Verona Jewelry Box

Here’s a simple and elegant jewelry box with mahogany finish. It has three compartmentalized drawers – each with different-sized portions, and a large main section that has ring rolls and seven necklace hooks on the lid. It comes with drawer knobs with a brushed nickel finish. Every section comes with a plush cream velvet lining. It’s an heirloom quality box, so go on and buy one for yourself or a friend.

10. Mele & Co. Hampden Men’s Glass Top Wooden Dresser

Who says jewelry boxes are only for women? This jewelry box is masculine, yet polished and adds a classic take on a men’s dresser. It has a mahogany finish and a glass top so you can easily see what’s inside the top section, which contains two sections for watches with removable watch cushions, a ring roll portion and another compartment. It also has an open area section where you can place your everyday rings, necklaces or make it a catch-all for keys and pocket change. Lastly, it comes with a drawer with no compartment for extra storage of other accessories or credit cards.