The Ultimate Guide to Hair Jewelry

Whatever enhances the beauty of hair is referred to as a hair accessory or hair jewelry. There is no set way to wear hair ornaments; you can simply attach them or tie, twist, wrap, or insert them to alter your entire appearance.

Throughout history, various materials have been employed for this purpose, each of which denoted a different social class, religious significance, age group, or fashion sensibility. Additionally, accessories come in an infinite variety of types, shapes, sizes, and materials over time. You’ve come to the right place if you want to style your hair to match it. An extensive ultimate guide to hair jewelry is provided here. Read on!

Types of Hair Jewelry


Hair clips come in a wide variety of styles, but they are all created with the same goal in mind: to keep hair pulled back and in place. There are many different types of clips that you can choose from, ranging in size from tiny clips that are perfect for holding back fine baby hair so that it doesn’t fall to larger alligator clips that are designed to hold a whole ponytail without it falling. Make sure to select the appropriate material for your need when choosing clips.

Metal clips may not be the style you’re looking for or as comfortable as plastic clips can sometimes be, but they are very strong, resilient, and unlikely to break or be damaged.

However, plastic clips may not last as long and are more prone to breaking. You can choose clips in a variety of hues and patterns, depending on the look you’re going for, so they can, at your discretion, enhance your attire and update your appearance.

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Barrettes are perfect for holding back thin hair or hair on the side of your head because they are typically smaller than hair clips. Depending on their size and the general style you want for your hair, they can be worn in a variety of ways.

The hair around the face can be pulled back with very short barrette clips, while the majority of a person’s hair can be pulled back with larger barrettes worn at the back of the head. Other barrettes, however, are designed to be worn as accessories.

Hair Pins

Hairpins come in a wide variety of designs and materials, but they all serve the same function, which is to hold someone’s hair back.

Hairpins come in two basic varieties: those made from a single, straight piece of material and those that have been bent in half to resemble a crook. Straight hairpins are also known as hair sticks.

Straight hairpins are a great way to adorn an updo, even though they can be difficult to use at first because they tend to slide out of the hair and don’t have a textured surface to grip the hair itself. The other common hairpin style is bent in half to create a crook that is useful for holding hair back out of the face or holding it in place. They are commonly referred to as bobby pins.

golden hairpins isolated on white

Side Comb

Side combs are very attractive to wear to a big or fancy event because they are frequently highly embellished and decorative. For some people, learning how to insert them into their hair so that they don’t fall out can be challenging at first. The best way to accomplish this is to completely style the hair, ensure that it is firmly secured in the desired position, and then carefully insert the comb.

It is possible to wear combs on the side of the head, but they are much more likely to fall out. For this reason, combs are more frequently seen worn at the back of the head, as an accent over a bun or other updo. Since you don’t need to add individual stones or pins to the hair, you can just slide the comb into place, they are a great way to add a lot of decoration to the hair without putting in a lot of work.


For women who want to make a strong statement and be sure that their hair accessories will draw attention, tiaras are a very popular hair accessory. They have a crown-like appearance and will rest on the head similarly, which makes them very alluring. In general, tiaras will be heavily embellished, frequently with rhinestones, which makes them sure to catch and reflect the light, highlighting the wearer more.

They typically have small sections of combs along the two ends of the tiara to prevent it from falling off during the event, especially if the person wearing it is going to be dancing. These can be used to secure the tiara in place and prevent it from moving or falling out completely by gently pressing them into the hair.

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Purpose of Hair Jewelry

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The perfect way to complete an outfit and look put together from head to toe is with hair jewelry. Look for hair jewelry that is heavily embellished and has stones or rhinestones on it if you want to ensure that it will garner attention.

This will guarantee that the hair accessories you wear do more than just keep your hair out of your face. Look for ones that will complement the color of your attire, fit the occasion’s theme, or simply add glitz and style to your hair.


Other hair accessories are used because you need to keep your hair out of your face or in a specific style, not because they are particularly attractive or will draw attention. Since everyone can appreciate the value of occasionally being able to control their hair, these styles of hair jewelry are very popular.

Although they won’t be as flashy and ornamental as embellished hair jewelry, these are frequently worn in conjunction with it. It’s customary to style your hair first and make sure it will stay that way before accessorizing with embellishments.


The best way to glam up any outfit is with hair jewelry. Hair jewelry is always a good idea because it can keep your look complete. You can choose what to use from this guide depending on whether you want to use your hair jewelry for decoration or utility.