Common Bathing Suit Styles to Consider

Bathing suits have come a long way—from the modest 1920 one-pieces to the introduction of the bikini in the 1940s. And, thankfully, they’re a lot more flattering now than they were previously.

Nowadays, the possibilities are limitless. But where should you begin when finding the perfect swimsuit? We’re here to assist you. Here are some of the most common swimsuit styles to consider, ranging from tops to bottoms to one-pieces.

Swimsuit Tops


A bandeau is often fashioned from a piece of fabric that wraps securely around your chest, akin to the standard tube top. Underwire support is available in some styles, although this type is usually more comfortable for persons with smaller busts, such as pear and rectangle body shapes.


Cut the straps from a tankini, and you’ll produce a bandini, a style that allows the user to reveal a little more skin.


Halter tops exist in various styles, but they are always tied or clasped around the neck. This provides additional breast support and often results in more coverage, making the style ideal for apple and hourglass body shapes.


A longline bikini top gets its name from the fact that it is slightly longer than other choices. It’s a unique take on the standard bikini, with a bit more coverage and, in many cases, additional support. It’s an excellent choice for all body types, but notably for rectangle and pear shapes who want to attract the eye up.


This asymmetrical design of the one-shoulder top adds character to an otherwise plain bikini. It gives more support than the bandeau, yet it may still be insufficient for some. It’s incredibly flattering on pear shapes since it draws emphasis to the upper body.


While there may not be many rules when it comes to swimwear, rashguard swimsuit tops are usually reserved for sporty water activities like surfing, kayaking, or paddleboarding.


Between a regular bikini top and a one-piece swimsuit, the tankini is a flattering middle ground. Some go all the way down to your bikini bottoms to give the appearance of a one-piece, while others are just a little shorter.


The two triangle-shaped pieces of fabric covering each breast give the triangle bikini top its moniker, “trikini.” It’s the iconic silhouette that springs to mind when you hear the word bikini, and it looks great on practically everyone.


A bikini top with an underwire is the way to go if you want maximum breast support.

Swimsuit Bottoms



The boyshort bikini bottom is created by taking a pair of regular shorts and making them shorter and more form-fitting. Some have higher waists than others, but they usually end at the top of the thigh.

Classic Brief

This simple bikini bottom gives you plenty of coverage across your backside without adding any extra fabric. It’s a timeless, universally flattering style that goes with nearly every top.

High Cut

The high-cut bikini derives its name from how high it sits on the hip bones, which is not to be confused with a high waist. This style elongates the leg substantially, which is appealing on all body types but especially on small bodies.

High Waist

High-waisted swimsuit bottoms sit higher on the abdomen than standard bikini bottoms. Some hit right at or above the belly button, while others go as high as just beneath the bust.


Hipster bikini bottoms have a wide band that sits squarely on your hips, as the name suggests. They offer medium backside coverage and can either have a scoop style that exposes more skin or cut across your abdomen.


This style is sometimes known as a “string bikini” because of the ties that secure the suit. It comes in various coverage levels and may be adjusted in size and tightness by the wearer.


This bikini bottom termed the “skirtini,” has an extra layer of cloth that resembles a skirt. It’s a fantastic choice for individuals who desire additional coverage in the thighs and buttocks.


The thong has a narrow band of vertical fabric covering a small section of the buttocks and is sometimes called a Brazilian-style swimsuit bottom.

One-piece Swimsuits


Classic One-piece

The basic one-piece swimsuit, sometimes known as a “sports suit,” is a simple swimsuit with two straps and coverage across the backside and waist. It’s a fantastic option for people of various shapes and sizes.


A one-piece with eye-catching and flattering cut-outs might be more your style if a standard bikini feels too exposed. You can choose a suit that accentuates and covers your favorite features thanks to the range of styles available.


The absence of one shoulder in a one-shoulder bathing suit adds an unexpected twist. This asymmetry leads the eye upwards, which is very flattering on pear-shaped women.

Plunge Neckline

A plunging neckline creates an unexpected and attractive combination of sexiness and modesty. The style is particularly flattering on hourglass figures, but it’s also an excellent way to flaunt cleavage generally.


This term describes the process of gathering fabric to create a pleated or ruffled effect. This not only adds texture to a swimsuit but also provides an appealing and slimming effect.


A skirt-like layer of fabric is added to a standard one-piece suit in skirted suits. This extra coverage is perfect for those who want to hide their buttocks or thighs, and it can also help inverted triangle figures look more symmetrical.