Guide To One Piece Boyleg Swimsuits

In terms of design and functionality, boyleg swimsuits have advanced significantly. Active-style one-piece swimsuits are a great option for sports like bodysurfing, diving, or stand up paddleboarding where you spend a lot of time falling or diving into the water because they mainly remain in place better than two-piece bikinis. These days, a lot of women’s swimming costumes have shorts or leggings, which are typically worn by triathletes. If you participate in competitive or lap swimming, you can be confident that your boyleg swimsuit will cause the least amount of bother and drag in the water.

Women’s Swimwear

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There’s a good chance that someone has already developed a swimsuit for whatever you wish to do in the water. There is a suit specifically made to fit your demands for anything from lap swimming to water aerobics to competition to sunbathing on the beach. Let’s examine and comprehend the various categories of women’s swimwear before we “plunge” into boyleg swimsuits. The variety of swimsuits offered to women, from athletic to leisure, is described in the list below.

1. Competition Swimwear

Competition swimwear is mostly used for physical activity. Although there has been an emergence of innovative, flattering styles and prints in recent years, suit durability, comfort, and performance in the water remain top objectives. Competition swimwear, which ranges from conventional practice suits to specialized suits worn just during races, aids swimmers in moving through the water fast and effectively.

Practice Suits

One-piece swimsuits consisting of polyester, nylon, spandex, LYCRA™, or a combination of these are the standard practice attire for divers, swimmers, and even water polo players. These materials can withstand prolonged exposure to sunshine and chlorine while maintaining their shape in the water. Although polyester is the most resilient fabric, other fabrics are frequently utilized because of their greater elasticity and smoothness.

Full range of motion is possible in the water thanks to thick or thin straps, an open back, and high cut legs. Practice outfits are available in a wide variety of vibrant designs and colors, including every color in the rainbow. There are no padded bras, shirring, or skirts in practice suits since these characteristics create unneeded drag in the water. Instead, they are designed to be streamlined and form-fitting.

Technical Suits

High-end racing-specific competition suits are known as technical suits. Technical suits are substantially more expensive than traditional swimsuits because they use the most recent developments in fabric technology and suit construction. Tech suits are often only worn by intensely competitive swimmers and only during swim meets and races due to their lightweight fabric, hydrodynamic seam design, compression technology, and generally delicate construction.

2. Water Polo Suits

The combative nature of water polo is reflected in the way that women’s water polo suits are made. They are challenging to hold onto throughout a game due to their high, zipped backs and tight fit, and their durable fabric can endure the stretching, tugging, and abrasive movements involved in water polo. High-cut legs, open shoulders, and elastic materials, just like in lap swimming suits, allow for full range of motion in the water.

3. Fitness Swimwear

Fitness swimwear is a subset of swimsuits suitable for light aquatic exercises like water aerobics or aqua jogging. It combines elements of fashionable swimwear and athletic clothing. Fitness outfits tend to be much more conservative, with full-coverage backs, supportive bra tops, and low-cut legs. The majority of fitness suits, which are frequently offered in plus sizes as well, seamlessly transition from workout to leisure wear.

4. Lifeguard Suits

These suits are made specifically for working lifeguards and are made to perform effectively in the water, remain comfortable over extended lifeguard shifts, and clearly identify the wearer as a professional lifeguard. Lifeguard suits are often red, blue, or black with a GUARD emblem over the breast. They are available in a number of styles, from classic one-pieces to simple bikinis. For reasons of safety, only licensed lifeguards are permitted to purchase these outfits. Wearing suits with the GUARD logo is inappropriate unless you are a licensed lifeguard.

5. Fashion Swimwear

Women have a wide selection of interesting, flattering swimsuits to pick from for days when fitness is not a top priority. Although tankinis, monokinis, and fun one-pieces are readily available for ladies who desire a bit more coverage while having fun in the water, two-pieces remain a perennial favorite.

6. Junior Swimwear

Teenage boys and girls’ fashion outfits make up junior swimwear. Girls’ and adolescents’ juniors swimwear typically has vibrant prints and designs that combine sporty and fashionable elements. In comparison to adult swimwear, certain junior swimwear lines are also made with slightly more modest cuts and more covering. Girls who prefer to play hard and look good while doing it are the target market for junior swimwear, which typically comes in the form of bikinis, monokinis, or shorts.

7. All Others

Rash Guards and swim shirts, wetsuits, triathlon suits, unitards, and modest swimwear are other alternatives for women. These add-on pieces can shield swimmers from harmful UV radiation or keep them warm in chilly pools or open water. Triathlon suits and wetsuits aren’t usually the best option for recreational swimming because they frequently serve a specific purpose, such as open water swimming, racing, surfing, etc. It’s crucial to keep in mind that, in the end, a suit is just a suit. If you enjoy a swimsuit but it was made for another activity (like lap swimming), can you still wear it to the beach? Feel free to wear it. They are all designed to be wet.

What Is A Boyleg Swimsuit? 

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Boyleg swimsuits, which are like a bikini with shorts and give a sporty look and a sense of support, are great for women who desire extra leg coverage. Most will feature shelf bras, which are perfect for water activities and provide bust support.

Due to its suitability for all kinds of swimming lessons and pool-based activities, the one-piece boyleg swimsuit is becoming more popular. It increases comfort and self-confidence while supporting the wearer in becoming more aerodynamic in the water.

Advantages Of Wearing Boyleg Swimsuits

1. Coverage

It covers the region around your private parts. The boyleg swimsuit may therefore cover up any flaws, including shaved legs and ingrown hairs. Not all females shave frequently, and not all girls have smooth underarms. For women who aren’t accustomed to donning traditional bikinis, it provides greater room for comfort and additional coverage.

2. Freedom and Confidence

It enables unrestricted movement. If you wear a one-piece boyleg swimsuit, you can swim freely whatever you like and wander around the beach or poolside with more confidence than if you wear a typical bikini, which may need you to be more careful to prevent wardrobe malfunctions.

3. Trendy and Cute

You can still be cute and fashionable despite the added length. These bikinis actually come in a wide range of styles and designs, and many of them are incredibly stylish, adorable, current, and beautiful.


Boyleg swimsuits are endlessly available in shops and stores all around you. Simply give yourself some time to choose the one you love the best. And as we now know, there are several kinds of swimwear. Aside from the swimwear for racing, all of them may be worn for any kind of swimming or water sport; it really comes down to personal preference.