Choosing the Right Bikini Top

Nowadays, there are a lot of bikini styles to choose from. The wide variety of choices can even make it hard for women to choose the right bikini for themselves. 

Women have a lot of things to consider when buying and wearing a bikini, even more so than with any other clothing item. Remember ladies, current trends are not the only thing you should think of when buying these babies. We also need to consider comfort, durable fabric, waterproof qualities, and our own body shape. While every body is a swimsuit body, we need to choose the bikini top that flatters our unique shape in the best manner. 

 Luckily, we are here to help you choose the right bikini for you. Here, we’re going to lay out all the things you should consider before buying and wearing the right bikini. These considerations will hopefully help you out in choosing the perfect swimsuit top for the summer season. Good quality tops don’t come cheap, so a little research can never go wrong: 

Different Kinds of Bikini Tops for Different Body Types

There are several types on bikini tops on the market today, whether you choose to shop in actual stores or hop online. We’ll discuss the different types of tops below, so you may see if they’re suitable for your body type. Like it or not, we have to consider our specific body shapes and sizes in order to get the best bikini top for ourselves, so it’s necessary to find out what’s available: 

Where to Buy
Futurino Womens Vintage 50s Plaid Pattern Halter Bikini Top
Firpearl Women's Bandeau Tankini Swimsuit Tops Front Twist
Dearlove Womens Blouson Floral T-Back Push Up Tankini Top 
RELLECIGA Womens Push up Triangle Bikini Top
Smart+Sexy Womens Full-Busted Supportive Underwire Swimsuit Bikini Top

1. Futurino Womens Vintage 50s Plaid Pattern Halter Bikini Top

This halter bikini top is available in several solid shades as well as polka-dotted and plaid designs. There’s a drawstring closure design, which should make sure that everything stays put without slipping or sliding. 

If you’re looking for a good quality, supportive bikini top which still gives somewhat decent coverage, this one is among the best possible options. It won’t put much strain on your neck but will still give a flattering look. 


Halter Bikini Top: 

This is the most comfortable and supportive type of bikini top. In fact, women of any size and shape will be able to carry it well. It has a very traditional fit, is ideal for lifting and separating the bust. This specific design will also enable your back to be uncovered if you want to maximize your tan exposure. Here’s a good example of a vintage halter bikini top you can find online: 

2. Firpearl Women's Bandeau Tankini Swimsuit Tops Front Twist

This particular style is a ruched top that’s made mostly of nylon and about 8 percent spandex. It has a front twist design and a pull-on closure for easy wearing. In fact, this is a combination of a bandeau and a tankini, which we’ll discuss further on. 

The straps here are adjustable in order to ensure a proper fit, though you can also remove them completely. However, keep in mind that the sizes of this particular top run a bit small. You might have to size up a little while ordering. 


Bandeau and Strapless Bikini Tops: 

These types of bikini tops are ideal if you’re aiming for no tan lines on your shoulders. They are also perfect for those who have a smaller bust. With their strapless design, these should stay put properly. You’ll find that these designs usually have an inner band or an adjustable drawstring to hold them in place. Let’s look at one such top below: 

3. Dearlove Womens Blouson Floral T-Back Push Up Tankini Top 

We love the wide range of sizes for this tankini top, as they go from Small to XXXL. This means an inclusive design for women of all body types. The price is also low enough, so you don’t have to worry while trying this one out. There’s also a range of lovely colors, including paisley blue and purple. 

The fabric here is stretchy yet breathable and makes for a smooth, soft experience when you put on the top. There’s a blouse-like look and feel to this design, which should also make for a slimming effect. You can easily pair this up with any kind of swimming shorts and be ready for the beach without any embarrassment. 



These bikini tops are a combination of a tank top and a bathing suit. It is mostly made of spandex, cotton, or Lycra/Nylon. If you’re looking for something to help cover you up while still maintaining a beach-worthy appearance, the tankini design might be the best one for you. Check out this floral tankini for further clarification: 

4. RELLECIGA Womens Push up Triangle Bikini Top

This push-up top also provides a double function, as it combines a push-up bra and a bikini top in one place. You can get this style in a leopard print, mint green, and several other color options. 

Some women might choose this push-up option due to the padding around the cup bottoms. You might want to size up a bit while ordering, as this particular design tends to run small. Reviewers have been qute content with the quality and stitching here too reporting that there are no snags, loose threads, or an awkward place to contend with. 


Triangle Bikini Top: 

This is the classic style of bikini top that never goes out of style. It is another type that is ideal for small busts. This design has the ability to adjust your cleavage, providing a perfect neckline and balance. It is a resort-ready, simple, stylish, and sexy bikini top. You can check this one out before placing an order: 

5. Smart+Sexy Womens Full-Busted Supportive Underwire Swimsuit Bikini Top

This underwired bikini top is made of 82 percent nylon and 18 percent spandex. The combination provides just the right mix of durability and stretchiness for the best fit possible. Since the closure is adjustable, you can also customize the fitting for your body. 

The cups here have a thin lining, though it’s probably not enough to increase bust size. Remember, it’s always best to hand-wash your bikini tops in order to make sure that they’ll last for a long time. You can easily pair this one up with a swim skit or high-waisted bottoms. 

According to online reviewers, this top is excellent for providing both support and coverage. It’s designed especially for large-busted women, who usually have the toughest time when searching for a cute and supportive bikini top. The back is also adjustable, so anyone can achieve the perfect fit without too much hassle.


Underwire Bikini Top: 

This type of bikini top is designed for comfort and support. It can push your bust together and line everything up perfectly. Be warned, though; if you have a fuller bust, try to avoid printed and bright colored tops with this style. Solid colors will give you a neater silhouette. 

The design of the underwire bikini tops provides more lift and volume. Its top part is made specially to have a thin wire type material that loops around, providing the needed support.

Choose a Bikini That Will Suit Your Body Type

If you really want to look and feel your best at the beach this season, go for the bikini top that complements your body shape. The weight of your body doesn’t matter as much as the shape does, so take a look at the following tips for ensuring a proper fit: 

1. If you’re apple-shaped: Apple shaped body types have a larger midsection with thin legs and arms. If you have this body type, we suggest that you opt for a tankini top. This is because such a design has a shapewear effect which can draw away attention from your stomach. You can pair it with a bottom with high-cut sides to show off your legs.

2. If you have an athletic shape: Having an athletic shaped body means that you are pretty much straight up and down. The trick for this particular is to add a little ruffle to your swimsuit. This will hopefully deceive the eyes of the onlookers and make it seem like you have some curves. Wearing a ruffled top will give people the illusion that you have a shaped figure because it adds volume on those areas of your body.

3. If you have an hourglass-shaped body: Having an hourglass-shaped body means that you have a small waist and identical hip and bust measurements. If you have this body shape, wearing a string bikini will help emphasize your curves and waist. Of course, you don’t have to wear this design for other people, but just to look the best for your own self. 

4. If you have a pear-shaped body: Women with pear-shaped body have larger hips with a small waist and bust. Wearing an underwire bikini top will help highlight your bust. It can be paired with a hipster bikini bottom which provides more coverage on your back.

Highlighting and Hiding Your Features

 A bikini top doesn’t leave much room for fussing about, which is why you want to get it just right. The tips below will help you choose designs and colors according to whether you want to highlight or hide certain features of your body:

1. Light colors draw more attention: Wearing a lighter shade bikini can highlight certain areas, especially when paired with a darker shade.

2. Dark colors can conceal:  If you want to conceal and draw away attention from a specific area, opt to wear dark colors in these spots. 

3. Patterns are important:  Patterns can help balance your figure. They can draw attention and create a proportion, especially when paired with a solid color.

4. Accessories can help bring out your figure:  Flowers, jewelry, and bikini cutouts can help highlight specific areas. Certain other accessories can also help you fit into a bikini top better. For instance, if you’ve found the perfect cup size but the band is too small, go for a back extender strap. This will add a few inches without the need for a whole larger size. 


If you’re going to buy a swimsuit always remember that you should choose the one that fits you perfectly. You don’t want to wear something that’s two sizes too small or two sizes too large. The wrong size could result in embarrassing mishaps and also hurt your neck or back. 

If it’s possible, always buy your swimwear after trying it on. This will not only give you the chance to try different styles, but you can also make sure that what you’re going to buy has the correct measurements. Buying online is still a good option, but make sure to read the sizing guidelines properly and make sure there’s a return policy included.