Choosing The Right Bikini Top

Your personal preferences, including your sense of style, whether you like a one-piece or a two-piece swimsuit, and the amount of body coverage that makes you feel most comfortable, will determine the type of swimsuit that is best for you. There are many different types of bikini styles available nowadays. Even choosing the right bikini for oneself might be challenging for ladies due to the abundance of options. 

Even more than with any other piece of clothing, women have a lot to think about before purchasing and donning a bikini. Ladies, keep in mind that when purchasing these items, you should consider more than just current trends. We must also take into account our own body shape, comfort, strong fabric, waterproof capabilities, and durability. While every body is a swimsuit body, we must select the bikini top that best accentuates our individual shape. 

What Are Swimsuits?

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Swimsuits come in a wide variety of styles and are composed of quick-drying, breathable material. Bathing suits are used in swimming pools and beaches. They are designed to be worn when swimming or engaging in activities near water. There are two primary types of swimwear: one-piece and two-piece swimsuits (also called bikinis). You can find a variety of various styles for every body shape and sense of fashion within these two main categories.

A Brief Overview Of Swimsuit Styles

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Your ideal swimsuit will depend on a variety of elements, including your personal styling preferences. Using this information, you can choose whether you wish to wear a one-piece suit, swim bottoms, a swim top, or any combination of these.

Swimsuits are acceptable attire for wearing by the pool, on the beach, and in other appropriate settings. It’s important to keep in mind that any tan lines you get when tanning will show the specific style of swimming suit you’ve chosen. For instance, hipster-style swimsuit bottoms, which give more coverage, will expose less of your legs than side-tie bikini bottoms.

You can choose a sports swimsuit or a strappy one with frills and ruching; a retro, vintage bikini or a stylish, contemporary swim dress; a playful, color-blocked swimsuit or a soft, flounce swimsuit set.

What Is A Bikini Top?

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The three components of a bikini are typically the underband, which wraps around your body beneath the bust, the cups, which support your bust, and the shoulder straps, which hold up the cups.

Bikini Top Styles

Before learning more about the subject, you should be aware of the most crucial guideline for selecting clothing: swimwear, coats, slacks, or ball gowns. The golden rule is to dress whichever the hell you want, regardless of your age, physical characteristics, or mindset. When you are confident in your body, you are your most beautiful. Put on clothing that you enjoy. This article is not meant to be taken literally; it is only meant to help you choose the best bikini top for you.

1. Underwired

A bikini top with structural support and wire beneath the cups to keep its form. A soft or non-wired bikini would be the opposite of an underwired bikini.

2. Push Up/Plunge

Specially angled cups with padding are often used to enhance cleavage and provide an uplift for a fuller form. In order to do this, they rely on a tight fit. For superior shaping and uplift power, push-up and plunge styles are typically underwired, although it is possible to get a plunge style without underwiring.

3. Moulded

Pre-formed cups provide excellent support and a more rigid shape, helping to retain the bikini’s structure. Moulded bikinis come in a variety of styles and can be purchased with or without underwires. They frequently have some light foam padding as well.

4. Bustier/Longline

The underband on a longline or bustier bikini extends over the cups and down to the stomach, creating a longer, slightly retro look. They are typically balconette-shaped and have underwiring.

5. Balcony/Balconette

When compared to styles like the plunge, which have bigger cups and wide set straps, the balconette style has a straighter neckline. The style is intended to maximize uplift without resulting in a cleavage that is pushed together.

6. Strapless or Bandeau

This is simply a strapless bikini top. A bandeau is a strapless top that is often made of a soft, non-wired fabric. Strap marks on your tan can be avoided with strapless styles, giving you totally bronzed shoulders without any white stripes.

7. Triangle

In a triangle bikini style, the cups are triangular in shape and offer less support and coverage. Triangle shapes come in wired and non-wired varieties, with or without an underband and a variety of fastening options. To ensure greater stability in the cups, many are halter types that fasten around the neck.

8. Crop Top

The crop top has one supportive section of fabric instead of two single cups, making it more like a sports top. To provide support, it is frequently combined with a deeper underband. It might be underwired or soft.

9. High Neck

The fabric of a high neck bikini covers your body all the way up to your neck, rather than meeting in a v-shape at the underband between the cups. The area between the shoulder straps has additional cloth.

10. String or Tie

A string bikini top is one that fastens by tying together rather than using a clasp and has thin straps that wrap around your torso or cross your shoulders. The cups may move along the band or they may be fixed to the surface in one location.

11. Halter

The straps from the tops of the cups on a halter-style bikini go around your neck rather than across your shoulders. It might have a tie or a clasp to secure it, or it might be a fixed length that hooks onto the cups on either side. The type of cups that go with a halter design might vary greatly.

12. Tankini

A tankini style is similar to a vest or camisole and typically reaches your waist.

13. Racer Back

The racer back is a cut-away style that makes more of the shoulders visible. The rear straps of a racer back bikini are a particular shape. The straps meet behind the neck and come together there rather than crossing over the shoulder directly.

14. Crossover

Shoulder straps on a crossover bikini cross over one another. You might find these in the front or the back. They show more shoulder skin.

15. Cutout

These bikini tops include a cutaway in the middle that extends over your chest. Some cutaway swim tops are also underwire bikinis.

Flattering Swimwear For Different Body Types

Woman Body Shapes Triangle, Rectangle, Apple, Pear and Hourglass

You want to make sure the swimsuit styles you select flatter your body and help you feel your best, most confident self! It’s important to find swimwear that makes you feel stunning, supported, and completely flawless when you’re strutting your way around the pool when searching for the best swimwear styles for various body types. Shopping for swimwear is so much simpler when you know which bikini styles fit your figure the best! 

Pear Shaped Body Type

If your hips are bigger than your bust and you have narrow shoulders, you have a pear body type.

The objective is to visually balance your form by accentuating your top half and detracting attention from your bottom half because your lower body is larger than your upper body.

Tips for wearing a bikini with a pear-shaped body:

  • Tops: The bandeau top is the perfect top! anything that highlights the bust, such as cups, patterns, fringe, or ruffles. Small busts look best in push-up bras. Underwired balconette bikini tops with straight, broader shoulder straps look fantastic on women with larger busts.
  • Bottoms: Plain colors are the best. Select designs with minimal coverage if you want to avoid appearing “bulky.” Simple bikini bottoms that are not too small nor too wide at the sides and lack side knots on the hips. It may be accessorized with flat jewels.
  • One-piece swimsuits with cup-shaped bust. May be embellished with frills and details on the top part.

Inverted Triangle Body Type

You have an inverted triangle body shape if your shoulders ate broader than your hips.

With a small bust and bottom, you have an athletic, slightly masculine body that is frequently seen on models. The bikini that would look best on you will accentuate your feminine form.

Bikini for V shape body:

  • Tops: A triangle top to emphasize your neckline. Depending on the size of your bust, it can have underwire or cushioning and thin straps tied at the neck.
  • Bottoms: The ideal colors are neutral ones. Select styles with minimal coverage if you want to avoid seeming “bulky.” A simple bikini bottom that is neither too thin nor too wide at the sides. Flat jewels are an option for its accessories.
  • One-piece swimsuits with a bust that is cup-shaped. It is acceptable for the upper portion to be adorned with frills and decorations.

Rectangle Shaped Body Type

If your shoulders and hips are both equally wide and your waist lacks or has little definition, you have a rectangle body type. Your body is rather straight and doesn’t have many curves, giving you an androgynous appeal.

The secret is to pick a swimsuit that emphasizes your waist and gives your upper and lower body more fullness.

Bikini for a rectangle-shaped body:

  • Tops: Choose a triangle-shaped top to counterbalance square shoulders. Try a push-up, plain or halter-neck, padded or unpadded bikini bra, or one that is decorated with fringe, frills, or tassels. The bust is accentuated by geometric, tropical, floral, and spotted designs. Select a really attractive balconette top to add femininity to your look.
  • Bottoms: choose for anything that accentuates your curves, like bikini bottoms with frilly edges, side knots, or belts. Bold patterns and graphic prints are further fantastic options.
  • Deep-cut, one-piece swimsuits that play with designs or have necklines that are relatively low. Monokinis with side cuts are ideal for defining your waist.

Apple Shaped Body Type

If you have full curves, a rounded tummy, bottom, and hips, a deep cleavage, and a thin waist, you have an apple-shaped figure.

Make the most of your curvy form without blushing by using it to your advantage. A swimsuit that highlights your cleavage, optically defines your waist, and deflects attention away from your stomach is your ally on the beach.

How to wear a bikini on an apple-shaped body:

  • Top: a balconette bra with underwires that both supports and accentuates your cleavage. Color is OK, but stay away from anything too garish.
  • Bottoms: full or turn-down bikini bottoms that can be folded over whether how much or how little you like to cover a small stomach. The high waisted pants accentuate the waist, and their retro style is also chic and trendy.
  • The one-piece swimsuit is the most figure-defining and is frequently picked by those with an apple body type. Select a style with underwires and prints in complementary colors rather than garish colors.

Hour Glass Shaped Body Type (a.k.a. X-type Body Shape)

If your shoulders and hips are in line and your waist is clearly defined, you have an hourglass body type. This body type is incredibly feminine! Take advantage of your slim and proportionate shape, which allows you to wear anything you choose.

For the hourglass body shape, wear a bikini:

  • Top: Bandeau, triangle, or balconette—everything suits you well! You can wear anything you choose to wear, including prints, fringes, and bright colors. Try out new trends like crop tops and other unconventional styles.
  • Bottoms: Low-waisted scrunch, side knots, high leg and Brazilian cut bikini bottoms, as well as very thin sides, will highlight your perfect form.
  • One-piece swimsuits and monokinis that experiment with sheer and textured fabrics. You can dress anyway you like!

Figure-8 Body Type

If your shoulders and hips are in line and your waist is well defined, you have a figure 8 body shape. You have a curvier figure with a rounder bust and hips as opposed to an X-type body. Your body shape is perfect, with well-balanced, attractive feminine curves. 

For the figure 8, the ideal bikini is:

  • Top: a halter-neck or balconette top with underwires to support you and highlight your best features. You may choose printed or plain.
  • Bottoms: Whether they are low-waisted, high-leg or not, and knot-free at the hips, bikini bottoms will accentuate your body. High-waisted bottoms that will enhance your tiny waist and envelop your curves are another something we advise. Pin-up effect is certain.
  • Monokinis or one-piece swimsuits featuring underwire and a V-neckline.


Always keep in mind that you should select the swimsuit that is the correct fit for you if you plan to purchase one. Wearing clothing that is two sizes too small or large is not advisable. The incorrect size could cause neck or back pain as well as humiliating slip-ups.