Guide to Stylish Beach Footwear

Time on the beach is considered a relaxing and carefree time. Walking barefoot on the sand is one of the best pleasures of the day, but sometimes you’ll need footwear. The pier can be wet and slippery, the sand may be scorching hot, and broken glass and sharp rocks may be lurking underfoot. Plus, wearing footwear is a must when you go to public restrooms.

Beach footwear are typically vibrant and colorful. It gives you a better way to walk on the beach and keep the sand off. It can give you better traction, prevent your feet from burning from the heat, and prevent potential cuts and abrasions from the nasty things in the sand. Plus, it adds a load of style to your beach outfit or bikini.

Often, people don’t think of their beach footwear until the last minute. They do not anticipate their need for solid footwear to slip onto their feet when the need arises. This is why it’s helpful to prepare.

Here are some of the kinds of beach footwear and the stylish choices to choose from:

1. Flip-flops

The most common type of beach footwear for men and women is flip flops. It’s open-toe footwear with a Y-shaped strap that fits snugly between the first and second toe. It’s easy to slip on and off from your feet and can be very useful at the beach. It’s an ideal beach footwear that you can use around the resort during the daytime. You may want ones that are made of flexible rubber or plastic. This footwear is great for warm summers at the beach, but not friendly for running.

Where to Buy
Clarks Womens Breeze Sea Flip-Flop
TENGYUFLY Womens Rivets Bowtie Flip Flops
Birkenstock Essentials Unisex Gizeh EVA Sandals

1. Clarks Womens Breeze Sea Flip-Flop

Stay effortlessly stylish with Clarks Women's Breeze Sea Flip-Flop. The sporty, strappy design features an adjustable thong strap with hook-and-loop closure. It's made of a synthetic rubber sole with a thickness that is sure to protect your feet against the elements in the sand. It comes in different colors, so it will be easy to choose a favorite.

2. TENGYUFLY Womens Rivets Bowtie Flip Flops

Are you looking for a pair of cute flip-flops that can show your girly side? This Rivets Bowtie Flip flop is great for you. These jelly flip-flops are carefully decorated with bows that are studded with metallic rivets. It's made of high-quality, soft rubber material and is 100% waterproof.

3. Birkenstock Essentials Unisex Gizeh EVA Sandals

Looking for some stylish orthotic sandals? Check out this Unisex Gizeh EVA Sandals from Birkenstock. These sandals are made of synthetic material with EVA upper, molded footbed and outsole, and built-in arch support. It's very comfy for your long walks at the beach. It provides an excellent arch and metatarsal support.

2. Beach sandals

Sandals are another type of beach footwear that you can wear comfortably. It comes with straps that wrap around your foot’s instep and ankles, so the footwear stays in your feet no matter what, as compared to flip flops that can slip out of your feet. Beach sandals are also generally sturdier than flip-flops and give you balance.

If you’re planning to do water sports and wading over rocks, choose water sandals that enclose the entire foot to provide greater stability for walking on slippery rocks.

Where to Buy
Plaka Flat Sandals for Women Palm Leaf
Crocs Womens Isabella T-Strap Sandal
Teva Womens W Ysidro Stitch Sandal

1. Plaka Flat Sandals for Women Palm Leaf

This is a strappy woman's sandals from Plaka that works as perfect vacation shoes. The strappy upper is super stylish and fashionable, yet it maintains comfortability. The flat soles are made of high-quality rubber. It's a cute boho sandal that is sure to give your beach outfit a little oomph.

2. Crocs Womens Isabella T-Strap Sandal

Do you think all Crocs are ugly? Think again. With the Isabella T-Strap Sandal, you can enjoy the same Crocs comfort with a more refined, more minimalistic, and more feminine-looking sandal. It has a sleek style and airy feel, thanks to its streamlined T-strap style. It's made of soft, translucent TPU designed for practicality. It's simple yet fashionable enough to go with a wide range of outfits.

3. Teva Womens W Ysidro Stitch Sandal

Teva is another great brand known for its supportive footwear, and this sandal won't disappoint. This sandal is made of 100% leather with a lug sole. Its footbed is exceptionally soft and comfy under the foot, and it has an easy hook-and-loop closure that comes on and off pretty quickly. These sandals are designed to be worn in water as well as on land. It looks casual, yet still chic enough for dressing up.

3. Surfing shoes

Surfing slippers are one of the best footwear for the beach as they are the most comfortable things to put on your feet. These come with rubber bottoms that give you some grip and cushion as you walk through the beach, and when you’re on top of your surfboard. These have soles that give a lot of support and are made of waterproof and breathable materials. They come in vibrant, different colors and designs that can go well with any beachwear. Most of these slippers have a tropical design or bright colors.

Where to Buy
VIFUUR Womens and Mens Adjustable Water Shoes
Mishansha Mens and Womens Quick-Dry Water Shoes
SOVIKER Mens and Womens Outdoor Water Shoes Barefoot Quick-Dry Slip-on Aqua Socks

1. VIFUUR Womens and Mens Adjustable Water Shoes

For all your water activities, you can count on this VIFUUR Adjustable Water Shoes. It comes in different colors and designs both for men and women. The upper portion of these shoes is made of breathable, fine-stretch fabric that is as comfortable as a sock. Underneath, it comes with a non-slip backing that is wear-resistant and shock absorbing.

2. Mishansha Mens and Womens Quick-Dry Water Shoes

If you want something that has thicker material than the first one, try this Quick-Dry Water Shoes from Mishansha. This is the perfect material with a stretch breathable, lightweight fabric that drains fast when wet, as it comes with several drainage holes. It's equipped with a unique top-quality, anti-slip camo rubber sole for comfort when you are surfing, playing beach volleyball, and swimming. What's even greater is it comes in fun colors to choose from.

3. SOVIKER Mens and Womens Outdoor Water Shoes Barefoot Quick-Dry Slip-on Aqua Socks

Made of quality materials, the SOVIKER Outdoor Water Shoes are so easy and comfy to wear. It has a non-slip rubber sole to protect the feet, plus polyester and spandex upper for breathability. These are great-looking swim shoes that are easy to slip on and walk in the water by the beach. It's available in vibrant patterns, including tropical palm trees.

4. Boat shoes

Boat shoes, commonly known as the classic Sperry Top-Sider, is one of the most classic casual shoe trends in menswear today. It’s originally created for boaters and sailors who needed a shoe that will prevent them from slipping from the slippery boat deck. It provides a lot of traction as it is a very versatile shoe for the beach. It’s best worn with your casual beach shorts and a tropical polo shirt. Nowadays, you can also find boat shoes for women, too.

Where to Buy
Crocs Mens Beach Line Boat Shoe
SPERRY Mens Leeward 2-Eye Boat Shoe
Margaritaville Mens Anchor Slip On Boat Shoe

1. Crocs Mens Beach Line Boat Shoe

Crocs Men's Beach Line Boat Shoe is the ultimate beach boat shoes. A lot of boat shoes are stylish, but if you wear them in the water, they will look messy, feel heavy, and it will take time to keep them dry. Meanwhile, if you walk this pair through water, it will drain right out. It's because it offers good ventilation and water drainage ports. It's made of synthetic, water-friendly material that features a slotted collar and dual goring insets.

2. SPERRY Mens Leeward 2-Eye Boat Shoe

The original creator of boat shoes, Sperry, hits a home run with these boat shoes. It's a top-sider that is made of a rubber sole and a leather top. It comes with a crisp, clean, and classic top-sider style. The leather upper features lace-up closure and a quick-dry and breathable design. It has a moc-toe construction with contrast stitching. The soles provide exceptional grip and channel water away from the underfoot, making it a perfect boat shoe for the beach.

3. Margaritaville Mens Anchor Slip On Boat Shoe

Looking for a comfier yet still very fashionable boat shoes? Margaritaville Men's Anchor Slip-On Boat Shoe is a pair of shoes that you would love to wear for your long walks at the beach. It has a breathable leather mesh upper and a comfortable foam insole for the perfect feel. It's available in brown and tan.