Castile Soap for Face and Body

Some decades ago, our ancestors were totally satisfied with using any soap for their face, hair and body, regardless of the type and ingredients. However, with research and evolution, we got to know the hidden toxins used in the manufacture of regular soaps. So, it’s our right to demand for a better and healthy alternative. Luckily, there exists one solution known widely as castile soap.

It is an all-in-one, pure, natural, chemical-free and versatile soap for all your cleaning needs. Wondering how is it is different from a regular soap bar? And why should it be preferred? Read on to get your answers.

What Is Castile Soap?

Basically, Castile is a vegetable-based soap, which is free of synthetic ingredients and animal fats. You can get this non-toxic soap in the form of liquid or bar. 
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Inspired by the popular Aleppo; castile soaps are being used for a long time. Aleppo was produced as a result of combining oil from laurel (bay), soda and olive oil. However, when laurel oil became short in supply; the city of Castile started mixing olive oil with other essential oils to form a mild yet effective white soap named Castile. Later, it became the talk of town all over the Europe. 

Today, Castile is pretty much available at the supermarkets throughout the Globe. Besides olive oil, other ingredients like coconut, almond, avocado, castor or hemp oil is also mixed with it for added benefits. 

Castile vs. Regular Soap 

Castile  Regular soap
Environmentally-friendly  Harmful to environment 
Gentle Harsh
Non-toxic Toxic components are added
100 percent natural ingredients  Chemicals and artificial ingredients are included 
Safe for skin May damage skin
Nourishing nutritional value  Less nutrients 
Therapeutic benefits  Short-term benefits
Plant-based product  Animal fat is used
Cruelty-free  Not necessarily cruelty-free
Hydrating  Damaging
Combined with essential oils  Loaded with artificial colors and fragrances
Vegan Not vegan

The Many Benefits of Castile for Face and Body


Castile soap not only helps you in deep cleaning of almost everything; it has a lot of healthy nutrients to offer you as well. Check out its some of the least-known benefits and get amazed. 

Non-toxic deep cleansing 

Although any soap can work fine for gentle cleaning, but Castile soap is all-natural and free from any toxins. It lathers naturally without added sulfates or unnecessary chemicals. Moreover, a compound named oleuropein is used in its making that has antibacterial properties to ensure cleanliness with care and protection.

Suitable for all-skin types

Castile is made of plant oil and organic ingredients; so it is well-suited for all-skin types, including the sensitive ones. 

Since castile include olive oil as a key ingredient, you might be wondering if it is suitable for oily or acne-prone skin too? And the answer is YES. It also aids in balancing skin’s pH and reducing acne. Furthermore, castile doesn’t strip natural skin oil, hence making it perfect for flaky, dry skin as well.

Provides Hydration

Hydration is an important part of skincare that has a lot of benefits, like reducing aging signs, firming sagging skin and improving overall skin health. The good thing is that; castile can help you achieve all these goals.

Besides, it doesn’t clog your pores either and encourages the processing of shedding old skin cells naturally. Castile contains antioxidants, like vitamin A and E that are really good for the skin. Regular usage of this soap can also provide protection from skin cell degeneration. 

Ways to Use Castile Soap Effectively 


Castile soap is versatile and can be used in several ways. You may find many types of this soap in the marketplace, catering your different needs. Some include essential oils while a few may be categorized as scented, unscented or plain. 

In case of using plain Castile liquid, you can experiment with numerous recipes to find out what works for you the best. Have a look at the ways to use this miraculous product for your body and face effectively:

1. Organic Castile Soap Face Wash

Mix ¼ cup of Castile in liquid form with distilled water, using a foaming dispenser. Add five drops each of frankincense and tea tree essential oil. Voilà. Your face wash is ready to use. It will fight acne, bacteria and keep your skin healthy. 

2. Shampoo

It is about time to avoid the overly priced, toxic shampoos out there and replace them with Castile soap. All you need to do is combine seven tablespoons of Castile with ½ tsp. Of coconut oil and six tsp. Coconut milk. That’s all. Your homemade shampoo is ready and would be enough for seven applications at least. It is suggested to use refrigerator to last the solution for a week.

3. Hand Soap

Take a soap dispenser, fill ¾ of it with distilled or boiled soap and add ¼ Castile liquid. You can also include 5 tea tree oil drops to benefit from its antibacterial properties and for fragrance; lavender oil will work better.

4. Shaving

For facial hair shaving, use ten drops. For sensitive areas, 3 drops are enough to do the trick. For shaving legs and arms; use ½ teaspoon of castile. 

Application tip!

You are required to lather the required amount on the area using wet hands before shaving. 

5. For Teeth

Castile soap also has the ability to deep clean your teeth without any adverse effects.

To make the mix, you need 1 drop of castile, a drop of peppermint and coconut oil. Apply it on the toothbrush and brush as you would normally do. Make sure you are not swallowing the solution, though.

6. Foot Bath

For a good pedicure at home, add a teaspoon of castile in a hot water tub and soak your feet for ten to twenty minutes. You can also mix a few drops of lavender or tea tree oil for added benefits.

7. Clearing Congestion

Do you know using castile with essential oils can help you with nasal congestion? Yes, that’s true. Simply mix some drops of the liquid containing oils, like peppermint or eucalyptus in a bowl of hot water. Drape a towel over your head and breathe in the mist, as if you are taking steam.

8. Wound cleaning

Don’t forget to put Castile in your first aid box you all. It is a great product to clean wounds and speed up the healing process. To make the solution, you would just need 2 tsp. Of liquid soap with two cups of filtered water.

According to a study held in 1999, castile soap was compared to bacitracin, benzalkonium chloride, saline solution and a combination of all.

9. Natural Deodorant

Worried about body odour? Deodorants aren’t really lasting for longer? Try Castile soap instead. To make the natural deodorant, add a teaspoon of sea salt in ½ tsp. of liquid soap in a spray bottle. Use in the sweaty areas whenever needed.

10. Body Wash

You can use fragrant castile soap as a body wash just like a normal one. 

Take a small amount of castile, lather into your hands, apply on the body, use a loofah or washcloth to exfoliate and that’s it. You can also take plain Castile and add your favourite essential oils for an even better experience. 

11. Makeup Remover

In the combination of a carrier oil and witch hazel; castile soap can work as the makeup remover as well. Just combine all three ingredients in equal parts together and gently remove your makeup using a cotton ball. 

12. Mouthwash

Add a drop of liquid castile soap to a glass of water and use it as a mouthwash. You can also include peppermint to freshen up your breath.

13. Makeup Brush Cleaner

No need to buy separate cleaner for your makeup tools now when castile is there to help you. Washing brushes and sponges used for makeup is significant to keep your skin healthy and away from bacteria. To make a cleaning solution, you need to use warm water with a few drops of castile liquid. Rinse the brushes with normal water and place them in the solution for 10 minutes at least. After the mentioned time, rinse again and let them air dry.

14. Baby Wash 

Out of baby soap? No worries, try out castile as an alternative. It is free from harsh detergents and chemicals, making it an ideal choice to bathe your baby. Studies from Pediatric Dermatology revealed that olive oil was safe for even premature infants because of its gentle nature.


Don’t hesitate to experiment with the recipes a bit to figure out which ratio suits you the most. However, know that diluting castile means a shorter shelf life. So, you need to use homemade solution within a couple of weeks.

Precautions: Avoid The Following While Using Castile Soap


  • Don’t use hard water with castile as it can react and leave a white film behind. Always prefer filtered or boiled water for great results. 
  • Vinegar will also react with the soap due to its alkaline nature and leave a white residue.
  • Lemon juice should also be avoided because of the same reason as vinegar.
  • Castile is not suitable for colored hair as it may fade away the color.

DIY Castile Soap Recipe For Daily Use

Although you may find a variety of castile soaps in several fragrances and flavors, but if you want to make a gentle solution at home then i will share a recipe below:

Some common ingredients used in DIY castile soap include:

  • Honey
  • Water
  • Witch hazel
  • Vegetable glycerin and more 

However, mixing anything with castile will decrease its shelf life. So, it is ideal to make small batches to use within weeks.

Here is a basic recipe for making gentle cleanser using Castile

  • 1 cup water
  • 2 Tsp. Jojoba oil 
  • ½ cup castile soap
  • 10 drops of any essential oil

Mix everything in a 16 oz. Soap dispenser; give it a good shake. You can use your favorite essential oils instead of the given ones, and they will work absolutely fine.


Castile has a lot of benefits and uses as a cleanser and all-natural alternative of chemical products, like shampoos, body wash, soaps, makeup cleaner, and more. In this post, we have discussed how Castile can work for your face and body, but trust me the list of its uses is endless. It has the ability to hydrate, heal, cleanse, exfoliate and protects your skin in the most natural way.

 You know the best part? Castile liquid is pretty much available throughout the world. Don’t forget to buy this miraculous product from the nearby supermarket and get benefited from it.