Best Winter Boots for Women

A changing season is just another reason for going out and having some fun time shopping. For all the ladies out there, matching the right shoes with the right outfit matters the most. While shoe shopping can be a pleasure for many, it is certainly a frustration for the others who are often confused on getting the right shoe.

For these women, online buying is a highly recommended option because they can have a wide variety in front of them with reviews from others who have tried them. Ready to try out a new experience? Follow the article to know more about buying the right shoes.

What to Consider Before Buying Women Boots?


Ladies! We can all agree over here that many have made this mistake of buying shoes that looked good from their design but were a very inconvenient and uncomfortable choice. Mostly, this happens when you buy shoes with high heels. We recommend that you buy a shoe which has a balanced incline so as to not cause extra fatigue to the toe. Make comfort the first priority because design without comfort is a shoe gone to waste.



Of course, design is one of the most important things which matters to ladies the most. We don’t recommend buying a very fancy shoe because you might not be able to wear it for more than once or twice. Try getting one which can be worn for a longer time so that it makes it worth it to purchase one.

In winters, boots with mild designing are preferred as the main purpose is to keep the feet warm rather than to punch in an element of fashion. In case you are confused about the design, we recommend consulting with a friend who can offer great advice based on your exact requirements.


Ideally, it is recommended to get high profile leather boots because they are the ones which are the best in quality. Many of these boots might be expensive but they do their job in the right way. A boot made out of leather not only protects you from the cold but does not wear off easily even with rough usage.

On the other hand, there are cheaper options too such as the athletic boots made out of jeans material. casual shoes made with Polyurethane and Nylon are fine in their quality. Artificial leather is not recommended as a boot material because it gets damaged easily and cannot be considered as a long-term choice.



Buying a shoe can be a casual shopping hobby at times but in certain cases, ladies do buy them for any special purpose as well. For example, especially in winters, there is a high trend of athletic shoes and trainers because many women start going out to the gym or indulge in any sports activity.

Others might be needing the shoes for a date, a prom, or any party event. We recommend that you always focus on evaluating the purpose of buying the shoes prior to starting your search. Many women end up making the wrong purchase because they just want to “buy what looks good” rather than focusing on why they need one.

Return Policy

If you want a happy and stress-free shopping experience be it online or an in-store one, we recommend you go through the return policy of the shoe that you are buying. Certain stores do not allow for any kinds of changes while others only allow for an exchange and no return. If you are lucky, you can get design, comfort, and a return policy with a money-back guarantee all in one pair.

It is highly recommended that you should be buying a shoe which has at least an exchange policy so even if you do face any problems with it, it can be replaced with a different design or a different size.

Where to Buy
Columbia Women's Ice Maiden Ii Snow Boot
ALEADER Womens Cold Weather Winter Boots, Waterproof Snow Boots, Fashion Booties, All-Day Comfort, Warm
UGG Women's Classic Tall II Boot
COTTIMO Winter Fur-Lined Hiking Boot for Women Non-Slip Snow Boots
BOGS Women's Amanda Plush Lace Up Waterproof Insulated Snow Boot
UGG Women's Classic Cardy


The Best Winter Boots for Women

Reading our buying guide has surely prepared you for buying out the right pair of boots. Here are few of our recommendations in the top winter boots for women category.


1. Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden Ii Snow Boot

If you aren’t having any issues related to the budget, buy this bestselling product of with over 14000 reviews of satisfied customers. Made from 100% leather, it is going to deliver the optimal quality you are looking for. There are 9 different types of coloring and design patterns of this snow boot.

A perfect boot for the winters! It comes with a superior cushioning as well as a lightweight rubber sole allowing for maximum comfort to the user. For women that reside in snowy areas, this boot will be an ideal choice for both, style, and function. Note that the boot opening is approximately 14.5”.

2. ALEADER Women’s Cold Weather Winter Boots

We do have an option for those as well who are a little tight on their budget. Getting a winter boot is no longer an issue as ALEADER has made one quite affordable. Stay comfortable the entire day with a soft cushioning in the interior. Coming with a rubber sole, these boots help in maintaining the maximum traction and grip as well.

What’s even better about buying these boots is that there are no shipping charges while the company also allows free returns. One can easily adjust these boots due to the lace-up design which provides a secure fit and an added level of heel support as well. We know winters are a tough season with unexpected snow and rain which is why we are recommending this waterproof and seam sealed boot.

3. UGG Women’s Classic Tall II Boot

For the girl that loves her boasting off her style needs to specially get the long boots. The Classic Tall series by UGG is another bestselling product at Amazon in the long boot category. Among the entire list of our recommendations, this one has the most premium and superfine quality with 100% twinface sheepskin and suede.

Dyed sheep fur has been used for maintaining the temperature inside the boot and keeping the feet warm. With a synthetic sole, there is maximum grip for the user making no problem while wearing a long boot. We also found it to be a unique one as it won’t get any moisture and stains due to a certain pre-treatment performed by the company. Customer reviews are outstanding! Go for it.  Visit site for more great options as well.


4. COTTIMO Winter Fur-Lined Hiking Boot for Women

If hiking is one of the purposes of buying a winter boot, get this one as it has been specially made for the purpose. Although it comes with a simple design but has great functionality that essentially helps in going to steep hikes. There is a non-slip rubber sole that is of pretty much help.

With a micro lining throughout the boot, your feet will stay warm even in the cold areas. The price isn’t high, and you get a choice between three colors. The average rating of these boots is 4.7 out of 5 stars. All of these become a quite favoring factor as to why these could be your next purchase for hiking.

5. BOGS Women’s Amanda Plush Lace Up Waterproof Insulated Snow Boot

Want to make yourself a cool impression? These shiny and elegant boots are just the right choice. These are somewhere between a tall boot and a short boot. Over 500 customers have bought them and were praising it for the quality and the fact that they had no issues in getting a size replacement.

These boots are totally waterproof and have a plush lining too which allows for a perfect insulation. If you are worried about any bad odors that are left in the shoe after you take it off, you would be happy to find out that this pair has the Durafresh biotechnology which fights all the unwanted odors.

6. UGG Women’s Classic Cardy

Another premium yet a classic choice in our list is this boot which has been made out of dyed sheep. The outer sole is what makes it different from others as it is a knitted one which means you can easily wear this shoe and pull it up the calf as much as you require. The knitting has been done out of 50% Wool while the remaining 50% is Acrylic.

The Nylon binding ensures that there is no breakage in the boot whatsoever. Black, Grey, Peacoat, and Moss Colors are available. The company offers free returns on certain shoe designs and sizes, so it is recommended that you take a look at the return policy before buying these one.



We know you love shopping, and it could be a big problem when you are not able to get a boot that will meet all your needs. Fortunately, and we hope, our list would be of much help to you in getting the best winter boot for women category. If you want to learn more about the styling tips that you can use in winter, head over to our page of Surviving cold days in style – winter styling tips. You can also view some of the coolest accessories for women at our page on Fashion Accessories Guide.