Trendy and Cool Watches

Trendy and cool watches are widely available today. Many of these are already loaded with enhanced functionality. Along with being convenient timepieces, watches are now considered as one of the most essential components of your daily outfit. The use of watches is also a nice way to create a good impression on other people.

The type of watch that you wear implies who you are. When you choose a certain style and design, you should always consider your personality before making a final decision. Watches are also a great way to achieve individualism, so you might want to look for a watch with a unique design in order to express yourself as a unique individual. See if the trendy options below work for you:

Where to Buy
Oct17 Men's Military Quartz Analog Wrist Watch
Lancardo Men's Oversize Military Steampunk Watch
TW Steel Men's CEO Quartz Stainless Steel and Leather Casual Watch
Michael Kors Briar Rose Gold-Tone Multifunction 40mm Watch
ETEVON Women’s Quartz Rose Gold Wrist Watch
MAMONA Women's Rose Gold Chronograph Watch & Bracelet Set
AILUO Purple Wrist Watch for Women
Lacoste Men’s 2010939
Stuhrling Original Men’s Dive Watch
Merck Swiss Movement Sapphire Crystal 42mm Men’s Luxury Watch

1. Oct17 Men’s Military Quartz Analog Wrist Watch

This Oct17 watch is mainly designed for men, but there’s no reason why a woman can’t pull it off. It’s available in both silver and gunmetal color options and provides a unique trendy look for everyday use.

The appearance of this trendy watch is very different from that of a regular option, as it has several dials instead of just one.  This way, it can clearly display no less than three time zones, something which a traveler might find very convenient. This watch might also make an appreciable gift for those who have close relatives abroad or simply need to stay aware of different time zones for their business.

2. Lancardo Men’s Oversize Military Steampunk Watch

This oversized wristwatch features two dials for different time zones, a dial for the temperature, and yet another one acting like a compass. While the color options are limited to brown and black, the appearance and versatility of this trendy watch make it a good option for those who like to stand out.

In addition to being eye-catching, this watch has the advantages of a scratch-resistant and hard mineral glass. It’s also a very durable option, with a large and comfortable artificial leather strap for easy wearing. While water-resistant for some accidental splashing, it’s not waterproof enough to withstand showering, swimming, or diving.

3. TW Steel Men’s ‘ CEO Quartz Stainless Steel and Leather Casual Watch

The watch is a viable choice for those who want to make a statement with each of their daily outfits. While it has a common look, the main unique feature of this watch is its large size. It has a dial measuring 50mm, which not everyone might be comfortable with.

An added bonus here is that this watch is suitable for water activities such as swimming and snorkeling. However, it’s not recommended for wearing if you’re a diver. No matter how often you choose to wear it, this is one watch that will make it easy to tell the time at any moment and also look great on your wrist. While it might be priced at around a hundred dollars, the weight and quality are more than worth it.

4. Michael Kors Briar Rose Gold-Tone Multifunction 40mm Watch

Michael Kors is a designer label that’s known for making handbags, clothes, and other accessories of high quality and function. However, the same brand also specializes in several luxury watches, each of which could be a trendy addition to your wardrobe. They have watches with modern and feminine designs, such as the Michael Kors Briar Rose Gold-Tone Multifunction 40mm Watch.

This stainless steel watch has a beautiful color, which is still neutral enough to go with most formal attires. It’s also professional-looking enough to wear to work every day. If you’re on the lookout for a uniquely feminine watch to emphasize your fashionable taste, this might be the perfect investment.

5. ETEVON Women’s Quartz Rose Gold Wrist Watch

If the Michael Kors option is too expensive for you, this one might provide a cheaper yet similar alternative. Priced at around $20 for the time being, this is also a rose-gold wrist watch that goes with most outfits. What’s more, the watch strap is in the shape of a bracelet, making it a proper piece of jewelry along with a useful timepiece.

If there’s any issue with this item, the company will also provide maintenance and replacements for a certain period of time. This should set your mind at ease when it comes to investing in this Etevon option, as many people believe a cheap watch isn’t usually the best idea.

6. MAMONA Women’s Rose Gold Chronograph Watch & Bracelet Set

The elegant design of this watch is complemented by the accompanying matching bracelet, making a simple accessory into an eye-catching addition. You can choose to wear the watch on a daily basis and add the bracelet when you have to get dressed up. The bracelet has crystal accents, making it a suitable addition for any event where you want to look your best.

Another feature we like here is the dial, which is made of mother of pearl. This presents a shiny and luxurious effect that sets it apart from other options. There are also crystals around the dial, so we’d recommend this one for occasional wear if you have a rough job.

7. AILUO Purple Wrist Watch for Women

The color of this watch is a unique one, so you’ll be sure to stand out whenever you wear it. The purple color might not go well with everything, but it could certainly lend an interesting charm to any outfit. If you’re confident enough to pull it off, this watch is a graceful option with its shining crystals and cut-out polygon.

Those who reviewed this particular watch have confirmed that it looks beautiful in real life, even better than the online pictures. This is a heartening factor, especially as the purple shade is a little risky. Moreover, it’s a watch with high-quality construction and might even come with a handy cleaning cloth.

8. Lacoste Men’s 2010939

With the famous Lacoste watches, you’ll get a premium design with a sporty construction. These watches are all the rage among those who don’t want an overly luxurious look but a more sensible style. However, you can also get your bling on with this brand, as they’ll have several designs with colorful crystals or gold accents. This particular option has a construction that includes shiny gold accents, so it’s a trendy option that you can also wear to formal occasions.

The best thing about these watches is probably their versatility. You can pair them easily with casual or formal clothing. Plus, they’re sure to last as long as one of the more high-end brands. These watches will give a stylish and chic touch to any outfit, so wear them with pride and confidence!

9. Stuhrling Original Men’s Dive Watch

Finding a diver’s watch isn’t easy, as this constitutes several requirements. However, this option provides a trendy yet professional diver’s appearance. There are many color combinations available here, including a two-tone gold and blue, silver and red, silver and green, etc.

The strap of this watch is a stainless steel bracelet in the linking style, providing a trendy yet semi-formal look. The timepiece comes with a magnified date window, which is quite convenient. Moreover, it’s comfortable to wear and present a great look at an affordable price.

10. Merck Swiss Movement Sapphire Crystal 42mm Men’s Luxury Watch

Available in black and silver options, this particular trendy watch has an ultra-thin construction. It might hence be the perfect gift or purchase for those who prefer a minimalistic lifestyle. It’s suitable for all kinds of occasion and events, whether they’re casual formal, business, indoors, or outdoors.

What we especially like about this watch is its interchangeable strap design. This allows the wearer to change the strap according to their wishes making it a versatile and fashionable option. What’s even more impressive is that in spite of the slim construction, user reviews confirm that this watch is suitable even during rough jobs like construction or factory work.


When you set out to buy a unique trendy watch, you have your work cut out for you. There are several choices available in the market, but the sheer choice is also a factor in confusing your search. You want to get a watch that’s not just trendy, but also one that’s durable, suits your taste and reflects your personality to a certain extent. The designer watches listed above will hopefully help to narrow down the search and make the final choice much easier.