20 Stylish Ideas for Western Belts for Men

These days, belts are more than just holding your pants and shirts. They’re now a style statement. While people are pledging their devotion to just one brand, others are looking for different types of belts to suit whatever style they fancy for the moment.

So if you’re thinking about strutting your stuff in cowboy fashion and looking for belts to accompany your ensemble, you’re in the right place!

Check out our suggestions for different Western belts below:

Where to Buy
Prorider Men's Western Ranger Belt
3D Belts Brown Men's Western Basic Belt
West Star Cowboy Tooled Real Leather Plain Belt
Belts.com Gold Longhorn Steer Men's Genuine Leather Western Ranger Belt
Belts.com Gold Cross Conchos Western Scalloped Belt
Historical Emporium Men's Right Hand Tooled Leather Western Gun Belt and Holster
Bama Belts and Leathers Native Indian Design Handmade Men's Leather Belt
Nocona Men's Multi-Bullet Belt
Ariat Men's Sanded Brown Blue Inlay Belt
Nocona Belt Co. Men's Pro Tricross Scalop Raw

1. Nocona Men’s Floral-Embossed Western Belt

If you don’t mind going a bit soft to your overall tough cowboy style, you may like Nocona Men’s Floral-Embossed Western Belt. The strap is made of 100% cowhide leather and features an embossed floral design and side stitches. The floral patterns are repeated in the silvery one-prong buckle.

2. Autolock Men’s Reversible Leather Belts

If you’re the type who changes styles often, we’re sure you’re going to love this reversible belt. You can wear this belt at either side of the strap, so it’s like having two belts in one! Just rotate the buckle to your preferred side of the strap, and you’re good to go. This belt can also be adjusted for size for a great fit. It comes in solid colors if you’re going for that classic cowboy look.

3. Silver Canyon Men’s Leather Belt

Now you can earn your stars with Silver Canyon Men’s Leather Belt! This brown belt is made of a composite of genuine full-grain leather at the back side and synthetic leather at the front which makes it durable and long-lasting after many uses. Looking further at the details of this belt, it features a basket weave pattern, contrasting white stitches on the sides, and studded metal star conchos.

4. Nocona Men’s Beaded Belt

Western style has been often incorporated with Native American-inspired fashion, and this is well-represented by this belt from Nocona. Made of 100% cowhide leather, the strap is adorned by multi-colored beads arranged in a Native American indigenous patterns.

5. Hide & Drink Men’s Two-Row Stich Leather Belt

Most men like their fashion (Western or otherwise) to be basic and practical – something that they can use and wear for a long, looooong time. This belt from Hide & Drink will definitely meet all their expectations. Why is that so? For a start, it comes with an unbelievable 101-year warranty! Yes, folks! That means the company is so confident with its product. Hand-tooled and made from 100% grain leather, it features two-row stitches on the sides and a simple buckle made of nickel. This is simply a timeless belt with an incredible century warranty!

6. Nocona Men’s Pro Brown Nailhead Edge Belt

For some men, they’d like their Western fashion to be flashy and flamboyant. This brown belt from Nocona is imported and made from 100% cowhide leather, accoutered by contrasting white stitches on the sides and silvery nail-like studs that shimmer against the light.

7. Ariat Men’s Scroll Beveled Edge Contrast Belt

This stylish belt from Ariat will suit to whatever getup you’re having, apart from the Western one. Made from 100% leather, the black strap is embossed with tan-colored scroll design. The silver-colored buckle features an engraved design and is removable should you want to replace it with a new buckle of your own choice.

8. Occidental Leather Thick Leather Belt

For most working men and cowboys, they want a belt that will hold their trousers because they know how rugged their own jobs can be. Design-wise, they want it look as simple as possible. And that’s what this belt from Occidental Leather delivers. This 100% custom-tanned leather belt is simple but does its job as promised – this is a heavy-duty pant belt with stitches on the edges for added durability. It comes in a solid brown color. This belt may be simple but its quality cannot be underestimated.

9. Brighton Classic Western Tooled Leather Belt

This all-black belt from Brighton is made from 100% pure leather and measures about a little over an inch wide which makes it ideal for most types of pants with loops for belts. It is embossed with a Western-style scroll design. This belt speaks of both practicality and subtle elegance.

10. Western Leather Belt Gold Berry

The genuine leather strap and zinc alloy buckle are the ideal complements to each other. There was no leather odor when the belt was produced. It is soft enough to be a nice option for a belt to wear every day. The concho ornamentation is really shiny. Our longhorn, horse, bullrider, cowboy prayer, rooster, and star are among our symbols. The somewhat thicker strap is unquestionably stronger and more durable than any PU leather strap. Because the buckle is composed of zinc alloy, it resists rusting well.

Where to Buy
Nocona Men's Floral-Embossed Western Belt
Autolock Men's Reversible Leather Belts
Silver Canyon Men's Leather Belt
Nocona Men's Beaded Belt
Hide & Drink Men's Two-Row Stich Leather Belt
Nocona Men's Pro Brown Nailhead Edge Belt
Ariat Men's Scroll Beveled Edge Contrast Belt
Occidental Leather Thick Leather Belt
Brighton Classic Western Tooled Leather Belt
Western Leather Belt Gold Berry


11. Prorider Men’s Western Ranger Belt

If you’re feeling like a Western ranger or you just want an elegant belt, you can’t go wrong with Prorider Men’s Western Ranger Belt. This hand-tooled leather belt has embossed basket-weave design and the simple buckle can also be replaceable with another buckle of your choice. It is available in deep tan color.

12. 3D Belts Brown Men’s Western Basic Belt

This belt exudes understated elegance. Made of 100% full grain leather, the simple and basic-looking strap is contrasted by the more ornate replaceable silver buckle. This very versatile belt is ideal not just for the Western ensemble but also for formal and casual wear.

13. West Star Cowboy Tooled Real Leather Plain Belt 

This belt from West Star is made from the finest quality cowhide leather, not any kind of faux PU leather can compete with. It has a gold buckle with a black longhorn on it. The buckle is surrounded by sparkling detailing, and the belt itself is made of high-quality leather. As a result, it is long-lasting and great for daily use.

14. Belts.com Gold Longhorn Steer Men’s Genuine Leather Western Ranger Belt

Made of the finest quality oil-tanned cowhide leather, this belt from Belts.com will be your dependable fashion accessory, whether you’re in an all-cowboy getup or in a relaxed casual ensemble. The buckle, two loops and end tip are constructed in a silvery finish complete with intricate embossed scrolls, and the strap is decorated with five LongHorn Steer gold-and-silver conchos. This a very stylish and masculine belt without coming off as too flashy or tacky.

15. Belts.com Gold Cross Conchos Western Scalloped Belt

Another elegant and stylish belt from Belts.com will appeal to those who love the color gold. Made from genuine leather, this belt is rather unusual for its hand-braided edges. The interchangeable buckle, loops and end tip are plated with gold and silver featuring intricate embossed scroll patterns. The width of the strap is accentuated with silver conchos, each with a gold cross in the center.

16. Historical Emporium Men’s Right Hand Tooled Leather Western Gun Belt and Holster

If you’re actually living a daily life of a cowboy or if you’re looking for something to complete your Western costume, this gun belt from Historical Emporium won’t surely disappoint. This all-genuine tooled leather belt features intricate embossed floral design. The right-hand holster can accommodate a .45 caliber revolver, while the back of the belt can hold ammunition. It also includes a hammer loop and a leg tie to keep your armed weapon safe and secure whether you’re galloping across the fields or simulating an old-fashioned Western shootout (Of course, the gun is not included in the belt).

17. Bama Belts and Leathers Native Indian Design Handmade Men’s Leather Belt

Made from 100% quality genuine leather this hand-tooled belt is crafted with embossed Native American-inspired design patterns, and this will appeal to those who are interested in Native American culture, living and fashion. It also comes with six holes to allow different size adjustments as well as an interchageable buckle.

18. Nocona Men’s Multi-Bullet Belt

Nocona is always the go-to brand when it comes to fashionable belts. The company offers designs that never fail to provoke interest and intrigue. This belt in particular is unique because it is adorned by 12-gauge brass bullet conchos across the 100% genuine leather strap and loop. A simple, basic belt with an edgy, “badass” touch.

19. Ariat Men’s Sanded Brown Blue Inlay Belt

This belt from Ariat gives a touch of the Native American design with its heavily carved and embossed floral pattern on its genuine leather strap, complete with turquoise blue inlays. This belt is a perfect combination of vintage aesthetics and modern design, and will stand out in no matter what sartorial style you choose.

20. Nocona Belt Co. Men’s Pro Tricross Scalop Raw

This is a great belt for its price. Made of 100% leather, this belt has lots of trimmings such as basket weave patterns on the strap and a heavily embossed triple-snap removable buckle. Nocona’s richly decorated belt is the best choice to pair with a simpler and a more understated outfit.