Why Should You Consider Using Pure Mineral Contour?

Ever wished to have a makeup that enhances your overall look, as well as something that takes good care of your skin? Conventional makeup like liquid foundations usually has this “plaster-like effect” on the skin, which is not good for those who have sensitive skin.

If you are suffering from sensitive skin but you want to cop that chiseled, sharp contour effects, you might want to consider using a pure mineral contour. What is this and how does it help enhance your overall look and your skin? Make sure to read further!

What is contour?

Often confused with bronzer, contour’s goal is to create shadows on the face. These shadows make for a slimmer face, more prominent cheekbones, sharper jawline, smaller nose, plumper lips, and a whole lot more.

Contour is usually applied on key spots, such as on the temples, sides of the nose, below the cheekbones, across the jawlines, and the dip below your bottom lip. And to cop that perfect contoured look.

What is mineral makeup?

When manufacturers develop “solid” powder foundations, they need binders, which are preservatives to combat contamination.

Mineral makeup does not have any of the preservatives, which can clog pores and cause irritation on skin. It’s a makeup that’s is the friendliest on the skin.

Why should I need to put pure mineral contour?

There are a lot of reasons as to why you should switch to pure mineral contour. Let’s dive into the most obvious ones:

Stellar formulation

Mineral pigments are milled for hours, making sure they are as fine as they get to mix with micro particle micas. Mixed with other organic materials, it creates a beautiful concoction to provide right color, coverage, and of course, care on your skin.

A pure mineral contour’s formulation is like no other.

High-quality ingredients

It contains organic, premium ingredients that are not usually found in conventional makeup products. It’s actually what makeup artists rave about. The pigment sits atop of the skin, providing sleek finish and extraordinary coverage. It’s as if your contour will look natural!

Improves skin appearance

Do you know what all makeup lovers hate? Cakey, low-quality makeup. With mineral contour, you don’t have to deal with cakey look all-day. It contains micro minerals, as well as natural oxides that are usually included in post-dermabrasion treatments.

Don’t be scared to use pure mineral contour! There are a lot of mineral makeup products out there that you should try too. If you wear makeup on a daily basis, then mineral contour is best matched with a mineral foundation! Go slay that flawless face while accentuating your features.

It’s as if you will feel like you are not wearing any makeup at all! It feels so light on the skin. And with just a few dabs and strokes, the product will sit and blend nicely on your skin.

Less allergic reaction

Having sensitive skin requires putting on clinically-tested makeup. In short, cheap makeup products are not their game.

Cheap makeup products usually come with artificial colors, bismuth oxychloride, and fragrances that may potentially irritate the skin. That is why if you have a sensitive skin, putting on cheap makeup will often lead to redness, burning sensation, itchiness, and other forms of skin discomfort.

With mineral contour, you don’t have to fear having these discomforts anymore. You will quickly notice how smooth it glides onto your skin, and your skin will love it! However, if you’re still in doubt, then it’s best to always consult your local derma before applying any makeup.

Perfect for that no-makeup makeup look

The “no-makeup makeup look” is all the rage nowadays because it promotes authenticity. We all live in an era wherein we’re constantly pressured to fit into societal norms that we forget to celebrate rawness.

Putting mineral contour is the perfect way to highlight your features, not change them. Compared to other makeup products that contain chemicals, a mineral contour has fewer ingredients but provides better results for the skin.

Simplifies your beauty routine

With a pure mineral contour, you don’t have to stress yourself over reapplying every 3 hours. It sits perfectly and withstands any weather, which is perfect if you want to cut down on the makeup products you use.

If you’re always on the go, this one will surely be your holy grail.