What is the most flattering swimsuit color?

Finding the appropriate swimwear may make a wonderful experience, such as a tropical trip or a day at the lake with friends, even more spectacular! There’s something special about going out in a bikini that fits perfectly, caresses your body, and makes you feel utterly confident. That is probably why so many ladies prefer black swimwear.

We completely understand—when it comes to women’s swimsuits, black is timeless! Black can accentuate and define your form where you want it to, as well as refine your silhouette where you want it to. When you consider that black looks good on almost everyone, the traditional black suit feels almost magical. However, if you’re aiming to create your ideal swimwear wardrobe, mix in some additional hues for fun and self-expression.

If you’re shopping for a new swimsuit and already own at least one lovely black bathing suit, try something else! Continue reading for swimsuit color ideas that are just as appealing and stunning as classic black.

Dark Purple

Woman in swimming pool

Call it blackberry or eggplant, but the color is deep purple. If you’re looking for a swimsuit color that flatters all skin tones, dark purple is the way to go. This color will add a classic vibe to your beachwear appearance, but with an unexpected twist. Look for a dark purple one-piece swimsuit that draws attention to your face and décolletage, which is one of the nicest attributes of a black swimsuit, for a cut that is just as attractive as the color itself. Pack crimson grapes or purple carrots in your beach bag for a completely themed day.

Emerald Green

Emerald-colored swimwear, named after a very costly gemstone and distinguished by its blue-tinged color, offers sophistication and elegance with the extra benefit of being on-trend this year. Green is an underappreciated neutral—consider this: is grass neutral? Are trees impartial? —which is just as flexible as black but has a more tropical vibe. Choose an emerald green suit in any design, from a two-piece high-neck tankini to a basic one-piece with a square neck, and keep in mind that this delicious shade of green flatters a variety of hair colors and skin tones.

Because emerald-colored swimwear is such a versatile anchor piece for a swimwear set, you can match it with a variety of beach cover-ups; citrus colors or a clear bright pink would make emerald sing!

Navy or Royal Blue

These deep blue hues are as powerful as they are flattering. Blue is an excellent choice because there is a dark blue tint that will match both your vibe and your color. That’s why we enjoy the notion of combining blue-toned swimwear! People anticipate black to be one component of a mixed-and-matched outfit, whereas dark blue demonstrates your attention to detail. Look for your favorite shades of blue in tankini swimwear for a fun, utilitarian, and very adaptable two-piece mix-and-match choice.

Choose a navy top with lighter blue bottoms, or a royal blue bottom with a lighter top. Tankinis are a practical and comfortable swimsuit selection because they offer coverage while remaining comfortable like a beach-ready bikini, ensuring that you can’t go wrong with this color and style combination!


When we say maroon, we mean a shade that falls somewhere between “brownish crimson” and “burgundy crimson.” The correct maroon swimsuit will be as new as it is appealing and, like black, will stand the test of time. A maroon swimsuit works well in any style, especially a one-piece with a low-cut back, which will draw attention to your skin tone against this surprising color. Maroon is also an excellent choice for swimwear because so many colors fit under this (beach) umbrella, allowing you to experiment with this hue. You might discover a new favorite hue!

Two woman in swimsuit

Finding a flattering swimwear based on your skin tone

The color of your bikini can completely alter your expression! If you’re looking for a complementary tone, consider colors that are complementary to your skin tone.

  • If you have olive-toned skin, a salmon dye will bring out your skin tones while producing a complimentary form. 
  • If you have fair skin, a true yellow will bring out your skin tones while providing a high tone on your features. 
  • If you have warm skin tones, a real red will brighten your complexion and make your skin appear less greasy. 

Essentially, the golden rule for selecting complementary bikini dye is to consider your skin tone. Read on for more!

Very fair skin and light blonde or red hair

Soft hues are more effective. If you go for something very daring, you’ll definitely make a statement, but you can end up exposing off your pale side. Soft pinks, blues, and beige are all good choices. Greens and blacks can be hit or miss depending on the shade and whether you have warm or chilly skin.

Light cream skin with dark hair

Snow White, your black hair and fair skin provide a natural contrast. Any color in the blue family will be your best bet. Use navy, turquoise, and baby blue, as well as emerald, fuchsia, and plum. The orange and white suits should be left on the rack.

Medium-light skin tone and brown hair

Rich earthy tones and deep reds will bring out your warmer side. Avoid fleshy peach and beige tones, as they will likely wash you out. Dark colors, such as black and grey, can have a similar impact.

Woman in an army green swimsuit

Olive or light brown skin with medium to dark brown hair

You’re a lucky girl! You can choose from a variety of swimwear colors. For starters, black bikinis look fantastic on you. Blues will also look great. Try army greens or burnt oranges for a unique look. Wear a bright and colorful print with some white in it to bring out the depth of your skin tone.

Dark brown or black hair with light black skin

You get to experiment with color. Bright yellows, jewel-toned pinks and purples will suit you perfectly. Colors that are bold or dramatic will generate contrast and really stand out.

Avoid any color that is too near to your skin tone. Beige, olive green, medium brown, and even gold are not suitable colors for you.

Brown or black hair with caramel skin

You have a natural glow, Caramel-skinned beauty, that you may play up or down with the perfect outfit. Deep oranges, for example, will highlight your skin’s golden tone, as will a warmer purple or teal. However, cool aqua, mint greens, and even navy look great on you.

Dark hair and very dark skin

Pastels will look fantastic on you! When it comes to swimwear, baby blues, minty greens, delicate pinks and pastel yellows, as well as light grey, will be your finest options. If the suit isn’t the most perfectly fitting piece of lycra you’ve ever put on your body, leave it behind in quest of the most sorbet-oriented colors.

To summarize

The most important aspect of selecting a color of swimwear is that you enjoy it. If you like the hue, it will complement your skin tone. The color of your swimsuit can have a major impact on your appearance, so choose wisely!

The best thing to do is look for dyes that match your skin tone and select one of them. You know that getting the correct swimwear for your body and skin is a vital step in looking your best, whether you’re looking for a cover-up or bikini bottoms. 

Remember that the most flattering bikini is the one that you are most at ease in.