What Is French Chic?

If one group knows how to dress well, it is the French. For a good reason, France is renowned as one of the world’s most powerful fashion epicenters, home to Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès.

No other nationality is as effortlessly chic as the French, and we can certainly learn some style pointers from the French women if we wish to accomplish this appearance. That style you get when you’re elegant, yet it appears as if you just grabbed the first things in your wardrobe, matched them up, and you look beautiful!

Striped T-shirts, red lipstick, beret hats, and the no-makeup look are some of the most well-known style “things” in French fashion and beauty, but French chic goes even further. So be prepared to take notes and sport the French look whenever you want.

French Fashion


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French fashion is well-known for its style, and it is known as an elegant, stylish, and effortless fashion that is also all about quality rather than quantity. It is always worthwhile to invest in those timeless things that a French woman adores, pieces that you’ll be able to wear and enjoy for many years.

We may think of French style in this way: it’s classy and magnificent, even when you’re wearing a more casual and dressed-down outfit. You can look great from daylight to nighttime.

It’s no surprise that Paris Fashion Week is among the most important fashion weeks in the world; it simply goes to show how strong French fashion is, even after all these years, and how vital and beloved French flair is.

With so many new designers and businesses emerging each year, French fashion has its classics and a modern and fresh spin on it, produced by new designers to watch out for.

Top French Fashion Items

French chic is excellent, but like any other style, it has a few accessories and clothing that are so prevalent in the French style that if you intend to accomplish the look, you’d best have some of them hanging in your closet.

Take note of the following top French fashion pieces that French and Parisian ladies adore:


No French lady or woman’s wardrobe or closet would be complete without this fantastic piece: a blazer. A black blazer is unquestionably a must-have item for any Frenchman, and it should be for you as well; a dark blue blazer is also a wonderful option! It’s a timeless piece that every lady should have at least one of in her wardrobe.

If you’re pleased with a beautiful black blazer, you can have some fun and expand your blazer collection with other colors and possibly even prints. Get some basic and neutral colors, such as white, beige, and navy, to help you produce a very effortless chic look.

Denim Trousers

a woman wearing a white top and a denim trouser sitting on a swing

A French woman appreciates and knows how to wear a good pair of jeans. Try your denim trousers with a top in a very effortless stylish combination for a very Parisian look that’s so traditionally French.

Pick your favorite pair or pairs of jeans; the French girl appreciates a good pair of denim to add a casual touch to her outfit. Combine it with a t-shirt and a leather jacket or blazer for a very French vibe.

Waisted Cocktail Dress

Another piece that the French adore is a good waisted cocktail dress, which ensures that you are always prepared for any event. Because the waisted style is very feminine, you can match it with a lovely pair of high heels or ballerina flats for a much more simple look.

Leather Jacket

A good leather jacket, like a decent blazer, is a favorite of the French woman. It contributes to the effortless style because it is a more casual garment coupled with a pretty dress to create a lovely contrast.

How to Achieve the Classic French Chic Look

Simple Gold Jewelry Pieces

Classic hoops and pendant necklaces are staples in nearly every French woman’s attire. Oversized, flashy jewelry is not typically worn by a French woman who prefers to accessorize quietly. These pieces are highly flexible and well worth investing in because you will wear them throughout the seasons!

Put on your gold necklace or gold hoops to complete your look, whether it’s with a graphic tee in the spring, a sweater in the fall, or a white top in the summer.

Attempt to be Perfectly Undone

Maintain the optimum state of disarray. Meaning? Don’t try to be flawless!

The idea is not to have flawlessly contoured makeup, a well-pressed shirt, and hair so sleek and smooth that you appear unapproachable. Accept a few flyaways, a messy hairstyle, an oversized shirt, and pants that aren’t properly cuffed.

You want to look excellent without making an effort; trendy without appearing to have spent hours on your look. That’s how the French does it!

Include a Beret Hat in Your Wardrobe

Cliche? Perhaps. However, you can’t have a complete vintage French clothing appearance without a beret hat in your closet!

These hats are simple and lovely to wear at any time of year. Wear a neutral-colored or black beret with boots and a long trench coat in the fall and winter. Once spring has arrived? Pair a light-colored or pastel beret, such as pink or beige, with your favorite dress to push your style boundaries. The possibilities are limitless!

Neutrals Should Be a Part of Your Collection

You’ll see many more wacky designs, bright colors, and tie-dye lounge sets in America than you would in France. It’s a great thing to fill your wardrobe with neutrals if you want to achieve that classic French chic look!

Make Certain That You Have Classic Pieces in Your Wardrobe

The foundation of every traditional French style wardrobe is timeless, fitted, and classic pieces. To begin, you should have terrific jeans, black pumps, neutral jackets, simple blouses, classic sweaters, and a killer pair of ankle boots.

Are you looking to pull together a completely Parisian look without putting in all of the effort and time required to get ready? Combine the components above! Pair your classic sweater with a neutral jacket, great denim, and a killer pair of ankle boots for a traditional French-style clothing look for the day.

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