Women’s Briefcases and Its Benefits

Women have always been fascinated and oriented with bags that can make them stand out. Women love bags, not for the sake of trends and fashion but for their contribution of elegance and style to everyday apparel.

A briefcase is one type of go-to bag for professional men in business, but many briefcase designs are also targeted at women. A briefcase makes a spacious purse that provides several benefits. These purse briefcases do not just provide space but also offer classy looks. A purse briefcase is a good fit for women who want to put many things in their purses and go outside with style.

Today’s briefcases come with plenty of compartments to serve modern men and women, including more durable materials and laptop bag pockets. In this article, learn more about briefcases, their benefits, and how to style them.

History of Briefcases

Leather is the perfect material for a briefcase. It’s timeless and stylish and goes with any business attire. The leather briefcase originated in 1892 when Lewis Tappan created the first leather bag. It started as a way to keep your work materials separate from clothes when traveling. Since then, it has become known as one of a person’s most prestigious possessions. It wasn’t until the 1930s that women started to use briefcases, too.

Briefcases have been a symbol of power and status for both men and women. Finding the perfect style that can reflect your personality can be tricky, but it’s worth it.

Best Materials for Leather Briefcases

 A brown leather briefcase

Leather is a strong and stylish material, making it the perfect choice for a refined briefcase, and it can develop a beautiful patina over time. Plus, it’s a natural material that can look good on most people. Here are the best materials from which high-quality briefcases are made:

1. Full-grain leather

Full-grain leather is a durable material made of animal skin that has been cleaned, tanned, and cured as is. This means the original grain of the skin stays intact, making it stronger and more long-lasting than top-grain leather.

2. Top-grain leather

The finest leather has the top leather grain. The outside layer of the skin is normally removed, and any roughness on the surface is sanded away. It has an appealing look because of pigmentation. Top-grain leather is used to make a majority of high-end products like leather coats and old-style leather backpacks and briefcases.

3. Faux leather

Faux leather is soft and comfortable to the touch, making it a good option for travelers who need something that looks good but is still functional. Since it’s faux leather, it’s made of synthetic materials that are more affordable than genuine leather.

4. Vegetable-tanned leather

If you prefer a more sustainable option, look for vegetable-tanned leather. Vegetable tanning is the process of turning an animal hide into leather by treating the hide with natural tannins from trees. The process leaves the skin with beautiful deep color and soft and flexible leather material.

5. Tuscany leather

If you’re looking for the perfect handmade leather material for a briefcase, Tuscany leather is the way to go. It’s a handcrafted type of leather tanned in Italy, with a great leather manufacturing tradition. Not only is Tuscany leather stylish and beautiful, but it’s also soft and durable to bring to your daily commute.

Benefits of Using a Briefcase

There’s a reason why briefcases are the go-to bag for stylish, professional women everywhere – it’s simply classic and chic. Not to mention, it has countless benefits that can make your life easier. You can dress it up or down, making it an excellent option for any outfit. Plus, the look and feel of a leather briefcase are incomparable to other types of bags. Here’s why using a briefcase can benefit you:

1. It makes you look professional

A woman in business attire walking down the city streets with a briefcase

Whether you’re going for a job interview or to your office job, you want to look professional. A briefcase can give the impression that you have it all together and you have a high-paying job. To some people, it can give them the sense that they know what they’re doing and are capable of.

Briefcases earned their professional reputation because they’ve been used in offices and universities for decades. It’s a bag with many connotations – from being an essential office accessory in Wall Street to something your sage professor brings to class to being a cash-filled vessel of mobsters. Whatever picture it paints to you, it gives a professional and wealthy vibe.

2. It stays durable

Leather briefcases can look old and worn when used for a while, which is sometimes part of the style. But it’s because they are made from strong, resistant, and flexible materials. A good leather handbag can create a unique patina as it ages – sometimes, it even looks better than when it was brand new. Also, you’ll be able to wear it every day for years and stay undamaged. An added bonus is that it will also protect your belongings from the weather.

Quality leather briefcases may be expensive initially, but they will serve you better in the long run because they are made exceptionally well. While you can find cheaper ones that look good and fashionable, they’ll more likely break sooner because they are quickly manufactured and are made from cheaper materials.

3. It can serve as a timeless piece in your wardrobe

A stylish brown leather briefcase

What bag can make you look sophisticated, like a briefcase? Since it’s durable, timeless, and fashionable, this bag will be indispensable in a woman’s wardrobe. Its classic design makes it an ideal choice for work, business, or any other situation that needs you to have files and belongings. Different kinds of purses may be in and out of season, but a briefcase isn’t because it’s classically functional.

4. It’s versatile

a woman sitting at the park bench beside her briefcase

While briefcases have the reputation of being used in professional settings, they can be used anywhere for many reasons. Some scenarios where a briefcase can be useful are:

  • Going to a café to do some writing
  • Transporting essential documents to a lawyer
  • Going on a day trip and want to use your laptop while you’re out

While other bags can also fulfill these tasks, briefcases can make you do it in style while looking professional.

There are many styles and designs of briefcases that make them more versatile. You may find it helpful to use a large, brown leather briefcase for work because you have a lot to carry, and it complements your work outfits. But if you want something that looks more modern, a black leather briefcase can suit you better.

5. It protects your important documents

Having a leather briefcase is a great way to protect your documents, files, laptop, and other electronics. It makes lugging them around easier as you carry more with less weight on your shoulder. There are briefcases with locks to ensure that the contents are secure, no matter what happens. Also, having a dedicated bag for your important stuff allows you to prevent accidents, like having your water bottle, liquid makeup, or sanitizer spill some of its contents into your bag. 

6. It keeps your belongings organized

A dark brown leather briefcase with an outside compartment

The main reason why we carry a bag to hold our belongings. But with a briefcase, you are ensured that the contents can be organized because they are designed to hold documents so that they will remain crease-free. It also comes with different compartments for specific items.

Modern briefcases come with a built-in laptop sleeve to protect your gadget from rattling around. It also often comes with an area to place pens so that they won’t get buried in the bottom of your pockets.

7. It won’t wrinkle your clothing

Since briefcases are carried by hand, they won’t wrinkle your shirts. Professional attire isn’t designed to have straps from backpacks or heavy cross-body bags pulling on them, which can result in creases. The last thing you want is to show up to an important meeting with wrinkles and strap marks all over your top.

8. It makes you look mature

It doesn’t matter whether you’re middle-aged or in your early twenties – carrying a briefcase can instantly make you look mature and put together. If you’re starting out in your career, using a briefcase instead of a backpack can help people get a more serious impression of you, letting them know that you mean business.

How to Style a Leather Briefcase

Whether you’re heading to that board meeting or simply hitting the town, a leather briefcase can help you take care of business. So, go ahead and take your style to the next level by wearing it proudly.

1. Use it to match your outfit

For a more streamlined and finished look, wearing a leather briefcase in the same color as your coat or any business outfit is a great idea. It can help you look more polished and sophisticated.

2. Layer it over an outfit to create a more finished look

Wearing a leather briefcase can add an edge to any outfit to make you look more polished. It can be worn with jeans, dress pants, blazers, and coats.

3. Be creative

Who says a leather briefcase has to be boring? If you found a vintage leather briefcase still in good condition but looks too plain for your taste, you can get creative with it. You can hand paint it to express your style or add studded details if it is edgier.

4. Compliment it with accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit, and a leather briefcase is no exception. If you’re using a leather briefcase, make sure your other accessories also give off a professional vibe. Versace watches, pearl necklaces, and streamlined jewelry can complete the look.