What are the Major Swimsuit Brands?

Swimsuits and bikinis aren’t always for show and frills, and they’re not just for your Instagram followers. For beachgoers and summer regulars, a normal summer day includes donning a swimsuit or bikini and enjoying the beach all day. Even if bikini season isn’t quite here, it’s always wonderful to be ready for the next beach excursion.

And while it might be easy to become overwhelmed by all the options available, the major swimsuit brands currently available on the market make it easier to focus on styles that suit your needs—whether they be larger bust support, a long-torso fit, or statement-making designs and patterns—at practically every price point.

Why Are Swimsuits Important?

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If you swim frequently, you are likely aware of the significance of the materials used in swimsuit manufacturing. In order to assist you increase your performance, comfort, and suit longevity, the leading swimwear manufacturers spend a lot of money researching and developing innovative materials.

You won’t magically catch fire just because a pool sign specified you needed to wear appropriate swimsuits, so there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with going for a swim without the required swimming attire. However, to protect not only your body but also that of others, you should always wear proper swimming attire when swimming in pools and natural bodies of water. 

Major Swimsuit Brands

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The ideal swimming suit can mean different things to different people. For some people, the fit and comfort of the material and straps are everything. Others are drawn to the lively colors and fashionable features. However, ultimately, the best bathing suit is the one that makes you feel good in your body, regardless of what you value most or whether you like one-piece tanks or two-piece bikinis. You can choose from the following list of popular swimwear brands to pick out the ideal summer clothing for you.  Certainly this list isn’t exhaustive but it will help you on your journey to finding the perfect swimsuit for you.

1. Summersalt

Go over to Summersalt right away if you tend to favor sporty or flowery bikinis. The company offers a wide range of plus-size alternatives, long-torso suits, and attractive styles for all other body types as well. Take full advantage of florals, ruffles, solids, and understated designs for all of your summery activities. Also, pay attention to its collaborations.

2. Everlane

The San Francisco-based company, which takes pride in offering premium materials and workmanship at affordable prices, has expanded its top-selling swim line for the season. The brand uses Econyl, a recycled nylon, and the size-inclusive one-pieces and bikini sets were astonishingly well-made for the under $100 price tag, and the cuts and vibrant colors felt contemporary yet classic.

3. Solid & Striped

Despite being close to turning 10, Solid & Striped continues to produce cutting-edge designs. Solid & Striped has a surprisingly fashionable collection this summer, with boho-inspired knitwear, retro cutouts, and graphic patterns, in addition to plenty of timeless pieces like belted maillots and classic bikinis.

4. Jade Swim

Jade Swim has a talent for creating minimalist silhouettes with cutting-edge, innovative elements all over. Consider timeless one-pieces with a back cutout that runs diagonally, barely-there triangle tops with high-waisted bottoms, and strapless dresses with ruched detailing and metallic finishes. Everything from the eco-friendly swimwear line feels upscale but not overtly trendy, achieving the ideal mix for stylish pool parties or making a good first impression on your first beach vacation.

5. Madewell

Thought Madewell was only known for their warm knitwear and great jeans? The opposite is evident with a quick glance through the brand’s swimwear collection. True to form, it has plenty of high-quality basics as well as trendy styles like one-shoulder tops and board short sets, as well as cool prints like abstract geometric patterns and ditsy florals, all at the same affordable price range we’ve come to expect.

6. Mara Hoffman

The fashion industry is known for using smoke and mirrors to disguise sustainable practices, and greenwashing is a real phenomenon. But Mara Hoffman is the real deal; the avant-garde designer isn’t just saying it; she lives it. In addition to her breezy yet chic ready-to-wear, she also creates genuinely excellent swimwear that varies from the understated to the risqué.

7. Faithfull the Brand

Shopping for a season of prairie dresses this summer? Visit the swim category of Faithfull the Brand. You can expect to see all of the gingham, paisley, and floral prints as well as solid one-pieces and bikinis with accents that allude to the brand’s distinctively dainty aesthetic.

8. Marysia

Thanks to its distinctive scalloped edging and the soft Italian fabric used in many of its bikinis, Marysia swimsuits are immediately identifiable from across the beach. The scalloped swimsuit trend was created by the founder, Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves, and was introduced by her namesake brand in 2009. The timeless design of the scalloped edge gives you the impression that you are investing in confident summer days to come rather than just hopping into another swimsuit trend.

The brand’s trademark is its timeless, fashion-girl, feminine details, but they have also branched out into modern swimwear and ready-to-wear.

9. L*Space

Based in California, L*Space is a company that prioritizes fit. It’s a brand you turn to for swimsuit styles that are easy to throw on and go. However, if you have a smaller cup size and don’t want more support on the breast, their styles are more simple and comfortable. They carry swimsuits for all sizes.

This upscale brand sells pricey swimsuits, yet the designs are fashionable yet classic enough to be worn well after the next season.

10. Onia

The swimwear line from Onia is perfect if you want to stand out on the beach. Their swimwear is fun, stylish, and captivating. Additionally, their suits fit beautifully, giving you a positive body image every time you wear one.

The company takes pleasure in manufacturing comfortable loungewear and swimwear that are ideal for wearing while traveling from one far-off location to another. Even if you might not have any immediate plans to travel to an exotic location, you should still try on one of their adorable bikinis.

11. Juillet

Juilllet is the bikini brand you never realized you needed if you’re feeling (and if you are) sexy. Their bikinis are designed with a woman’s curve in mind, making your investment worthwhile. Their modern swimwear collection has a carefree, opulent vibe.

This company sells bikinis with classic shapes and feminine colors. Don one of their bikinis and head to the beach whenever you want to feel powerful, sexy, and attractive.

12. Swimsuits for All

Swimsuits For All offers something for everyone, as the name implies. With a large selection of bikinis, one-pieces, tops, bottoms, tankinis, and coverups available in a variety of designs, materials, and colors, it produces some of the most inclusive swimwear in the fashion business. It aims to make sure that people of all sizes and shapes can feel comfortable donning a bathing suit. The brand offers options in sizes ranging from 4 to 26, and it’s simple to buy by shape, silhouette, solutions, and other criteria.

Additionally, the company crafts insightful partnerships with public figures who embrace their bodies, such as Ashley Graham and Gabi Fresh. These influencers not only add to the plus-size swimwear trend, but also give customers access to swimsuits in a variety of body types that aren’t typically represented by other companies.

13. Mikoh

With a swimsuit from Mikoh, a swimwear line adored by celebs, models, and influencers alike, you can channel some laid-back island vibes. Models like Molly Sims and Winnie Harlow wear this brand. Swimwear by Mikoh features distinctive cuts and vibrant colors, all made of high-quality materials. Their clothes maintain fashion without sacrificing quality.

You may be sure that Mikoh swimsuits can withstand the waves because they were created by Hawaii-based sisters Oleema and Kalani Miller.

14. Eloquii

You’ll want to wear Eloquii’s swimwear whether or not you’re near water since it’s so amazing. Who knew we were in such desperate need of ruffled V-neck bikini tops? The plus-size merchant did not come to play this season with styles ranging from stylish cuts to high-fashion silhouettes, and it will be difficult for you to add just one to your cart.

15. TemptMe

It’s not always necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on a single bikini in order to be fashionable. The brand to beat for attractive, stylish, and reasonably priced swimming suits is Tempt Me. Their bikinis are designed to boost your self-esteem and appeal.

There are many other designs, colors, and prints available, but their high-neck one-piece is the most sought-after. Although the brand doesn’t produce swimwear of the highest caliber available, its value for money is unmatched.

16. Miraclesuit

The best slimming swimsuit company is Miraclesuit, so check them out. This brand’s swimwear minimizes waists, bellies, and hips better than other brands since it works like shapewear. They produce lovely slimming swimsuits, plus-size swimwear that supports figures, and shapewear that enhances figures in distinctive and fashionable ways.

Wearing a bikini will make you feel wonderful about yourself thanks to Miraclesuit’s beautiful designs and premium slimming fabric. You can select a style that matches your interests, from daring to darling to retro to modern.


These are a few of the major swimsuit brands but of course there are many more available.  It can make shopping and finding the right swimsuit a bit challenging but it also means you have a lot of options. 

It’s important to swim in the appropriate swimming attire for both your health and the health of others around you. By swimming in regular clothes, it’s likely that you’re going for a specific style, but there are cute, simple, and fierce options available for all styles in clothing. Consider your skin before swimming in regular clothing, if nothing else. All types of clothes, excluding swimsuits, can aggravate existing eczema, acne, and dry skin conditions or cause new ones.