Ultimate Guide to A-Line Skirts

There are many different types of skirts available for women, and one of the most popular is the A-line skirt. It is a classic and versatile piece that can be a great addition to any wardrobe. They are referred to as A-line because the silhouette resembles the shape of an uppercase “A” – fitted at the waist and gradually flaring out towards the hemline.

You can dress up A-line skirts up or down depending on the occasion. It can also be paired with different tops and accessories to create different looks. If you are interested to learn more about this type of skirt, you’re in the right place. In this article, we are going to give you the ultimate guide to A-line skirts.

What is an A-Line Skirt?

woman wearing a green striped A-line skirt

An A-line skirt is a skirt style in women’s clothing categorized by a wider hem that gradually flares out from a fitted hip. Even though there are lots of varieties of women’s skirts available today, the A-line look is considered a classic and it has managed to stay popular for decades. In fact, it has been around for some time.

The modern A-line skirt worn today is often traced back to the mid-1950s and the designs of acclaimed fashion designer Christian Dior. His design featured a very full pleated skirt worn over a pleated jacket. As time passed, this look has been simplified by many other fashion designers, which led to a style today that emphasizes a more relaxed and sleeker look.

A-line skirts feature a wide hem, which is suitable for fitting different body types. For example, pear-shaped body types usually feature wider hips and bottoms. But the flare can help de-emphasize the fullness by creating a more balanced-looking silhouette. A-line skirts also come in different lengths, ranging from those that end well above the knee to those that trail across the floor.

The Different Types of A-Line Skirts

woman wearing a black, leather A-line skirt with buttons

When you search for A-line skirts in the market, you will see that they come in different styles and designs, and each of them has its own unique characteristics. To learn more about these, below are the different types of A-line skirts:

Classic A-Line Skirt

The classic A-line skirt has a fitted waist that gradually flares out into an A-line shape. This type is timeless and versatile. It can suit most body types and can be found in different lengths and fabrics.

Pleated A-Line Skirt

woman wearing a blue pleated A-line skirt outdoors

A pleated A-line skirt features either small or large pleats that add texture and movement to the skirt. They can range from mini to midi length, and they are usually made from lightweight fabrics like crepe or chiffon.

Button-Front A-Line Skirt

This type of A-line skirt features a row of buttons down the front, adding a touch of vintage charm. A button-front A-line skirt can be made from different materials, such as denim, corduroy, and other fabrics. It is also available in different lengths.

Wrap A-Line Skirt

This A-line skirt features an overlapping front panel that wraps around the waist. It is secured with a tie or button closure. It offers a flattering fit and adds a stylish twist to the classic A-line silhouette.

High-Waisted A-Line Skirt

woman wearing a high-waisted A-line skirt

This skirt sits at or above the natural waistline, emphasizing the waist and creating an elongated leg line. It can be paired with crop tops or tucked-in blouses for a chic and feminine look.

Skater Skirt

A skater skirt is a more youthful and playful version of the A-line skirt. It is often short, flirty, and has a lot of volume. It also usually has a fitted waist and flares out dramatically, reminiscent of the skirts worn by figure skaters.

Tiered A-Line Skirt

This type of A-line skirt has multiple layers or tiers of fabric that create a tiered effect from the waist to the hemline. Tiered A-line skirts can be made from lightweight materials for a flowy look or heavier fabrics for a structured appearance.

These are just a few examples of the different types of A-line skirts. Each of them offers its own unique charm and can be styled in different ways to suit various occasions and personal preferences.

Advantages of Wearing A-Line Skirts

woman wearing a black A-line skirt

A-line skirts are great to wear as they are versatile and easy to style. Below are more reasons why you should love A-line skirts:

A-line skirts look great on every woman.

No matter what your body shape is, as well as age, height, or size, A-line skirts are very flattering. Wearing A-line skirts just above or on the knee is perfect, but if your best asset is your legs, you can surely opt for a shorter style.

A-line skirts can add a feminine touch to any outfit.

While trousers are super chic and comfortable, there is something about wearing a skirt that brings that feminine edge to an outfit. Wearing an A-line skirt is a good idea if you want to add a feminine touch to your outfit.

They are easy to dress up or down.

When you pair A-line skirts with T-shirts and flats, you can create a super casual look. But they can be dressed up for occasions by pairing them with a blouse or fitted shirt and heeled ankle boots. You can also switch up your accessories and any look can take you from day to night.

They accentuate your waist.

An A-line skirt nips you in at the waist, giving you an hourglass figure. That is why even those who feel like they have no waist soon discover that wearing an A-line skirt can help them achieve a better figure.

A-line skirts are comfortable to wear.

A-line skirts are not restrictive, unlike other types of skirts. This means you’ll be able to move around freely in one. But if you are going to tuck in thicker tops, you might want to consider sizing up as A-line skirts have fitted style on the upper part.

A-line skirts can match most footwear.

When you are wearing an A-line skirt, you can surely wear different types of footwear. From super casual canvas sneakers to leather-heeled ankle boots and everything in between, they can surely match an A-line skirt. In fact, your slippers can also match them if you are just at home.

Tips on How to Style A-Line Skirts

woman wearing a long, red A-line skirt

If you are thinking of ways you can style an A-line skirt, we are here to help you. Below are some of the tips that you can follow that will help you style A-line skirts:

Pick the Right Length

As we’ve mentioned earlier, A-line skirts can come in various lengths, such as mini, knee-length, midi, and maxi. When picking a length, you need to consider your body shape and the occasion where you are going to wear the skirt. Mini skirts are best for a more casual look and are suited for warmer weather. Longer A-line skirts, on the other hand, are elegant and versatile for both formal and casual occasions.

Play with Fabrics

There are different fabrics available for A-line skirts, such as cotton, denim, wool, linen, and leather. Pick the fabric based on the season and occasion. For summer, lighter fabrics like cotton and linen are perfect. But for fall and winter, wool or tweed can be a great choice.

Pair with Fitted Tops

Since A-line skirts feature a feminine and flared shape, you can balance the volume on the bottom by wearing a fitted top. You can tuck in a blouse, a slim-fitting sweater, or a tailored shirt to define your waistline and create a flattering silhouette.

Experiment with Prints and Colors

A-line skirts are also a great canvas for showcasing different colors and prints. Go for bold prints like polka dots, floral, or stripes, as these can help add visual interest to your outfit. You may also pick solid colors in vibrant hues or neutral if you are aiming to create a timeless and elegant look.

Add a Belt

If you want to emphasize your waist or add more structure to the A-line skirt, it is also a good idea to wear a belt. A thin or wide belt can help cinch the waist and create an hourglass shape. You just have to make sure that the belt you will wear matches the color and style of the skirt.

Layer with Jackets or Sweaters

You can also layer A-line skirts with jackets, cardigans, or sweaters if you wish to add warmth and style to your outfit. Aside from that, you can pair a denim jacket with a floral A-line skirt for a casual look or a cropped blazer for a more polished ensemble. Don’t be afraid to try mixing textures and experimenting with various layering options.

Pick the Right Footwear

The choice of footwear can also greatly affect the overall look of your A-line skirt outfit. If you are aiming for a more casual vibe, you can pair the skirt with sneakers or flat sandals. If you want to dress it up, pair it with heels or ankle boots. The length of the skirt will also influence the shoe choice. For instance, knee-length A-line skirts can be paired with different shoe styles but mini-skirts look better with flats or heels.

Accessorize Thoughtfully

You can complete your A-line skirt look by choosing accessories carefully. Some examples are adding a statement necklace, a stylish belt, or a colorful scarf to improve your outfit. Just make sure that you consider the occasion and the overall style that you wish to achieve when choosing accessories.


A-line skirts are versatile and timeless wardrobe staple that can be styled in different ways to suit various occasions and personal tastes. Whether you opt for a classic A-line silhouette, a pleated design, a button-front style, or any other variation, A-line skirts offer a flattering fit and can be found in different lengths, fabrics, and patterns. By pairing them with the right tops, accessories, and footwear, you can create a range of looks from casual to formal, from vintage-inspired to contemporary. We hope this article helped you learn more about A-line skirts.