Top 10 Women’s Belts for Dressing Up Any Outfit

Many people may think that a belt is just a belt – nothing more than an accessory to keep the pants, shorts, skirts and jeans secured. But nowadays, you cannot complete a certain ensemble without a belt. As years and decades go by, belts have evolved from being merely functional to fashionable.

For a lot of fashion-forward women, there is no occasion where a belt would seem too casual or too elegant. Don’t have a belt yet in your closet? Then it’s time that you should include one to your everday getup and your special-occasion dresses. If you don’t know where to start, you might as well begin with a belt that can go great with any outfit.

Check out the following top belts and see which one of them would suit to your taste.

Where to Buy
Belt Is Cool Women's Plain Soft Suede Leather Double Prong Dress Belt
Bellady Women's Elastic Mirror Metallic Belt
Tallefort Leopard Print Women's Belt
Chic Diary Women's Braided Skinny Belt
Werforu Women Leather Skinny Belt
Werforu No Buckle Stretch Belt for Women
Jasgood Women's Stretchy Belt
Under Armour Webbed Belt
Aoli's Fashion Tassel Belt
Fashion 21 Metal Link Chain Belt

1) Belt Is Cool Women’s Plain Soft Suede Leather Double Prong Dress Belt

Suede is not just for winter wear! Despite the word “dress” in its description, you can throw this belt to any style you wish, all year long. It goes great with denim jeans and trousers too, aside from dresses. It comes in four “powder” colors: green, pink, light purple and light blue.

2) Bellady Women’s Elastic Mirror Metallic Belt

Put the shimmer to your jeans or dressy outfit with this elastic mirror metallic belt from Bellady! This gold-plated belt emits a mirror-like effect that will surely put the dazzle to your outfit without being too overwhelming. As it is a stretchable belt, you can wear it no matter your waist size. Plus, it will actually give your body better definition and the curves that you desire. If your feel that your outfit is a little dull, wear this shimmering elastic belt and bedazzle your girlfriends!

3) Tallefort Leopard Print Women’s Belt

If you think that leopard prints won’t go anywhere… well, here they are, making a resurgence! Whether you like it or not, you may see the leopard print fashion again in every clothing item – pants, dresses, bags, boots and belts. But give leopard prints a try if you want to put a fun spin to your boring outfit, so why not start something like a leopard print belt? This leopard polyurethane leather belt from Tallefort adds a surprising element of quirkiness to your understated getup. Plus, it lends a touch of retro vibe.

4) Chic Diary Women’s Braided Skinny Belt

Skinny belts are popular among women. So if you don’t have it in your closet just yet, you should include at least one skinny belt or two. If you’re looking for something beyond the plainer belts, then this beautiful braided skinny belt from Chic Diary will go well with any outfit, from girly-girl dressy gowns to cowgirl-style ensembles.

5) Werforu Women Leather Skinny Belt

Solid leather skinny belts go great with almost every outfit and occasion for its versatility, functionality and unbeatable classic design. This product from Werforu is made from genuine 100% leather and the simple one-prong buckle is made of nickel alloy. Great for school and work uniforms, skirts or slacks for office, long dresses for formal events, casual skirts or jeans for dates with your bae or with your girlfriends.

6) Werforu No Buckle Stretch Belt for Women

If you have had problems with wearing belts too tightly – with “muffin tops” and scars on the belly – then this no buckle stretch belt from Werforu will put an end to such struggles! As it has no buckle whatsoever, you don’t have to worry about bulges spilling over your pants that is usually the result of wearing buckled belts too tightly. Great especially for most types jeans for casual wear, hotpants or slacks for office or semi-formal wear.

7) Jasgood Women’s Stretchy Belt

Wide waist belts never go out of fashion, and they never will, as long as there are devotees and manufacturers who make them. It’s because such types of belts help define their waistline and hide undesirable-looking bulges. This elastic belt from Jasgood will match well with short or long dresses and long polo shirts. The antique brass buckle is beautifully shaped with a retro flower pattern and this will appeal to many women who love vintage fashion in particular.

8) Under Armour Webbed Belt

If you’re looking for simple yet chic and cloth belts, you may like this selection from Under Armour. Yep, the brand you’ve known for its basketball sneakers and sportswear. Made form 100% polyester, this belt is quite versatile as it goes well with casual wear, semi-formal wear, travel getup and outdoor gear. It has a clamp-shut buckle so wearing this belt on and off is easy with just one “click.”

9) Aoli’s Fashion Tassel Belt

Rope belts are called because their braided appearance resembles that of a rope. A rope belt usually doesn’t have loops and buckles to tighten it around the waist; instead, it is secured by tying it. This fashionable tassel belt from Aoli’s Fashion is the ultimate classic rope belt which goes great with dresses, jeans, slacks and any other pieces of clothing. Great for office wear, formal events, weddings, or fun bohemian-themed parties.

10) Fashion 21 Metal Link Chain Belt

Another favorite among many fashionable women, metal belts are usually linked and fastened with chains or rings. This sparkly o-ring metal link chain belt from Fashion 21 matches well not just with formal wear, but also with office slacks and skirts. It also goes well with jeans for that “rebel chic” look.