Tips for Picking Sunglasses That Look Great On You

Looking for a cheap yet trendy item to add flair to your look and shield your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays on a sunny day? Sunglasses are the answer! They not only protect your priceless eyes from damaging UV rays and bothersome particles, but they can also quickly add some coolness into any outfit.

Choosing fashionable eyewear may seem simple but finding the perfect pair of sunglasses to complement your face shape, hair color, skin tone, and attire is not always simple! Making the wrong choice in terms of form, color, or design might make it simple to wind up with a pair that does not completely match your facial characteristics and sense of fashion.

Knowing what to look for when selecting the best pair of men’s or women’s sunglasses is important. The form, size, and color of the sunglasses themselves, as well as practical qualities like scratch-resistant and UV protection, are some of the main factors to take into account. Other important factors include your facial shape, skin tone, and hair color. Therefore, do not undervalue the power of a fantastic pair of sunglasses whether you are sunbathing on the beach, doing errands in the city, or just need a little additional sex appeal to your look. Your style and eyes will both appreciate it!

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1. Choose the right frame size

The frame size is of the utmost importance in selecting sunglasses that perfectly fit your face. Consider how broad or narrow your face is while choosing eyewear to avoid pinching or falling off your nose. Typically, oval-faced people should consider wearing spectacles that are wider than their cheekbones. For those with rounder features, sharper-angled frames are preferred since they may help the cheekbones appear more angular and better balance the shape of their face.

2. Know your skin tone

Your skin tone is also important when picking sunglasses because accessorizing is largely about beauty. Individuals with cold tones, also known as blue-based individuals, should strive for silver and grey frames, while persons with warm tones, also known as yellow-based people, look best in gold and copper colors. Try a style that contrasts with your skin tone if you prefer to explore. For instance, you might opt for frames in cold colors like silver or blue if you have a warm undertone. Colored frames are an option for those who want their sunglasses to stand out.

3. Consider the ease of lenses replacement

Since they protect your eyes from the sun and other environmental risks, the lenses are also an important component of the sunglasses. Get a pair of sunglasses with easily replaceable lenses instead for greater convenience. You do not have to buy a new pair of lenses when the old ones get scratched or broken. For sunglasses with interchangeable lenses, look for detachable models. To be sure you are purchasing high-quality components while shopping online, you should read reviews and ratings.

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4. Be aware of trends

When buying sunglasses, be informed of current fashion trends because they come and go swiftly. Choose avant-garde styles like cat-eye frames or circular spectacles if you want your sunglasses to make a striking statement. Opt for traditional forms like aviators and wayfarers if you want a timeless appearance. Quality is vital when it comes to stylish accessories like sunglasses. Investing in a good pair of sunglasses will both make you seem fashionable and shield you from UV radiation. Look for sunglasses with 100% UV protection, and look for signs of wear on the lenses, nose pads, and hinges.

5. Consider the color of the lens

It may be simple to focus on the shape or style of the frame when selecting the appropriate pair of sunglasses and ignore the color of the lenses. However, different lens colors offer varying levels of sun protection, which might be important, especially if spending a lot of time in the sun. Depending on how much time you want to spend outside and how intense the light could be when engaging in activities, choosing a lens color that gives enough protection is necessary. Knowing how each shade compares in terms of UV radiation protection may make it simpler to safeguard your eyes when basking in the sun.

6. It ought to mostly enclose your eyes

Wearing sunglasses is one of the finest methods to shield your eyes from the sun and keep them protected. However, any ordinary pair of sunglasses will not do. It is important to make sure your eyewear completely encloses your eyes. It is best to wear glasses that wrap around your face and fit securely to prevent dangerous UV radiation from entering your eyes and harming sensitive eye tissue. Make sure your sunglasses have the most eye coverage possible when you want extra protection on those very bright days.

7. Think about comfort

You must make sure the sunglasses are snug to your face. The lens should be big enough to cover your eyes, and the earpieces should fit snugly. The idea is to stay away from tight or uncomfortable eyewear. Before purchasing a pair of sunglasses, learn as much as you can about the style, size, and shape. It will assist you in making the ideal frame selections for your skin tone and facial shape.

Choose the ideal sunglasses for your face type

Round Face

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All face forms are attractive, and sometimes we want to emphasize them. If you want to make your face appear longer, pick spectacles with black frames. They make the face look thinner and more oval in form. It is preferable to select a frame where the breadth is bigger than the height to balance your face proportions.

The ideal for round faces:

  • Square, rectangle, and angled glasses
  • Spectacles with “cat-eye”
  • “Butterfly” sunglasses
  • Narrow-bridged glasses
  • “Aviators”
  • “Wayfarers”

Round faces should avoid:

  • Circular glasses
  • Slender frames
  • Glasses with distinct, sharp corners
  • Glasses with geometrical shapes
  • Lenses for glasses with color
  • Glasses with brows covered

Fun fact: Drew Barrymore, Emma Stone, and Kirsten Dunst all possess stunning round features by birth.

Oval Face

portrait of brunette woman

The major objective in this situation is to maintain the harmonic proportions of your face since some people believe that the oval face is the most balanced of all facial shapes. As a result, you should avoid wearing glasses that appear overly large. The frame should be at least somewhat broader than the width of your face. Make sure the upper portion of the frame is aligned with your eyebrows.

Optimal for oval faces:

  • Smooth-lined rectangle, oval, or round glasses frames
  • “Butterfly” sunglasses
  • “Aviators”
  • Spectacles with “cat-eye”

Inappropriate for oval faces:

  • Glasses with distinct, sharp corners
  • Glasses that seem too big
  • Frames that appear excessively broad
  • Slender frames

Fun fact: Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, and Rihanna are three famous people that have harmonious oval faces.

Square Face

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Sharply slanted rectangles or squares might “overload” the contours of your face. Rounded frames will aid in achieving visual harmony and a softer overall face balance.

Best for square faces:

  • Enormous glasses
  • Glasses with a frame that is the same width as your face
  • Frames for glasses with color
  • Oval, round, or teardrop-shaped frames for eyeglasses
  • Frames-free eyewear
  • Spectacles with “cat-eye”
  • “Aviators”

Inappropriate for square faces:

  • Sharp edges on square frames
  • Diminutive, slender, and small frames
  • Spectacles with a frame that is broader than your face

Fun fact: Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightly, and Zoe Kravitz are a few celebs that have attractive square faces.

Rectangular Face

portrait of a man in a jacket

It is ideal to try to give the impression that your face is wider. Opt for bulky, oversized eyewear. Additionally, check if they have thin frames and translucent lenses that complement the color of your skin.

Best for faces with rectangles:

  • Oversized eyeglasses
  • “Aviators” (with broad frames)
  • Rounded-framed eyewear

Unsuitable for faces with rectangles:

  • Slender frames
  • Tiny glasses
  • Frames for glasses with vivid colors

Fun fact: Sara Jessica Parker and Sandra Bullock are two famous people who were born with unusually rectangular faces.

Heart-shaped Face

Young woman with pink hair wearing heart-shaped glasses

Making the lower portion of your face look thicker will help you balance out the upper area of your face. Massive-looking eyewear is ineffective since it will only make the upper section bulkier. It is encouraged to select eyewear with a width that is equal to the breadth of your face. Choose a teardrop-shaped pattern. The ideal would be “Aviators”.

Best for faces with a heart shape:

  • Round or oval glasses
  • Slender frames and a bridge
  • Low-set arms for your glasses
  • “Aviators”
  • “Wayfarers”
  • Frames-free eyewear
  • Frames in a light or neutral color

Unsuitable for faces with a heart shape:

  • Huge, bulky frames for glasses
  • Glasses with angular, pointed edges
  • Glasses with brows covered
  • Teardrop-shaped glasses or “butterfly” glasses
  • Spectacles with “cat-eye”
  • Frames for glasses with vibrant colors

Fun fact: Kourtney Kardashian and Reese Witherspoon are two celebrities that were endowed with a lovely heart-shaped faces from birth.

Triangular Face

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The top part of your face should be visibly widened, and the bottom half should be made less obvious. Select sunglasses with a wide top section and a big frame. There should not be any sharp or square edges on the lower portion.

Best for faces with triangles:

  • Round glasses devoid of colorful adornments
  • “Aviators”
  • Transparent-lens “cat’s eyes” glasses
  • Frames-free eyewear

Unsuitable for faces with triangles:

  • Dark-tinted lenses on “cat’s eyes” glasses
  • Glasses with rectangular or square frames
  • Narrow or small-framed glasses
  • Glasses with a square or pointed shape on the lower portion

Fun fact: Scarlett Johansson and Emma Watson are two famous people that have adorable triangle faces.

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Keep in mind that wearing sunglasses serves more purposes than just looking good or concealing our true identities. The health of your eyes should benefit from them as well. You can locate the best pair of sunglasses for your face shape and skin tone by using these fashion tips on picking sunglasses that fit you.