The Ultimate HydraFacial Copper Infused Mask Information

The dawn of the coronavirus pandemic has left the whole world grappling with uncertainty. As we battle the pandemic, we are required to wear face masks outdoors so as to limit the transmission of the virus.

Speaking of face masks, copper masks are all the rage nowadays, particularly the HydraFacial Copper Infused Mask. This American-manufactured face mask claims to be the “new standard in facial protection.”

What’s with all the craze behind this copper mask? Is it proven to be more effective than conventional face masks? We will answer all your possible inquiries in this article, so scroll further.

What is the HydraFacial Copper Infused Mask?

This mask is infused with copper CuTec technology, which enables it to bind copper with the fiber matrix of nylon. It also provides complete facial coverage, is moisture-wicking, and developed to be ideal for long wear.

What is even nicer is that this mask can be washed up to 60 times without losing its antiviral and antimicrobial properties.

Who should use the HydraFacial Copper Infused Mask?

This mask is mainly targeted to professionals with high risk of exposure to the novel coronavirus, including those who work in the following:

Med Spas

Med spa staff always cater to the needs of their customers, making them more prone to exposure. To give proper service to their customers, they must need high-quality masks such as the HydraFacial Copper Infused Mask.

Physician Offices

Doctors and their secretaries or assistants alike encounter patients on a daily basis, making them at risk of the virus. Since they meet a lot of sick people every day, they should wear proper protective gear such as this mask.

This is also great for medical front liners such as OR doctors, nurses, ER doctors, and other people in the frontline.

Fitness Center

Gyms and other types of fitness centers are teeming with people from different walks of life. Since people come and go to these facilities, fitness centers may become breeding grounds of the virus. So, for fitness coaches, receptionists, and other staff in a fitness center, they should wear a premium face mask to protect themselves from the risk. And since this mask is moisture-wicking, they don’t have to worry about the sweaty feeling on your face while working out with a mask.

Dental Offices

The dental industry is greatly impacted by the negative effects of the pandemic. Since dental offices are considered risky to go to this pandemic (due to the nature of how the coronavirus spreads, which is through respiratory droplets), many of us have cancelled our dental appointments.

However, if the dentists are fully vaccinated and they wear personal protective equipment (PPE) including a premium face mask like the HydraFacial Copper Infused Mask, the risk of getting the coronavirus will be significantly lower.

Optometry Offices

Going to an optometrist requires a close encounter with the doctor. So, for a doctor to protect themselves, they must wear high-quality protective gear such as this mask in order to provide amazing service without the worry of contracting the coronavirus.

Chiropractic Offices

Just like other medical institutions, many people come to chiropractor offices to get rid of their problems, such as a painful back, poor posture, neck alignment, etc. And getting chiropractic services requires a chiropractor to hold a patient. This contact can increase the risk of getting the virus, but with proper protective equipment, the risk is lowered.

Hair Salons

People touching and cutting people’s hair are also at risk of the novel coronavirus for the reason that they encounter different customers everyday, let alone they touch their hair. This can increase the risk of contracting the virus since haircutting practices involve close contact. Wearing the HydraFacial Copper Infused Mask should decrease the risk of getting the virus.

Nail Salons

Like hair salons, nail salons require close contact for people to receive nail services. To avoid unprecedented happenings, wearing a HydraFacial Copper Infused Mask will reduce the risk of spreading the virus in the office.

Beauty Retail

Those who are selling beauty products such as makeup are also at risk too. They meet and talk with potential buyers every day, touch a lot of products, all of which can increase the risk of having the virus if proper guidelines are not followed. Along with proper hand sanitizing, wearing a HydraFacial Copper Infused Mask will protect an employee from getting the virus.

The benefits of the HydraFacial Copper Infused Mask

Antimicrobial – Copper is famed for its antibacterial properties. It kills microbes and helps limit the spread of other viral illnesses such as influenza.

Thermoregulating – Since copper has high thermal conductivity, the HydraFacial Copper Infused Mask can dissipate heat better than other types of face masks.

Full-face coverage – It lays flat and fit on your face, leaving no holes for viruses and bacteria to go in.

Flexible nose bridge – This is developed for a snug yet comfortable fit

Washable – Save yourself and the environment by using a washable face mask such as this.

Lessens fog on glasses – Ever hated when your glasses get foggy once you breathe with a mask? With the HydraFacial Copper Infused Mask, you don’t have to worry about it.