The Right Bikini For Every Body Type

Women’s bodies come in a variety of shapes. Women’s bodies are even divided into categories, like pear-shaped, hourglass, inverted triangle, and others. It can be difficult to find swimwear for women because of their varied body types. It’s because your body type will affect the decisions you need to make. Whatever style of bikini you prefer, certain cuts and features will look best on you. You can choose from a variety of bikini styles on the market, just like there are many body types.

You’ve come to the perfect place if you plan to purchase a bikini soon but are unsure of what style will work best for your body type. We are providing you with some suggestions today for the best bikini for each body type.

The Best Swimsuit For Pear Body Type

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Think of Beyonce, J-Lo, and Rhianna for examples of pear shapes; they typically have delicate, narrow shoulders, a slender waist, and curves around the hips and bum. The bottom half of pears’ bodies carries the majority of their weight.

Choose a swimsuit with more elaboration on the top part to balance out your hips. Ruffles will expand your top half to help balance out a curvaceous bottom, especially at the shoulders. Again, block-colored bottoms and printed tops will help in emphasizing a narrower waistline and achieving a more balanced silhouette.  

High-cut legs are a fantastic alternative because they are so attractive on pear-shaped figures and serve to lengthen the body. This will make you appear taller while emphasizing your lovely curves and give the impression that you have legs for miles!

Last but not least, it is advised that pear-shaped women use halter neck bikini tops. It will highlight your tiny waist and draw attention to your top half in addition to being really fashionable!

The Best Swimsuit For Inverted Triangle/Strawberry/Carrot Body Type

Because the inverted triangle body form, often referred to as the “carrot,” is characterized by wide shoulders, a big bust, narrow hips, and slender legs, it’s crucial to match your shape with your swimwear choice.

Choose plunging necklines to balance your figure because they direct attention downward and create a longer, leaner body shape. Meanwhile, high-cut swimsuits serve to accentuate pins but are also a quick way to lengthen legs because they expose more thigh, creating the impression of a longer silhouette.

On your top half, try to stay away from thin straps because they can give the appearance that you have broader shoulders. Choose thicker straps instead; a halter neck type with wider straps will become your best friend.

Additionally, you should try to refrain from donning any striking prints or hues on your top half, since these can highlight your widest area. Instead, choose quirky bikini bottoms to give the impression that your shape is more balanced. 

The Best Swimsuit For Rectangle/Athletic Body Type

A leaner, straighter shape, a smaller bust, and little variance in size between the shoulders, waist, and hips are characteristic features of women with an athletic figure, sometimes known as the “straight up and down” body type.

If your shoulders and hips are both equally wide and your waist lacks or has little definition, you have a rectangle body type. Your body is rather straight and doesn’t have many curves, giving you an androgynous appearance. The secret is to pick a swimsuit that emphasizes your waist and gives your upper and lower body more fullness.

If you want to accentuate your curves, swimwear with ruching, ruffles, colorful designs, and cut-out embellishments is ideal since they provide the appearance of fuller curves. An extremely supportive design is not necessary with a smaller bust, so you can experiment with many other styles, colors, patterns, and embellishments! It’s best to wear a bandeau or crop top bikini.

Take advantage of needing less support if a swimsuit is more your style by sporting a daring deep V neckline.

Bright colors, striking prints, ruching, and frills can increase volume to your bust and hips to accentuate your contours and give the appearance of a waist.

As an alternative, a swimsuit with cutout sides or an asymmetrical design is the ideal approach to add some curves!

The Best Swimsuit For Hourglass/X Body Type

An hourglass body type often has a narrow waist and proportionate shoulders, hips, and breast. If your shoulders and hips are in line and your waist is clearly defined, you have an hourglass body type. This body type is incredibly feminine! Take advantage of your slim and proportionate shape, which allows you to wear anything you choose.

Therefore, choosing styles that emphasize your curves is key when looking for the best bathing suits for an hourglass figure. Your silhouette is emphasized by belts, cutouts at the waist, and wrap patterns.

It’s vital to choose a supporting style when purchasing a bikini top, so search for tops with underwiring or broader straps.

Last but not least, if you are gifted with height, high-waisted bikini bottoms are ideal for you. Just match it with a bikini top with a sweetheart neckline to achieve the true “bombshell” look.

The Best Swimsuit For Apple/O/Round Body Type

Apple-shaped women typically have larger busts, curvier midriffs, and thin hips and shoulders. If you have full curves, a rounded tummy, bottom, and hips, a large cleavage, and a thin waist, you have an apple-shaped figure. Make the most of your curvy form without blushing by using it to your advantage. A swimsuit that highlights your cleavage, optically defines your waist, and deflects attention away from your stomach is your ally on the beach.

There are more and more belly control swimsuits on the market that function similarly to shapewear if you’re looking for the best swimsuits to slim and sculpt your midriff. If the belly is the area you’re most self-conscious about, ruche detailing across the midriff also helps to softly conceal it.

Finding something that offers support for a larger bust, whether it’s an underwired bikini top or a swimsuit with somewhat wider straps, is crucial when looking for the ideal swimwear for apple shapes.

You should attempt to create an illusion if you want to look your best in swimwear. Choosing a ruched swimsuit is a great choice because it will provide the appearance of a tiny waist. 

High-waisted bikini bottoms are a requirement if you’re shopping for a bikini! To lift and support your breast while lengthening your torso, pair with a supportive halter neck bikini top!


Every body type, from the up-and-down to the curvy hourglass, is stunning, and dressing for your specific shape will ensure that you feel your best, most confident self!