The Guide to Kangol Style for Women

Modern fashion is constantly evolving, with numerous new styles appearing daily. Not only does men’s and women’s fashion vary frequently, but both are subject to rapid change. However, it is only because of traditionally influenced fashion that the foundation of modern fashion has been raised to the now unusually higher standards. The 1960s were one of the key decades for pop culture’s innovations in fashion.

The Kangol style, which rose to popularity in the 1960s and is still used today, is one of the most well-known. If you’re planning any theme parties in the traditional manner, Kangol Style might be of interest to you. Continue reading to know more about the Kangol Style.

What is Kangol Style?

In particular, Kangol was a brand of headwear that included berets, hats, caps, and all other related items. Kangol is a brand name made up of several components, where K stands for knitting, ANG for angora, and OL for wool. Together, this brand’s specialty was knitted angora woolen hat. Despite the fact that the brand has not produced anything in Australia, it has continued to use the official kangaroo logo because most customers were more interested in purchasing a “Kangaroo Hat.”

Jacques Spreiregen created the company in 1938. He was a veteran of the First World War and had prior expertise creating unique headgear for the military. Since then, the business has had success, and Sports Direct bought it in 2006. In addition to its initial product range, the company has most recently started manufacturing headwear for athletes and sportsmen.

Kangol Style through the Years

The company has seen considerable popularity since the 1960s, maybe as a result of the growing tendency of well-known celebrities beginning to really follow fashion. The business, which at the time employed designers Mary Quant and Pierre Cardin, primarily catered to the needs of the affluent in terms of fashion. This company has styled some well-known individuals and groups, including as Lady Diana, The Beatles, and Arnold Palmer. Additionally, the Scout Association received its uniforms.

The company served well-known performers in the 1980s, mostly those associated with the hip-hop genre, such as LL Cool J, Slick Rick, Grandmaster Flash, and others. The Kangol Kid was a member of the band UTFO. They started to have an impact on common people by concentrating on their product range and appealing to the wealthy. Samuel L. Jackson initially marketed the company’s furgora product, which was a blend of angora and wool, in the 1990s.

Guide to Kangol Style

Kangol doesn’t have a certain niche; everybody can find something that will suit their fashion preferences and flatter their face. Hats are conveniently divided here based on shape. Find the ideal hat for you by looking at the various color and design options after determining which form suits you the best.

It’s crucial to understand that the entire ensemble must match the headpiece you purchased if you want to adhere to the Kangol Style. There is a significant difference between a Beret and a Bucket Hat when it comes to the women’s full-scale attire. As a result, when you start your purchasing, be sure to start with the headwear before looking for additional goods. Here is a complete guide to Kangol Style.

1. Berets or Hats

Berets and Hats, Kristy Swanson wearing a Kangol hat

Women can choose between wearing a Beret and a cap as far as headgear is concerned. Both may appear to be appropriate, but military women have historically worn berets. Berets appear to still be fashionable, thanks in large part to the United Kingdom and the European Union. Teenage females tend to wear berets today, and they tend to be more of a casual style element than a formal one.

However, picking a hat might not be such a bad idea after all. This is because if one must attend an event based on the formal components, one may do so while sporting a hat. The Kangol Style has a lot of women wearing bucket hats. Additionally, bucket hats are recommended for individuals who prefer to go for a sportier appearance. Additionally, it would be wonderful if you went outside on a sunny day.

2. Clothing


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Although you are not required to dress in the Kangol Style, your attire should match your headgear. Of course, if one is wearing a bucket hat, one should not dress carelessly. A long, casual shirt and pants are appropriate. In some circumstances, you can even put on a skirt and cap.

Conversely, berets can be worn by teenagers both casually and at formal events. Jeans and a shirt or a sweatshirt are the most common items of apparel to pair with a beret. Perhaps the ideal outfit for wearing with a beret would be a jacket with a round-neck shirt inside and a pair of trousers. This apparel would be the ideal fit for your Kangol Style if you are young and more outgoing.

3. Shoes


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The shoes must be stylish without being overly plain. If a hat is being worn, it is preferable to choose a sandal with some level of style. You can strive to dress formally, but not so formally that it comes out as excessive. Conversely, if you are sporting a beret, there are no constraints on your footwear as long as it complements your outfit and your footwear. Most of the time, shoes like joggers, loafers, or wedges are appropriate because they go with the jeans you are wearing.


It may be concluded that the Kangol Style for ladies has had the appearance of being one of the best styles that persisted for a long period before being replaced by other styles. The audience has always been profoundly affected by the distinctive berets and caps. It merely paints the person as being in a different class. You might swing by the nearest hat store to get a Kangol hat; they have a variety of styles available. With constant updates and modifications, the Kangol Style has developed into a recognizable emblem for fashion throughout the years.