The Best Trench Coats for Men for Dress Up and Casual Wear

A trench coat is a long, waterproof coat made to be worn over clothing during the cold autumn and winter months. The traditional double-breasted trench coat usually has ten buttons on the front, a wide lapel, and a belt in the waist. The trench coat has its military roots, as it was first adapted for use in the trenches during the First World War (hence the name).

Some trench coats contain protective features such as a bullet-proof vest lining, like the one worn by former president Gerald Ford, which he began wearing after two assassination attempts. Nowadays, you can find available trench coats made from different materials.

From its original use during wartime, it has crossed over the catwalk and the glossy magazine spreads. There are some variations, such as single-breasted trench coats and cropped trench coats. There are also trench coats for women. From the original neutral hues, fashionable trench coats of today come in a wide variety of colors. But despite having undergone several variations, the basic style of the trench coat remains the same.

If you know what kind of a dresser you are, or if you are looking for trench coats that will fit a specific occasion, look at the following best trench coats for men. Some are perfect to wear for a formal dress-up, while others are ideal for smart casual wear.

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1. Burberry trench coat

Among trench coat aficionados, it’s a common knowledge that Thomas Burberry invented the trenchcoat. He made them as an alternative to the heavy serge coats that men were wearing at the time. Mr. Burberry also invented and patented the durable, tightly-woven, weatherproof fabric called gabardine, which has become one of Burberry trench coat’s signature features.

Originally made only to be worn by Army soldiers, their popularity began to rise when veterans returned and eventually made them as a regular, everyday attire. When demand for trench coats reached its peak, orders turned out far too many. As a result, the surplus trench coats became available to the public, becoming the popular and fashionable outerwear that we know today.

Burberry’s “Kensington” trench coat is so ubiquitous that it has become the accepted industry standard.

2. Casual trench coat

If you want to sport a fashionable winter look without appearing like you’re dressed to kill, the casual trench coat will do great for this situation. Like the traditional trench coat, the length of the casual trench coat reaches just about the thigh area. However, a casual trench coat is usually single-breasted – think of it as a slightly overgrown jacket or blazer. It is also lightweight compared to the traditional trench coat.

Although this trench coat is called “casual,” it is flexible and versatile, as it is also ideal to wear for formal gatherings. You may pair this trench coat with jeans and sneakers one day, and wear it over a suit and tie the next.

3. Office trench coat

As the name implies, an office trench coat is suitable to wear in an office setting, whether it’s wintertime or the air-conditioning unit is working full-blast. It is a great getup to add in your office wear rotation. It is stylish as it is also practical, and you can pair it with anything – a suit and a tie, a company uniform, or a T-shirt-and-jeans getup.

Office trench coats typically have no belts, although some variants have them. They are also mostly single-breasted.

4. Cropped trench coat

A cropped trench coat is called as such because of its shorter length compared to the traditional trench coat’s, which falls down to at least the knees.

A cropped trench coat falls below the beltline but not down to the knees, which makes it less cumbersome to wear. As its length is cut off around the thighs, it will draw more attention to the lower half of your body, thus making you appear taller. A cropped trench coat typically doesn’t have a belt feature, which makes it much similar to a regular jacket. It is excellent for casual, semi-formal, or formal wear.

5. Trench coat in bold colors

The trench coat originally came in neutral colors (notably khaki, beige, and black) to serve itself as camouflage. But now that the trench coat has become a fashionable outerwear, you can find it in a wide assortment of exciting colors.

Some colors are still suitable for formal and conservative wear, such as navy blue and military green. But you can also find some trench coats in bold and vivid colors such as red, yellow, and orange. Some are even available in different patterns.

Colorful trench coats won’t give you the kind of versatility found in neutral trench coats. They may be more suitable to wear for casual parties, but may not be ideal to wear for formal events. They can be fun to wear if you know how to mix and match with the rest of your outfit. As colorful trench coats become the focal point of your ensemble, you should pay close attention to how these colors complement the other clothes that you wear.