The Bare Essentials for a DIY Manicure

Regular trips to the nail salon can be a great way to pamper yourself. However, no matter how relaxing and pampering it may be, it is not always practical. That is why most people want to learn how to do a manicure at home, and it can also ensure that you’ll have salon-quality nails just the way you like them. That is why to help you create that clean and photogenic manicure all by yourself, and we are here to list down the things you need to have for a home manicure session. 

Nail Cutter

This is an essential tool that you should have if you’re going to do a manicure session at home. Trimming your nails from time to time is a step you should not miss because our nails can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and it is considered to be one of the dirtiest parts of our body. That is why it is best to keep them short at all times. 

Cuticle Pusher

Cuticles need special attention so that they won’t become flaky or dry. That is why it is the cuticle pusher’s job to push the skin from your nails away. If you have complex and tough skin, it is best if you opt for a steel cuticle pusher. But if you have soft cuticles, you can use a wooden one. 

Cuticle Nipper

This tool removes tough cuticles, hangnails, and dry skin that develops around your nails. A cuticle nipper can precisely reach tight spaces in our nails, and it can also help trim painful and annoying ingrown nails.

Nail Buffer

If you want to achieve naturally glossy nails, this is the perfect manicure tool. A nail buffer helps to get rid of dullness on your nails and adds shine to them. Aside from that, it can also help to remove any dry ridges on your nails and polish them to give them a consistent look. 

Nail File

A nail file is used to gently grind the edges of your nails so they will become smoother. It can also help you shape your nails. There are several types of nail files available in the market; plain metal files and emery boards. If you want a more gentle grind, use emery boards. 

Nail Brush

 This tool is essential for more thorough cleansing of your nails. Aside from that, they can also help you remove stubborn dirt or stains on your nails. If you want your nails to look clean as possible, we suggest that you use this daily. 

Mild Scrub

If you want to have soft and smooth hands, then you should use a gentle scrub to help remove the dead skin cells in your hands. It can also help promote good blood circulation in your hands, which is why most people find it very relaxing. 

Tinted Base Coat

A base coat’s job is to add shine to your bare nails. However, they are not the best at hiding stains. They also often come in a violet tint that counteracts yellow tones. Most tinted base coat in the market contains vitamin E, green tea, biotin, and sunflower seed oil. You can use this as a neutralizing base coat, or you can apply it alone if you want natural-looking nails. 

Moisturizing Mist

Dry hands are more prone to hangnails. That’s why we recommend that you include a moisturizing mist in your DIY manicure at home. It is a hydrating spray that moisturizes your hands and nails without it feeling greasy.

Now that we listed down the basic things you need to have for a DIY manicure session, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars just visiting a nail salon for a manicure session because you can achieve the same excellent results comfort of your home.