Style Guide for Selecting Leather Handbags

Leather has been widely used to produce various items, particularly bags. It is renowned for its quality, durability, and classic and elegant design. Its functionality is excellent, and it possesses a significant amount of personality. In addition to being tough and long-lasting, leather gets better with age. There is a dizzying array of options available to consumers when selecting a leather handbag for their needs. It can be challenging to choose when such a broad array of options are available, including colors, patterns, and styles. 

What is a Leather Handbag

Whether it’s a cow, a sheep, or a goat, the hide of these animals is used to create a leather handbag. The hide is processed to make a strong and long-lasting material, ideal for handbags. Leather is often used for handbags due to the material’s strength, durability, and low maintenance requirements.

An animal’s hide is the first step in creating a leather handbag. Tanned hides are more durable than raw hides because the hair and fat have been removed. The hide is then divided into sections that are sewn together to form the bag. Afterward, the bag undergoes various finishing processes like dying, oiling, or buffing to achieve its sleek and polished appearance.

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Types of Leather Handbags You Can Choose From

Any outfit can benefit from the fashionable and classy touch that leather handbags can add. Many different types of leather bags are available, each with a special look and feel.

A tote bag is a well-liked option. Large open-top tote bags are perfect for daily usage. Totes are sometimes pictured as large shopping bags that can accommodate numerous goods. They are big enough to carry all of your belongings and are available in both conventional and contemporary styles.

The hobo bag is also a popular top pick. Hobo bags are loose-fitting, crescent-shaped bags that are perfect for daily use. The term “hobo” originated in America at the end of the 19th century, referring to individuals who were without a permanent home and traveled by train in pursuit of job opportunities. They carried their possessions in a bag that was slung over a stick known as a bindle stick. These people were commonly known as migrant workers. They have a laid-back, boho air and are big enough to accommodate your belongings.

Satchels are yet another common choice. These bags can be identified by their rectangular shape and top handle. Traditionally, books are carried in satchels. The strap is usually worn diagonally across the body, with the bag dangling from the opposite hip instead of hanging straight down from the shoulder. They typically have straps, buckles, or a flap clasp. They are available in various shapes and sizes, from little and understated to large and striking. They work well in both casual and formal settings.

Crossbody bags are another stylish choice, as they are specifically designed to be worn over one shoulder with the strap crossing the body. These bags come in various sizes and designs, from small and subtle to large and bold.

Then there are small, carry-on clutch bags. For formal events, clutches are perfect because they can be dressed casually or formally. They could be simple and beautiful or decorated with embellishments and designs.

Close up of side pocket on a generic brown leather bag with a rustic design and fine stitching

Selecting a Good Quality Leather Handbag

When selecting a high-quality leather handbag, there are numerous factors to consider. First and foremost, the quality of the leather must be evaluated. The best leather should be uniformly soft, supple, and smooth throughout. It should also smell organic and not chemically. The leather must also be thick enough to keep its shape and prevent tearing or scratching.

Second, sift through the handbag’s construction, including the stitching. There should be no dangling threads, and the stitching should be even and tight. High-quality zippers, buckles, and snaps should be securely fastened to the fabric, and the edges should be smooth and complete.

Third, consider the style and qualities of the handbag. A decent leather handbag should have a well-made interior with plenty of pockets and compartments to keep your items organized. The straps and handles must be both comfortable and long-lasting.

Finally, consider consumer feedback and brand reputation. A high-quality leather handbag is more likely to be manufactured by a respected brand that has received favorable client feedback. It’s also essential to learn how to properly care for your leather handbag and to invest in high-quality leather conditioners and guards.

Close up of black leather handbag in hand of stylish woman Choosing a Color for the Handbag

When selecting a color for a leather handbag, consider your style and the hue’s flexibility. Traditional colors such as black, brown, and beige are always a wise choice because they complement a wide range of apparel and surroundings. Brown is a warm and neutral color that may complement a wide range of complexion tones, while black is a sleek and sophisticated color that can be dressed up or down. Furthermore, beige is a neutral color that complements any color of clothing.

Pink is a flirty and vibrant color that may add a touch of romanticism to an ensemble, and red can provide a splash of color and make a statement to an ensemble. Pastel colors such as baby blue, olive, lavender, and mint green, which are popular choices, can offer an ensemble a soft and delicate touch.

When selecting a color, consider the type of leather as well. Smooth, shiny leather in a bold color like red or pink, for example, will have a more formal and polished appearance, whereas soft, pebbled leather in a neutral hue like black or brown will have a more casual and relaxed appearance.

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Olive Leather Tote + White Long-sleeve and Denim Jeans

A leather tote bag is a style of handbag distinguished by its big, open top and strong handles. These bags are ideal for everyday use because they can hold various items and are lightweight. Leather bags come in various styles, from basic and straightforward to more modern and trendy.

An olive leather tote may be combined with a flexible and attractive handbag with several outfits. Pair it with a white long-sleeve shirt, jeans, and sunglasses for a casual yet put-together style. The white shirt and jeans form a clean and basic foundation, while the olive tote adds a splash of color and texture. The sunglasses give a bit of glitz to the ensemble.


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Black Leather Hobo + Leather Blazer and White Pants

A hobo bag is a huge, slouchy shoulder bag with a crescent form more prominent than a crossbody bag. It’s ideal for everyday usage and can accommodate your essentials, including your wallet, phone, and keys. The bag’s slouchy design makes it suitable for casual situations and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

A black leather hobo bag is a flexible and classic accessory that can be dressed up or down. Pairing it with a leather blazer and white jeans is one way to spruce it up. The black leather hobo bag gives the ensemble a sleek and stylish touch, while the leather blazer adds an edge. The white pants round off the appearance and add a touch of class.


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Brown Leather Crossbody + Black Jumper Dress

Consider a leather crossbody handbag if you want to carry your belongings without using your hands. Use it for a trip, a day of errands, or a day at the park. It’s also great for special occasions, keeping your hands free while looking chic and sophisticated.

When you doubt what to wear, reach for a brown leather crossbody handbag. One way to amp up the look is by matching it with a black jumper dress. The brown leather crossbody provides texture and warmth to the outfit, while the black jumper dress adds sophistication. The two together make for an elegant and refined ensemble, great for casual events like a get-together with your friends.

Brown Leather Satchel + Blue Dress

Leather satchels are structural bags with a flat base and double straps for carrying. It’s an excellent bag for the office or the classroom because of its versatility. Your belongings will be readily accessible thanks to the satchel’s flat base, making it possible to store your bag vertically. It’s easy to carry by hand or under the arm due to the low length of the handles.

A satchel made of brown leather will never go out of style and will go with anything you throw at it. Try it on with a blue dress for a chic look. The blue dress stands out against the neutral backdrop, while the brown leather satchel gives a hint of coziness and texture. When worn together, they create an air of professionalism and sophistication, ideal for the office or a formal event.


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Beige Leather Clutch + White Slip Dress

A leather clutch is a small, handheld bag typically used for formal occasions. It’s a great everyday handbag that can also be used for special events, and it has enough room for your phone, keys, and lipstick. Most leather clutches have a smooth base and fasten at the top with a magnetic snap or zipper.

A clutch made of beige leather is a classic accessory that will never go out of style. One possible outfit combination is with a white slip dress or any color that blends with beige. The beige leather clutch adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the outfit, while the white slip dress adds a touch of edge. Combining the two creates a chic and fashionable look that is perfect for a special occasion or a night out.


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Overall, a leather handbag is an excellent choice because it is both classic and practical. A leather handbag would be perfect if you were in the market for a new everyday bag or a more formal accessory. When faced with so many options, settling on a single design might be difficult. A leather handbag is an investment, but you may pick one that suits your needs and tastes by learning about the various styles available. Keep in mind that a quality leather handbag is an item that will last for many years. Choose carefully, and enjoy putting your own spin on it.