Sandalwood Rings

Sandalwood is indigenous to India and Asia and is believed to have many healing properties for the body, mind and even the soul. Sandalwood is used in many applications and can be made into products such as food flavoring, fragrance, and essential oil. Besides these, sandalwood can also be made into accessories such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

In Hindu and Buddhist traditions, sandalwood stimulates the base chakra. Chakra is the seven wheels of energy corresponding to your body’s nerve centers that keep your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health in harmony. Sandalwood is believed to promote better functioning of the second chakra, which is all about your human identity and creative energies to enjoy life. It’s the energy that stimulates your sensuality, heighten your sense of awareness and motivates you to enjoy pleasurable activities like eating and sex. It’s also one of the energies that can help you navigate changes in relationships.

Considering these, having sandalwood rings can benefit your relationship with your romantic partner. Out of all the accessory types, rings don’t only function as an aesthetic piece – it can be symbolic and relational. Giving your romantic partner a sandalwood ring can mean that you want to balance their second chakra.

Where to Buy
POYA Black Tungsten Ring with Solid Wood Sleeve
His and Her Wood Rings
Three Keys Jewelry Black Hunting Ring
King Will Nature Wood Ring
Cool Natural Jewelry Sandalwood Ring


If you would like an engagement or wedding ring made of sandalwood, POYA Black Tungsten Ring with Solid Wood Sleeve. It has an elegant-looking wood band made of sandalwood and rosewood and is covered on top with genuine tungsten carbide to make it tougher. The tungsten carbide ensures its durability, as it ranks between 8-9 in the hardness scale, with diamond being 10. This ring is scratch-resistant and can maintain its finish forever. It comes with a free, elegant jewelry box for better gift presentation. This can symbolize your strong love for your partner and a way of telling him/her that you look forward to having an enjoyable life together.

This His and Her Wood Rings from Cool Natural Jewelry is another great choice. It’s a minimalist looking ring with two visible ring of colors – red and black. This is a piece of handmade jewelry made of red sandalwood and ebony wood. It is protected with a natural polishing wax made of beeswax and carnauba wax so it would be easy on the skin. Because it has no metal part like the earlier ring, it’s lighter and very comfortable to wear.

If you’re looking for a great gift to give to your special man, get this Three Keys Jewelry Black Hunting Ring. This ring is made of genuine tungsten carbide, with black sandalwood on the surface that features an etching of a deer family. It looks gorgeous and very unique, and it’s even scratch-resistant as it has an outer clear protective layer. It can forever keep its shine, just like you plan on loving your man forever.

But if you’re a guy who wants to give something special to your beloved babe, consider this beautiful King Will Nature Wood Ring. This ring combines the beauty of sandalwood and Celtic design, making it a unique piece. The sandalwood scent of the ring is still there, even with the protective coating. The Celtic design is made of rose gold inlay that is finely detailed. Your woman will surely love how unique and pretty it is.

However, the simplest ring can sometimes be the best choice. If you’re or your partner is more into plain-looking rings with visible wood grain, Cool Natural Jewelry Sandalwood Ring is for you. This sandalwood ring is green tan in color and you can still definitely smell the fragrance of sandalwood with it. You can have you and your partner’s initials engraved in it! To make it last longer, this ring is protected and nourished with natural polishing wax. This ring is made to order in 2-3 days and is available in different widths, ranging between 4 mm to 1 cm.

Sandalwood rings are beautiful and can serve as a perfect gift for your significant other. Just make sure that you and your partner will take care of the ring to keep it beautiful for a longer time. For wooden rings, remember that they are water-resistant but not waterproof. It is best to remove it while bathing, showering, swimming, and dishwashing. Also, protect it from ultraviolet light and rapid temperature changes. For the sandalwood rings strengthened by tungsten carbide, it’s best to also not wear it when subjecting your hands to prolonged time in the water. Also, avoid cleaning it in ultrasonic jewelry cleaners – it’s better to clean them manually. Lastly, measure finger size of your recipient before purchase, for wooden and tungsten carbide rings can’t be resized.