How to Pick the Right Bikini

For most people, bikini season means sand, sun, and relaxation. At the beach, you can find people who are comfortable with their bodies, flaunting their “bikini figure.” But contrary to what some people may say, anyone can wear a bikini – no matter what your body shape or height is. You can wear anything you want; you just need to find something that will flatter your shape and your body features and gives you a boost of confidence. Be guided about how to pick the right bikini:

Choose a bikini that’s right for your body type

To choose the bikini that will look best on you, you must first discover what your body type is. Here’s a guide on finding your shape and what kind of bikinis look best on you:

Apple shape

An apple-shaped body has a waist wider than the hips and is equal to or nearly as wide as the bust. For this body type, tankinis with shapewear or shirring in the stomach can draw attention away from the tummy. A high-cut bottom can emphasize the legs, offering a slimming look. You can also eliminate the sagging that sometimes accompanies a flatter butt by going for a cheeky or Brazilian bottom. Then, try a straight neckline with a wide shoulder strap and padded underwire cups.

Hourglass shape

Though every body type can be beautiful, the hourglass shape is widely considered as the ideal body shape. This shape comes with bust and hips that are of almost the same size width, but the waist is significantly smaller and slimmer. Because this body shape is evenly proportioned, it’s best to choose similar coverage for the top and bottom. For instance, if you’re wearing a halter top, pair it with cute boy shorts, and if you go for a triangle top, pair it with a string bottom. A string bikini will especially accentuate your curves and draw attention to the waist. But mostly for this body shape, any swimwear you want will look great on you. Just stay away from over-the-top accents.

Straight/athletic shape

If you’re thin all around with no significant difference between your bust and hips, go for skimpier styles like Brazilian bottoms and triangle tops to highlight your slim figure. Enhance your bust area by picking tops with details, embellishments, and uniquely cut necklines. Pick bikini pieces with padding and gathering, girly prints, or bright colors. You may also choose bikini pieces with fringe, ruffle, and shirring to create an illusion of curves. Avoid bandeaus, boy-cut briefs, and shapeless full pieces as this will only emphasize your straight figure.

Pear shape

A pear-shaped body comes with wide hips – wider than both the waist and bust. Ladies with this shape often tend to rein in their curvier parts by wearing high-waisted bikini bottoms. This kind of bikinis prevents muffin top issues while giving out a retro-inspired style. For the top, you can wear a plunging neckline or an underwire top to enhance your bust and draw the eyes up.

Plus-size or curvy

Curvy or plus-size ladies may steer clear from wearing bikinis, but they look fabulous wearing the right style. Wearing a loose tankini with a built-in underwire is the best choice as it provides enough bust support while still bringing that flattering and flowy look. Boy shorts and skirted bottoms are perfect for more coverage. You can also opt for draped, faux-wrap, and ruched designs that taper the waistline. Going for shapewear fabrics also help keep your frame smooth and prevent love handles and tummy bulges from showing up.

Take note of your body features

There are parts of your body that you want to conceal or highlight, so you want to be wise in making it work for your advantage. If any of these body features suit yours, then go ahead and try these tips:

Large bust

If you have large breasts, it’s essential to choose a bikini with enough support. Underwire and padded cups give this kind of support. If you want to downplay your chest size, go for animal prints. You can even look for a straight-across cut at the top of your swimsuit using wide-set straps. Opt for a gathered fabric at the waist to create a flattering division between the chest and hips area. If you want to emphasize your bust, choose swimsuits with deep necklines and embellishments.

Small bust

A lightly padded bra suit can give a small bust a believable cleavage if that’s what you want to go for. Choosing an underwire top can also enhance your chest. Details like ruffles, bows, and frills also provide extra volume. Just avoid pancake bandeau tops with hardware in the front or a twist tie front as it can flatten your chest even more.

Long legs

For long legs, a low-cut bottom can give your upper body a bit more length. Pick a printed top with a little decoration as possible.

Short legs

If you have short legs, you can create an illusion of length by going for suits with high cuts in the legs. Since you will be showing more skin, your legs will appear longer. You may even go for a thong if you’re that brave. If your style is more modest, opt for a high-waisted bottom to keep the focus on your torso.

Full thighs

For thick thighs, opt for bottoms that offer a bit more coverage. Shorts or bottoms with a skirt help conceal that upper part of the leg.

Big butt

For ladies with ample bottoms, a suit with enough fabric is necessary to avoid constant tugging for more coverage and picking wedgies. Avoid skimpy, high-cut, string bikinis, and look for designs with solid bottoms.

Flat butt

This is another body feature when frills and ruching can come in handy. Bottoms with bright colors and loud prints can also distract from a flat butt. Also, it helps if you show a little cheek rather than going for full-coverage bottoms.

Broad shoulders

If you have awkwardly broad shoulders, you can balance it out with a solid colored suit with printed panels on the side. This can help create the illusion of an hourglass figure. An asymmetrical neckline is also perfect, as it draws the eyes up and away. Stay away from off-shoulder bikinis that will only emphasize your broad shoulders.

Short torso

Elongate your short torso by adding length and lifting the bustline. Going for halter straps to draw attention to the neck, and for low-rise bottoms will make your torso appear longer.

Tummy pouch

Having a big tummy is the usual problem for many ladies that hinders them from wearing a bikini in the first place. But it’s easier than most people think. If you have a problem with your tummy size, you may opt for a solid color, one-piece bikinis for a smooth frame. Go for ruchings or peplums to help conceal your stomach. Go for a one-piece with a plunging neckline to keep the focus upwards rather than your midsection. If you’re going for two-piece bikinis, go for ruffled waistbands, shapewear, or high-waisted bottoms.

Back fat

There’s nothing worse than wearing a suit that will dig into the skin, making your flesh folds even more visible. If you’ve got back fat, avoid backless bikinis, and go for designs with high backs and thicker straps.

Learn the secrets of highlighting and concealing your body features

There are many techniques to downplay or show off your best or worst features.

Choose light colors to draw attention

Generally, lighter colors are used to highlight areas, primarily when used with a darker shade. For instance, if you have an apple shape and you want to highlight your legs, wear a light bottom with a darker top.

Choose dark colors to conceal

Black is the default color to go if you want to draw attention away from specific body parts, but any dark color can work. If you’re going to disguise your broad chest, go for a dark-colored top and pair it with a lighter or patterned bottom.

Choose a flattering pattern for your figure

Use patterns to your advantage. It helps draw the eyes to create symmetry, especially when mixed with a solid color. A small pattern top can help balance the figure for pear-shaped people. Chevron patterns can be used to show your flattering side and keep the eyes moving. Vertical stripes can help achieve a slimming effect for the torso and even create an illusion of longer legs. Meanwhile, horizontal lines on a two-piece bikini can make your waist look smaller.

Use embellishments to show off your desired body part

For the body parts that you wish to highlight, embellish it with sequins, jewels, flowers, and cut-outs.