How To Choose The Right Haircuts

If you look enough, you’ll find that there are 100s of haircuts available to you. Unfortunately, not all of these styles can put you in your best look. And while some males go the hard way, experimenting with various haircuts and spending months or even years before coming to the perfect selection, you may not be cut out for that. So, what now? Read this complete guide on how to choose the right haircuts without the need to experiment.

Step 1; Discovering Your Face Shape.

Yes, your facial shape affects your hairstyle and vice versa. And there are about 6 fundamental types of faces namely square, round, heart, inverted triangle, none inverted triangle, and diamond. Square-shaped faces are the most masculine and can go with all kinds of haircuts. On the contrary, men with diamond faces are rare and are limited to a few 10 or 20 types of haircuts. Heart and triangular face shapes have longer jawlines with pointed chin. Finally, a round face is feminine and, therefore, it’s needed to go for a type of hair that gives it a boxed appearance for masculinity.

Step 2; Knowing Your Hair Length.

If you have rather short hair, styles that are about shoulder length curls with bangs are not for you. On the other hand, for the gentlemen with long hair, buzz cuts and fades may not be ideal as long as keeping your hair long is concerned.

Step 3; Understanding The Purpose.

Your casual haircuts may not be ideal for an informal occasion. Imagine wearing a hipster man bun with a horseshoe moustache to an interview. I say save that for the night outs at the clubhouse or a houseparty.

Step 4; Checking Your Budget.

Not all haircuts go for $70 or less. If you are going for a textured pompadour and getting a boxed moustache style on the side of that, you should be ready to pay as high as $150-200. Another thing that decides the price of a haircut is the location of the saloon you’re visiting and experience of the barber. Dignity of labor or not, professional barbers with years of experience charge higher than their apprentices.

Step 5; Asking The Big Question.

Does the haircut you’re interested in need high maintenance? Can you keep up with that? Does your job or daily activities allow you to tag along a set of hair tools with you? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before choosing a hairstyle.

Step 6; Defining Your Hair Texture.

Some hairstyles are difficult to achieve and maintain on a coarse hair. If your hair is super soft, you should be choosing between hairstyles that do not require rough handling or the application of a high heat hair dryer or products with harsh chemicals that weaken the root of the hair.


So, that’s it. The 6 factors you must consider to choose the best haircuts for you. Anyway, if you have further questions, use the comment box below to discuss with me.