Having Fashion Fun With Ballerina Skirts!

Ballerina skirts, also known as tulle skirts, are a lot of fun to style and wear. Tulle skirts are so versatile that you can wear them in various ways to suit any occasion.

We’ve created several tulle skirt outfits that you can wear to work, on a casual weekend, or even to a wedding to give you ideas on how to style a tulle skirt. Continue reading for tulle skirt outfit inspiration so you can shop for each look.

Are Tulle Skirts Still Popular?

Tulle skirts are still in style, especially considering that skirts have been a major fashion trend. Tulle skirts come in so many different colors, styles, and lengths that almost anyone can find one that suits their style.

The light and airy fabric is ideal for any occasion and can be dressed up or down. It’s also so versatile that depending on how you style it, and it can make a feminine or edgy statement without being overly trendy, dramatic, or traditional.

With so many retailers that sell tulle skirts, this look is undeniably popular. The tulle skirt is available in white, mini, long, midi, pink, layered, and more! It’s been reimagined in countless ways, and it’s a must-have in any fashionista’s closet.

Ballerina Skirts: How to Wear Them

Stella Adewunmi wearing a tulle skirt and white top while leaning on a post at the street

How to Dress in a Tulle Skirt for Everyday

Pair a simple tee with a crossbody handbag and an Espadrille Flat for a casual and effortless tulle skirt outfit that you can wear every day. If you want to get much more casual, replace the ankle booties with sneakers. A suede jacket or cropped denim adds a layer of warmth while keeping the outfit casual enough for a weekday or weekend outing.

Fall Tulle Skirt

For fall, wear knee-high boots and a sweater with a tulle skirt. For a trendy yet warm outfit for cooler weather, keep the color muted and dark for the season. A printed tulle skirt paired with black pointy booties is the ideal fall outfit.

Try pairing your ballet skirt with these Jeffrey Campbell boots!

For Date Night or Girls’ Night Out

A tulle skirt with a statement heel and a cropped top are ideal for a girl’s night out or a date night look. A mini tulle skirt and vibrant colors amp up the fun factor.

Tulle Skirt for the Office

You can wear a ballet skirt to work, depending on your workplace. Try a tulle skirt with much less “poufy” layers on the bottom and a structured blazer on top to add more polish to a tulle skirt. Maintain a neutral color palette for the tulle skirt for a more professional (and less girly and cutesy) look.

For a Breakfast Date

Choose your favorite tee and pair it with your skirt. The contrast between the girly tulle and the tomboy tee will bring a cool element to your look. Choose flat sandals or a pair of Chuck Taylors for added street cred.

How to Wear Tulle to a Wedding


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Wearing a ballet skirt outfit to a wedding can be difficult, but it is possible. You never know what the bridal party or bride will wear, but there’s a good chance their gowns will include tulle or have a tulle skirt. As a result, you could settle on the conservative side for a wedding and wear a shorter tulle skirt with a printed top.

A ballet skirt and printed top will appear to be separated, distinguishing it from the fabulous gown worn by the bridal party or bride. You might also consider wearing a dark-colored top because the bride or party is unlikely to be wearing a dark shade, like black. Add a statement heel that screams wedding guest rather than bridal.

At Lunch With the Ladies

Layer a silk top to keep the look feminine and a buckle- and zipper-laden leather jacket to incorporate a chic biker element to the style. If you’re meeting for lunch, wear neutral heels (like a pair of beige courts), but wear ballet flats if you’re gathering at a trendy pub.

Putting on a Tulle Skirt and Sneakers

Try a ballet skirt with sneakers for an ultra-casual look. Many influencers pair their tulle skirts with converse, an excellent choice for a casual weekend. A simple white sneaker will work just fine with a tulle skirt to keep the look comfortable. Wear a graphic tee on top to keep the look casual.

How to Wear a Long Tulle Skirt

A long tulle skirt that reaches the ankles looks great with a cropped top to balance out the full bottom. Normally, a pair of flats with a ballet skirt can appear too ballerina-like. A pointy toe pair of flats, on the other hand, creates a sophisticated look with a long tulle skirt, where the shoes are not immediately visible.

Mini Tulle Skirt

You can dress down a mini tulle skirt with barely strapped sandals and a simple white sleeveless top. A light-colored mini tulle skirt is the ideal flirty and sassy outfit for a hot summer night.

Feminine Outfit With a Pink Skirt

Elegant female fashion model in pink tulle dress and jacket brunette at small retro car with flowers
Elegant beautiful female fashion model in luxury tulle dress and jacket with long brunette hair pose at pink retro car with flower decoration outdoors. Professional makeup and stylish outfit concept

A pink tulle skirt is very feminine and can be worn in various ways and with some of these outfit ideas. Try a button-up shirt or traditional chambray, simple yet pretty heels, and a statement necklace (check out this guide to necklaces for women!) to keep a tulle skirt attire ultra-feminine but not ballerina.

Featuring Edgy Details

Those with an edgy style can also wear a tulle skirt; pair black heels with a leather jacket for an edgy look. You can also wear a graphic tee, which is cute and versatile.

It’s All About the Length

Too long, you lose all sense of shape; too short, and you’ve crossed into ballerina territory. We recommend wearing it just below the knee, with swaths of soft layers of tulle to grant it movement without being too voluminous. The below-the-knee length keeps it classy while taking the overall look in almost any direction.

Ballet skirts have been a winter/fall fashion staple since Carrie Bradshaw wore one in Sex in the City. Tutus and tulle have appeared on the runway numerous times, including Dior, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and di Lorenzo, to name a few. Invest in one of these versatile, beautiful pieces this season!